California World

Nicole won a chance to live her dream, and work with the man she's always had wet dreams for. But things aren't the way she hoped, and she is praying to God she doesn't choke someone. She's got to use her mind and instincts to play and win this game, but will she break down and lose everything sane in her life in the process?

I was getting out of my car when I saw him, tall, dark, and handsome. Crap! I tried to fix my appearance as quickly as I could but I ended up putting one foot in front of the other and falling flat on my front with a yelp. God I sounded like a Chihuahua. Jasmine burst into a hysterical fit of laughter, not even bothering to pick me up. Some friend she is. That's her though, her Latina blood, feisty and fierce, kinda selfish, but we can't live without each other, like ying without yang. He walked over to me, and picked me up by my forearms.

"are you ok? That was quite a fall you took there."

"yea. I'm, umm ok" I know my face is as red as a tomatoe.

"yea well people have their clumsy moment. But I guess right now isn't a convenient time because the papz are going crazy."

I looked over to the big gate, and sure as told, there were paparazzi flashes going off. I stood up quickly and dusted myself off. What a great first impression. Jasmine also collected herself, and started posing. Ever since we first met, when we were 9, we promised we would become models at LA Exquisite Model Agency, but only I was lucky enough to fulfill that dream. Jasmine instead became a wardrobe designer, if she wanted to be a part of Exquisite; the manager said she looked more like a take charge person than a model. She swears she's happy, but sometimes I think otherwise.

"umm, thanks"

"Leonardo…Leonardo Jude"

"yea, I'm familiar with you. But umm, thanks again, Leonardo."

I walked over to Jasmine, who was in mid pose, dragged her into the building by her arms, and exhaled.

"Wow, Nick, Leonardo Jude huh? Can't believe you get to finally meet him. I can't believe we get to work with him period! This is unreal! And I get to be the one to dress and undress him!"

"yea well I didn't exactly make a perfect first impression, I kissed the ground instead"

"not me, I thought that was genius, he came straight to you, damsel in distress." Jasmine posed for added effect.

"yea, yea, come on Juliet, lets clock in. We have to be punctual, especially with these people, and on our first day."

Me and Jasmine walked giggling to the front desk,

"Yes. Nicole Messer and Jasmine Parker here for Mrs. Marshall. We are…."

"yes just go straight up, 3rd floor." "Thanks"

Me and Jasmine walked up into the elevator, took a deep breathe, and exhaled, as the elevator door closed.

Leonardo POV

Low lives. Pssh. I swear.

I walked into the studio room which was set up and ready for the photo shoot. It was pretty much ready to go, except we were waiting for the female model and the wardrobe designer to come. They weren't late, but they weren't early either, and I don't like waiting.

I went over the snack table and picked up a cream cheese bagel, but before I bite in, I felt arms wrap around me. I looked down and saw they were pale. I didn't know who it was at first, but when I saw the thirteen tattoo on her wrist, I knew immediately.

I turned to look down into the twinkle eyes of my girlfriend of ten months. Francesca Divot was a good person to be with for publicity reasons, she's the next big model, I'm the big thing, so our publicists thought it was perfect. She's not such a bad rookie in the sheets either.

"hey you, ready for your shoot?"

"yea, I'm always ready, especially since I'm going to have a beautiful female model all over me." Did I mention I love to make her jealous? It keeps me in power.

"yea, well, come home early tonight, and I'll show you what all over is."

"Leonardo!" both of us looked over to the stage manager. "umm, not you, the tan one, were ready, they just got here."

'Bout fricking time. I kissed Fran goodbye, and walked over to makeup. As I sat in the chair and looked over to the person I'm supposed to model with.

Oh you've got to be fucking kidding me…

Nicole POV

I believe that there is a God. A God out there that really loves his people, but somehow, I don't think He loves me very much right about now… why God. WHY?!

"hey Leonardo, nice to meet you again, after that embarrassing fall. Thanks again for helping me up."

"yea, yea, whatever, listen, we are going to be very professional, okay? I don't talk to you, you don't talk to me. We do what we have to do, and get on with our merry lives, ok? Got it?"

"I…I got it…"

"good." And with that, he got up and left to wardrobe.

The male makeup artist looked at me sorry full. "Don't worry girlfriend, he's like that with everyone. Gorgeous on the outside, cow shit on the inside. The girlfriend is the same, just because she's dating him."

