This poem was the first poem I wrote for my creative writing class. Before that class, I was a fiction-only type of gal. However, through the support of my awesome CW teacher and the opportunity to actually learn the components of a good poem (rather than just dissecting them in a lit class) I learned to love writing poetry just as much as I love writing fiction. Oh, and I play the violin (that should explain my apparent obsession with the instrument). Copyright 2001 by Elisabeth Price (Jellyfish)...if you steal, I'll sic Oliver, my attack violin, on you!

The Violin

A dark violin
lies among finger-worn sheet music,
scroll curled.
The violin's polished curves
of tiger-striped wood,
dotted with opaque swirls
of pearly fingerprints,
catch afternoon sunlight.
Its empty strings stretch
amid Vivaldi and Bach.