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AURORA LIGHTE(possible nicknames are Rorie, Aurie, and Aura)- Bullied, and lonely, this 16 year old girl is broken. She is quiet, observant, and manipulative. But don't let her shy nature fool you. Her eyes are the window to her flaming emotions. She soon gets fed up of how they treat her in Stellar Halls, the prestigious academy for the people that have the ability to use their star sign's power, and runs away, with only one destination:The mythical Scorpians. She is a tiny girl, one of the main reasons why she's bullied. 5'1", slender waist,and narrow-shouldered, most people think she's 12 or 13. She has long (up to mid-stomach), luscious, fair hair, which she always lets down, and a small, pale face, along with faintly freckled high cheekbones. Her sharp, electric blue eyes can freeze anyone that dares to cross her.

PRINCE WILLIAM (WILL) SINCLAIR- he's a completely deaf 18 year old prince of the small kingdom of Strata. A Virgo, he's very calm but creative. In the shadow of his popular heir to the throne brother David Sinclair, he's almost completely invisible. Will he ever get to speak his mind? Will has messy mousy brown hair, and a light cream complexion. His almond-shaped calm green eyes always seem to be curious about the world around him. He is around 5'8" 5'9", lean, slender but nimble on his feet like a cat. He's a gifted violinist, even though he is deaf.

Chapter 1

This might be the last chance I have to show everyone at Stellar Halls that i'm NOT a tiny, weak, lonely, Scorpio. I can show them that they've underestimate me. That i'm not who i am. Because if i look at myself from their perspective, i most surely AREN'T. If not...well, i guess i'm going back to being little old me, the loneliest of the lonel-ies. But just once-only ONCE- i want to show them that i am not who i seem to be. Sure, i may be the only Scorpio left in existence, but that doesn't mean I can't wear my title with pride, right?

"You look fine. Stop hogging the mirror, Stinger. " snapped Ashley (a Libra) at me. I winced at the rude nickname thats been mine for about 4 years now, and sighed and took one last look at myself in the full-length mirror that takes up the space right next to my dresser in our dorm. But internally, i was actually surprised that she told me i looked fine. No one ever complimented me, ever. Its the bad thing about being a Scorpio. No one ever likes them. That's part of the reason why they went extinct. Or, , I wore a thin-floor length pale, cream pink chiffon dress. The top had a faint floral print, with my collar elegantly circling my neck. The gown fluttered to my feet, covering up my cream-colored flats. My light hair cascaded gracefully over my shoulder to mid-stomach in long waves, framing my pale,small, high-cheek boned face, and my electric blue eyes. I wouldn't call myself beautiful, attractive, pretty, gorgeous, cute, or even fair. More like...alluring. It has a mysterious ring to it, doesn't it? Just like a Scorpio, i thought to myself dejectedly. Why couldn't I have been born a Capricorn, or something? Why a Scorpio? So far in my life it's only brought my down. It's like a curse, the Scorpio Curse. All i want is a normal life, with normal powers, with a crush, a best friend, mean and cool teachers, parties, parents who aren't dead, a normal life! Why is it me? Sadly, even though i question myself this everyday, i never get an answer.

I checked the wall clock in our dorm in Stellar Halls. 7:30. Well, the Christmas Ball has already started. I started to go to the Outside ballroom, where it's held, but something caught my eye. It was a small, old, battered book from partially underneath my bed. I crouched and got it while Ashley started to apply her makeup. I picked up, and examined the cover. It read, "The Legacy Of The Scorpios-written by Frederick Thompson." Huh. The Christmas Ball could wait. I sat gently on my bed, flipped to a random page, and started to read.

Scorpios are the most powerful of the star signs. Gifted with passion, lust and the drive to triumph, they were once the world's greatest rulers. Until they started to become greedy, and envious. The scorpios started to manipulate their enemies-and their allies- into whatever fit their needs at the moment. Soon, they were discovered, and they were put into imprisonment until further notice. Eventually over time, the Scorpios started to decrease in population. Their numbers started to dwindle from once around 500,000, to just 5. And then to 4, then 3, until there were only 2 left. Those 2 unfortunately met with each other, and gave birth to another pure Scorpio, the last known to existence:Aurora Lighte.

