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It is year 3069 and Rosette Grace Valora lives in the dystopian world of The New Republic of England and Surrounding Nations. There, the arts is everything. Singing, dancing, painting, everything. If you don't have those talents, you're done. Rosette and her family are poor, and of course they can't pay to get in the top Arts Academies. But what happens when she is allowed to audition to sing? Will she save her family from their poor life? Will she be an aspiring singer? What about the conspiracy rumour that is going around? Throw in an awesome, cute teenage boy prodigy, a pet monkey, a mean but popular roommate, and an amazing voice, and you've got yourself a story that will blow you away!

Character Description

Rosette (Rose by everyone except Micah Ryder, who calls her Rosie) Grace Valora- She is a 16 year old girl with wavy, deep copper hair that goes down to mid-chest. Rose is small for her age, only about 5'1" or 5'2", with narrow shoulders, long, thin legs, a small waist, but long fingers. She is gifted with high cheekbones, and luminous green eyes that are framed by dark,long lashes. Rosette may be small but she's a fighter. Usually quiet, but when you get to know her she's sarcastic, witty, funny, clever, and one defiant girl. She lives in the poor sector of the Kayle Domain, her homedomain, with her mum, older brother (19-Liam), twins (11-Ariana, Alexie), younger brother (9-Pascal). and baby sister (2-Lux). Yeah, you could say they are like the Weasleys of Kayle Domain.

Micah Nikolai Ryder- He is the 18 year old teenage prodigy that seems to have a rare talent for singing AND dancing, when everyone just has one (and most aren't even as good in that one). He has tousled chestnut brown hair that glistens in the sun. Pretty tall, around 6'0", and lean (probably because of his dancing). He has big, striking grey eyes that every girl falls in love with (except for Rose), and long lashes. And of course the cheeky little dimples that always show even when he shows the barest hint of a smile. Since he is a tad bit famous, he needs to be serious at times (sometimes) , but of course he is funny, affectionate, smart, and sarcastic too. And don't forget his gift of a wonderful voice and skills in dancing! He finished singing school first (early, actually), skipping a couple of levels in the process because he was so good. And now he is in the process of finishing dancing. His parents both died in a fire, so he stays with his 25 year old sister Marisol (Mari) and his 10 year old stepbrother Felix.

Kye- Rose's pet Capuchin monkey. They were allowed to have only one, and Rose brought Kye from her home. Kye is smart and clever, but can be funny at times too, being a monkey and all. Kye's favourite food is surprisingly not bananas, but cherries! Rose and Kye always stick together.

Jezebel (Usually Jesy, Bel, or Jess) Mercer- Probably Rose's only friend in the The Hawthorne Academy for The Voice (one of the 2 best singing academies in the New Republic of England). She's a bit chubby for a 17 year old, but it's natural. She is between 5'3" to 5'6" in height. She has a sweet face, with pink cheeks and warm brown eyes that look very pretty framed by long dark lashes. She has faint freckles splattered across her nose, with shoulder-length, straight chocolate brown hair. She has a nice voice, but when she starts to sing, her voice is powerful, solid, and emotional. She is a bit more bubbly than Rose, but funny and loves to read. She and Rose had to stick together to face the bullies at the school, or they would have never survived. She is from an average family, with only a younger brother (10- Julien) for a sibling.

Celestine Ivana Elan (Ay-Lan)- The most popular 17 year old singer in Rose's level. But her heart is made of stone. Everyone calls her either Celeste, Elle/a, Ivana, or just by her last name, Elan. She is as cold as ice to the people she doesn't particularly like, meaning Jesy and Rose. She is ruthless, but can be nice and sweet when she wants to be. So basically, the Regina George of Hawthorne. But she is pretty, with rich light blonde locks that cascade down, reaching her mid-stomach. She has hazel eyes that are framed by fake eyelashes. She's tall, about 5'8" or 5'9" and know's it. Celeste has a cousin in the same level, named Orion, who is slightly less popular than her. Nevertheless, both of them hate Jesy and Rose, and want to get them kicked out for reasons you'll find out later!

Chapter 1

"Mum! I'm home!" I called out to my mother as I walked up the creaking front porch of my small house. We've been living in the same house for the past 20 years, ever since my older brother Liam was born. It was rather small, because that's all my parents could afford at the time. But it still held so much wonderful childhood memories I could not bear to part with.

I opened the mailbox on the porch, and peeked inside to see a couple slips of mail. But then there was something else: a shiny, blue parcel. Finally something new! I was getting quite tired with the same bills and newspapers that always arrive.