Oh great, her has a girlfriend to. That added whiskey to my knife wound. I looked at my reflection, and saw a beautiful freckled face, brown eyed, auburn red haired girl staring back at me. She smiled, and her dimple showed. Yea she may have bumblebee eyes and small ears, and kids used to make fun of her, but she is beautiful and she knows it now. So she doesn't need anyone talking her down and controlling her. That's what her parents were for.

I got up and made my way to wardrobe. I walked into the room an almost had an orgasm. Leonardo stood there, naked except for his Calvin Klein's. I had to remember to put one foot in front of the other and to walk up to my side to get ready.

Jasmine rushed over to me. "Omg did you see that?"

"kinda hard to miss Jaz." "I know but it's even better up close! Oh, gotta go put his shirt on." Jasmine looked to the heaven and whispered a silent prayer. I rolled my eyes.

"OKAY EVERYONE I WANT THIS SHOOT PERFECT, I GOT A LOT OF MONEY IDING ON THIS ONE! You there, you're new." Mrs. Marshall, one of the world's most powerfull and succesfull photographer eyed me skeptically.

"umm, yes, I was the girl who won the audition, last month… you said I reminded you of a younger version of yourself?"

"ahhh, yes. It was you and that other girl. She didn't really have as much pizzazz, but she was also something. Yes well, let's go get this show on the road. I have to get these drafts over to the company by midnight."

I walked over to where Leonardo was standing. He wore a button down shirt with three buttons undone, dark jeans that hugged him so nicely, 'shivers', and on his feet are silver Birkenstocks. I'm wearing a green strappy sundress, and silver Birks. We have to model for the company, since Birkenstocks are new, they want good publicity, and Leonardo is perfect for that. I'm just there for added effect.

"okay guys, sell the shoes, make it sexy. Make me decide whether I want to wear the shoes, or have sex with them. LETS GO!"


"Okay, I'm not feeling this. Nicole, what's wrong? You look uncomfortable."

"I'm sorry Mrs. Marshall. It's just, this is my first time, and it's so important, and I don't what to mess this up for you."

Leonardo scuffed. I glanced over at him. I wonder if he knows that he's really the reason for me being uncomfortable.

"it's okay. Just relax. Don't do this for me, do this for you."

I looked over at Leonardo from the corner of my eye. He looks so cocky, like he expects me, a practical newbie and a nobody to mess up anyways. Well ill show him. I pushed Leonardo to sit on the gate prop that was there; he did it but was taken by surprise by my boldness. I stood between his legs facing him, pressed my whole body against his and threw my left leg over his, showing off the shoe as I point my toes. I puckered my pink lips ever so slightly, put my hand on the side of his face, and pretended to hide seductively behind his head, peeking at the camera ever so slightly.

"yes! Yes! Just like that. Leonardo, snap out of it, let's go. This is great!"

FLASH! FLASH! FLASH! After flash. I changed my positions, and I was all over Leonardo. He move along with me. The last frame, we were both standing. Flush against each other, I felt that I was seriously turned on, but I have to stay focus. He held my leg wrap around his was by my thighs. I stood on my tips, with my arms wrapped around his neck and bicep. I don't know if it was just me, or was he tensing. I stood on my tips on my one leg so we could be the same height, eyes closed. FLASH! Forehead against forehead. FLASH! Nose to nose, lips about to touch. FLASH! Chest to chest, we exhale and inhale slowly together. And I felt it. Leonardo's erection, barely there, but it's still enough to know, that wasn't there before. As I felt it, I took a sharp breathe, and we both open our eyes to look at each other, and I saw something in his eyes, someone vulnerable and a real person behind there. FLASH! Then it's gone. He's cold and cocky again.

"THAT'S A WRAP!" WOOOOOOOOO! Everyone clapped and cheered. Leonardo walked off to makeup and wardrobe, and Jasmine ran over to me.

"omgawd girl that was hot as hell!"

"yea, well, it's my job, I just did my best." I tried looking over Jasmines shoulder and caught Leonardo Jude walking out of the door with his girlfriend I suppose, but before they left, I saw her evil eye me. " umm Jasmine, was Francesca always there?"

"what? Oh no. she got here around the time you and Leonardo took your last ten shots."

I froze, and think to myself, crap, she saw everything.