A.K.A me. I flipped forward to another page, and started to read again. The title was "The legend of the Scorpios."

Even though the Scorpio population is gone, there is a mysterious legend that states that there is a secret civilization of Scorpios living somewhere outside of Certonia. No one knows where, but if found out, we will take the liberty into imprisoning them. As you have read before, there is no need for Scorpios to thrive once again, after the permanent damage it has done to our perfect society.

After reading that one horrible sentence, i snapped the book shut and threw it on my desk with a loud thud. Ashley turned to me in the middle of putting on her mascara, with a glare on her face. "Quit, will you? I'm trying to look nice."

Without replying, i exited the room in a brisk manner, and walked downstairs, on my way to the ballroom. This even hurt me more, to be part of this horrible sign. I didn't ask to be a Scorpio. Definetly not after all those things i just read. I wish I could just rewind my life and start again in a different star sign.

The ballroom looked beautiful, it was dark with the ceiling covered with glowing stars over every possible hue. Near the stage, the signs were all lined up; starting with Aquarius, and ending with Capricorn. Scorpio was left out, surprise surprise. I strolled over to the punch table, and glanced over at the drinks in disgust. Apparently the school thought that it was okay to bring vodka and beer only on the Ball. So pretty much like 3/4 of the population was drunk. No thank you, i'll stick with water. I scanned for a table of water, but it wasn't there, only those drinks and some my non-favorite sodas. Sighing, i went to a corner with the potted plant, and with a tiny flick of my wrist, out of thin air, water appeared. Why? Because there is water vapor in the air. I pressed my hands at my sides and lifted my mouth of slightly, and the water promptly floated right into my mouth. And...quenched. If you're wondering, Scorpio is a Water Talent sign, so i can control water. And i'm rather good at it too.

I started to cruise to the side-ish area, where there wasn't dancing, but just talking. Before I knew it, someone tapped me on my shoulder.

I twirled around, seeing a super tall guy with shaggy light red hair, and a fully freckled face, i guessed he was a Pisces. He grinned, "I didn't know we could bring dates from other boarding schools, where are you from?"

I was confused. This IS Stellar Halls, right? I'm pretty sure i didn't magically teleport to a different school in a different region. "Um...Certonia? I go to Stellar Halls, like you."

Now he looked confused. "Really? I've never seen you around before. What's your name? Wanna dance?"

I felt an invisible blush creep up my cheeks. Wow, i haven't been asked to dance before! Maybe this night may turn out how i wanted it! But alas, it was too much to hope for. "I'm Aurora."

His gaze darkened. "Oh. The Stinger. Never mind. Hey, Ashley! Finally you came. Wanna dance?" He sauntered away from me, leaving me feeling smaller than ever. Of course. It was too good to be true. Why did I even come? Oh yeah. Show off title. Pride. I'm really beginning to doubt myself now.

Whatever. I'll just go get a snack, i tried to convince myself that it was really nothing. So, pretty much the entire next hour and half was boring. No one talked to me, even though i got a lot of gawks and whispers.

"And finally the moment you have been waiting for! The Stars of the Year Awards!" boomed a high female voice from the stage who woke me from my deep thoughts. I turned around to see one of the cool teachers, Miss Jayne. She wore a steel gown, covered in glamour and sparkles, with her hair in a messy bun. If you're wondering, the Stars of the Years awards are basically awards for the most popular or favorite person within a Star Sign. You could vote for any star sign, including for in your own sign. Majority wins, and teachers can vote too. It happens every year, and usually the most popular, or smart, or funny, or athletic always win for their sign. The audience roared with excitement, everyone's been waiting for the results for the entire year. Not I, i don't vote. It's not like I like any of them anyway. If they started to even converse with me or get to know me, yeah probably i would pick them, but do they? Nope. So why should I care?

"Okay then! Let's get started! We'll start with Capricorn! The Capricorn Luminary-which by the way is the official title for the winners- is..." Miss Jayne trailed off as she read her card. "...Kelsey Jennison!" There was a large whoop of applause for the ginger beauty queen as she made her way to the stairs. Miss Jayne shook her hand with a grin, and handed her the star-topped award. As the applause died down, she called the next lucky person of Aquarius, "Aiden Locke!" And on and on it went (Ashley won the Libra Luminary). I turned, thinking of retiring for the night, seeing how plan Show-How-Awesome-I-Really-Am was a complete fail. Then...then they said something that made me stagger a bit.