I entered the house, unlacing my light brown boots that my jeans were tucked into. Since I'm poor, we can't afford upper family things like those expensive, smooth gel trousers that every rich family has. Though they still wear jeans now and then, it's more of a professionally manipulated, and not as comfortable (to me) as it would look like. I've got the regular, original jeans. The ones they've worn long back, around 2011 or 2013 or something. Of course average families wear them too, but they have their share of gel trousers also.

I took off my thin, black jacket and hung it on the hooks, and yelled once more, "mum! I'm home, and I've got the post!"

That's when I realised that she was probably putting the youngest of our family, the adorable 2 year old Lux, to sleep.


I walked down the short corridor to the kitchen. When I reached, I placed the post on the table and my worn bag on the floor. I stretched for the first time today, happy to be rid of school...until tomorrow, that is. I sat at the table that took up nearly half of our kitchen, and perused the post.

A bill, a notice about the wild lawn, a bill, a food shortage fine, a bill, a letter from The Hawthorne Academy For The Voice, a bill-wait what?

I looked back at the blue parcel. I opened it to uncover a cream coloured envelope with a golden seal on it, with the emblem of the hawk. A sticker below it read "For the eyes of Miss Rosette Valora" What could this be? I opened the envelope slowly, careful not to tear the seal completely off. It read:

Dear Lady Valora,

We are happy to announce that you have been scheduled for an audition for our prestigious academy for singing. We have reviewed your school records and you have fit our decision, and now you have been placed in our scholarship program. But unfortunately, there is only one winner of this program, and the winner will be decided based on how well you perform your audition piece. The pieces you will be performing are enclosed in the next document.

Have a nice day,

Martina Sparks, Deputy Headmistress

I sat back in my chair and slumped in shock. I've been allowed to audition? But how do they even know me? I know I've participated in a few shows in our school, but I didn't think my voice was all that. There were always better singers. There will always be. How can they think I actually have a chance? Maybe they chose me because I'm the only person within a 20 mile radius who can actually stay in tune, not because I can sing (which I'm not sure I can). Should I enter? If I get in, I have a chance of getting money for my family to finally stop being poor, and go somewhere in life. They've given me so much, and this is the least I can do. But that only happens if i win their school-wide voice competition, called The Perfect Voice, or just The Voice. But then again, if I fail, I will be publicly humiliated on national telly, since these auditions are very popular. I wouldn't be able to show my face at school without getting laughed at. And the rest of my family will get laughed at, even though it was me. And we wouldn't get as much of opportunities. And my family would still be poor. Oh, this is hard. I need some new insight.

"Liam! You there?" I called. He was there, probably watching something on our ten year old telly. I looked back to the letter, to see if there's anything I missed. There was. At the bottom in tiny letters were the following:

P.S if you win the auditions, then we will send your family monthly money. In your case, enough to pay for the bills and food fines.

"LIAM!" I screamed, not caring if Lux woke up. This was massive.

He stumbled in from the open doorway that connected the kitchen and the living room/bedroom (for me and Liam). Now, Liam is a handsome boy, but don't tell him I ever said that. He has short dusty brown hair, and brown eyes. He's had his muscles for a long time now, since he is the eldest boy in the family and our father died, he would have to do all those manly and heavy lifting chores. Though I would have to help him too.

"Jeez, Rose. No need to holler. I was right next door," he said, grumbling slightly. "Now what happened?"

"Read this," I handed him the letter, and he silently read it. His eyes grew bigger and bigger and finally he finished it, right after I pointed him to the P.S part. I could tell he was shocked.

"Oh my God. This...This is incredible, Rose! Congratulations!" He then proceeded to pick me up and swing me around.

I giggled, and said, "okay, okay, stop. I'm 16, Liam. Not 5!" But I secretly enjoyed it. He doesn't do that often, since we have so much responsibilities.

He set me down but smiled, "doesn't hurt to act young every once in a while."

I rolled my eyes, but it was true. "Reckon we tell Mum?"

"'Course! Race you up?"

Without hesitation he sprinted for the stairs and midway we realized that Lux was sleeping. We both slowed down the same time and grinned sheepishly at each other.

When we reached the top, I opened the door to see Lux sleeping on the bed her and Mum shared, her soft blonde locks askew across her peaceful face.

Mum glanced up to see us both, and stood with her hands on her hips. "What did you do?"

"Nothing, I swear. But I got this in the post," I handed her the letter, but she didn't read it.

Instead, she tucked it under her arm and whispered, "Go back downstairs. I'll read it and come down, I just want to make sure Lux is asleep, okay love?" We both nodded and went back downstairs.

We both sat across from each other back in the kitchen, and to fill in the silence, I asked, "where are the twins, Theo, and Pascal?"

The twins=Ariana (the tomboyish one) and Alexie (the more girly one). They are identical, and are 12 years old.

Pascal=our 10 year old brother who can be pretty annoying sometimes but we love him anyway.

Theo=our 6 year old brother who's pretty quiet but is accomplices with Pascal. He's small for his age though, just like me.

So in total from oldest to youngest, Liam, me, Ariana & Alexie, Pascal, Theo, and Lux. 7 kids. We sound like that family from those old time classic series, the Weasley's from Harry Potter.

"The twins are out going for a walk before coming inside to start on homework and chores, and Pascal is probably playing a game or planning something with Theo," Liam explained.

I sighed. "There are too many kids."

"Spoken like a true mother, Rose." I glared at him.

Mum came down finally, and her eyes were as big as cherries. Her hair hung loose, and you could see the grey streaks, and the bags under her eyes were more visible. I suddenly felt a sharp pang for Mum, having to deal with the lot of us, without the love of her life there. Dad vanished suddenly, the day right after the twins' birth. No one knows what happened, and after 12 years people just say he's dead. I've been slowly coming to accept this, and apparently so is Mum.

I get up from the table and start, "Mu-"

She wraps her arms around me, engulfing me in her hug. "I'm so happy for you, poppet. I knew you could achieve this. With a voice like yours, finally someone else realized this." She held me at arm length, and smiled into my eyes. She's aging, I realized. I don't want her to. She's my mum. I don't want her to go. A lump in my throat formed.

That's when I realized, regardless of national humiliation or not, I have to try. For my family. We can't stay like this forever. We can't survive. There are 7 of us, and one parent. Sure, Liam and I help the most to handle the kids, and the kids help also, but this is too much. We are poor, we won't be able to pay these bills and food fines (each house has a designated amount of food-enough for four- if you go over then you have to pay. And seeing how we have 7, we pay a lot) forever. Something's going to have to change. And I guess it will have to be me.

"I think I'll join, d'you think I should?" I asked after making up my mind.

"Whatever you want, poppet. It's your life, you do what you want. We'll be there to support you all the way. Just remember that we all love you very much and we won't judge you based on your decision." Aw, Mum! Wait, she thinks I'll chicken out, even though I said I wanted to have a go! I guess that's what all of them thought. Well, I guess I'll just have to prove all of them wrong.

"Thanks mum. I think I will join, if I win we'll get money monthly to deal with our bills and such."

She looked sympathetic, "oh, Rose. Don't worry about our state. Do it for yourself, yeah? Do what you want to do. It's your life; don't let us drag you back. "

"No," I said firmly. I could care less about this 'it's my life' thing. I need to help my family. After all they've done for me I can't just go and leave them. "This is for you guys, okay? To help. I can worry about my career later."

Mum looked unsure, but when I glanced at Liam, he beamed at me, looking very happy for me and my decision. "Are you sure?"

"Yes," I said, then more loudly, I repeated, "Yes, yes I am."

"Okay then, I suppose that's settled. What song do they want you to do?" She asked, taking the other document from the parcel. Her eyes stayed at the top, but they looked confused. "I've never heard these songs before. They must be Antique." Antique means an old song, from back in the late 1900s and 2000s. She handed the paper to me.

I read the title, "Girl on Fire, Alicia Keys. And Drop in the ocean, Ron Pope." Hm. Never heard of them. Probably Antique. I looked at Liam to see if he knew but he shook his head, equally as mystified as I was. I tucked the paper with the lyrics and built in background music in my pocket. "We'll, I reckon I should start practicing." I said.

"When's the audition?" Liam questioned.

I looked at the paper. "3 days from now."

He grinned. "Better start working. And we expect you to show us how you've done, got it?"

"Yes, Mother," I teased Liam. Then I realized Mum was standing there. She raised an eyebrow in amusement, but said nothing. I said a bye to both of them, and headed towards the backyard to practice. It's big, so no one can hear me. I placed the paper on the beat up wall, pressed the play button in the built in music player, and began to listen. But not before I heard yellings and loud thuds and pounds. The twins, and Pascal and Theo are home. The loud talking continued, the volume never going down.

I sighed. This will be harder than what I thought it would be.

A/N How was it? It was placed in England (future dystopian England) and I tried my best with the English slang, so bear with me on that, I'm not British, even though I really want to be :) And I'm not stealing Alicia Keys' and Ron Pope's songs, trust me. I give credit to them because without those songs this story would lack in a good song start, and I would lack in songs like those since I like them, just like other people in this world! I didn't write a song since I can't do that, so I'll be choosing from 2013 and past years songs. Though the other characters like Jezebel will do the songs from the future dystopian England, and so will other characters (even though they aren't in the auditions-i mean for other performances at the Hawthorne Academy For The Voice)

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