"The Sagg- wait. Oh um, okay. We have a surprising turn of events here," and she didn't sound quite happy about it either. "The SCORPIO Luminary is the Sti- Aurora Lighte!" The crowd was deathly silent. And i was in shock too. Who had the GENIUS idea for putting Scorpio into this? If they thought putting me into this will get more people to like me, then they are mad. Mentally insane. Off of their rocker. This will only do the opposite, which is increase everyone's hatred for me and my kind.

Everyone parted for me, to make my way to the stage. I could feel their glares scorching my back like wild flames. "Thanks," i muttered when i got the award, Miss Jayne just gave a polite smile, and showed me my way. No hand shake, high-five, clap-on-the-back, hug, nothing.

"So...the Stinger gets an award, huh? Who's bloody idea was this?!" screeched a voice from the side-stairs near the stage. The girl marched her way up in her frilly gowns, clutching them in her dark blue lacy gloves. She pointed to me angrily. "She does not deserve an award, for being this utterly demented star sign. Who's with me?"

In unison, the worst nightmare happened. Everyone started to agree by shouting and yelling yes, shooting insults at me like bullets. It impacted me right in the heart hard.

"Calm down, students," Miss Jayne tried sharply. "Remember that we are all still in school, and we should be on our best-"

"This THING doesn't deserve to learn from such a prestigious school like this. Who do you think you are, Lighte? For going here?" the girl laughed harshly, while the crowd grinned. I blinked away tears, trying to match her heated gaze. "Your kind doesn't belong here, YOU don't belong here. You won't belong anywhere in Certonia, or the world. Why don't you just kill yourself to end the misery?"

Tears were flowing down my cheeks, and the girl could see that. Funny, i don't even know the girl's name yet she knows mine. And not in the good way. I didn't try to stop the tears, and my voice came out confident and as strong as iron. "Why don't I? Because I'm not a coward. I don't and won't hide in the shadows. Yes, i might hate being a Scorpio, but that doesn't mean i won't stop being one. This is me, and you're going to have to live with it."

The girl raised her perfect eyebrows in surprise, but i spotted a smirk in her heavily eye-lined eyes. "Oh, i won't. No one here will. I think it's time to end this thing. Sure, the headmaster was nice enough to let you go to school here on scholarship, but unfortunately we are smarter than him in this subject. He didn't know what he was dealing with, letting a future criminal in the midst of this wonderful academy. We're getting tired of you and your Stinger ways. It needs to leave. Just like you. Forever. You will go right now, or we will make you, end of discussion."

With that statement, the anger that i kept locked up inside of me flooded out. The anger-every single glare and scowl when I enter the room. The anger-every single smirk and sneer when I answer a question out loud. The anger-every laugh and chortle whenever I do something good. The anger. The hatred. The everything i've lived and put up just for education for the past 4 years. It rushed out of me, my soul, and my heart. Water appeared behind me like a large turquoise wave, gushing everywhere. Everyone and everything was soaked and drenched.

I stood there, breathing heavily, and i soon realized i was the only person who was dry in the entire ballroom. Entire ballroom. "I tried," i started, my voice hoarse, "I tried to be a better person than what my ancestors were. And yes I admit i don't want to be a Scorpio. But you can't judge me based on what they did. I'm not them. I will never be them. And yet, everyone isolated me, like i was rotten, and nasty, and something that's not even a human being. And now I get it. I'm leaving this place, not because of you guys want me to, but because i'm sick and tired of the treatment i get here. I'm going to a better place. Where they'll treat me like I deserve to be treated. Like. A. Queen."

After the girl recovered her breath, her nostrils flared as she tried to straighten her super wet blond hair. "That better place better be death, because we don't want to see your face ever again. Or we will kill you. Y'hear me? Kill."

I was about to give a snappy retort, but i held my tongue. Why add energy to the flames? Only I will get damaged. Time to end this, once and for all. "Fine. Bye. I had a fun time here." with that sarcastic remark, i escaped the outdoor ballroom, into the black night.

I know one thing for sure. I'm going to find that Scorpio society, and I don't care if I die in the process or not.

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