Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING YOU MAY RECOGNIZE. DEFINITELY NOT EXQUISITE MODEL AGENCY. NOTHING EXCEPT MY IMAGINATION. Not the songs either! But I recommend listening to it while reading, it give the feeling. *winkey face*

Nicole Messer sat on the couch that Saturday night, feeling sorry for herself. Her favorite movie, Pride and Prejudice, was playing, so she planned on spending her night, on the couch with ice cream and p-jays. Jasmine obviously had another idea. She burst through the door looking like a hooker in her mid-thigh length cut out dress, and ankle boots. Her hair is in a high, tight ponytail, and makeup enough for her to be in a Cover Girl commercial.

"come on biatch! Get up. We are not staying here while u feel sorry for yourself. It's not like you were having sex with him, it was your job, so snap out of it. There is a celebration party happening at The Lymer, one of the hottest clubs in LA, and I be damned if you make me miss out on this great social experience!"

"I'm sorry sweetie. That I will be the reason for your social suicide, but I'll have you know, it's not because of Leonardo I want to stay home. I mean, can't a girl just want to spend some alone time instead of slutting it out in a big and popular club? Which btw, happens to hold Mr. Jude, the cocky an insensitive, Mr. fake model? No thanks."

"HA! I knew it was because of Leonardo you didn't want to go anywhere!"

"no it's not!"

"then prove it"

Jasmine walked over to the walk in closet and pulled out a mini halter dress and pumps, raising them up to shake in my face. With a groan, I got up and went into the bathroom. Time for a nice long shower.




We pulled up to the club, bypassing the ridic long line, and walked up to the bouncer.

"hey hotties. You gotta wait in line."

Jasmine flipped her hair, "oh no, we're here with the photo cast celebration crew. We should be on the list. Jasmine Parker and Nicole Messer. "

"nope, not on here"

"well there must be some mistake, we… Hey! Look Nicole, its Leonardo! LEONARDO!"

Oh god why?

Leonardo looked at us, and I swear it's a forced smile.

"hey Rick, its ok. they're with me. But here's twenty for doing your job so good."

Jasmine giggled as she dragged me inside. "thanks Leonardo, we would've ended u waiting in line.."

"yea, yea, listen you owe me nothing. I owe you nothing, let's move on."

Aaaannnd he leaves. " now you know why I don't want to be here. I don't want that thing ruin my night. Which is already half way ruined btw, because I'm missing my favorite movie!"

"oh pssssh, you would chose a movie over alcohol, your best friend and dancing with hot guys?" jasmine threw on her beat puppy dog face.







"ugh. Laaaaame. Come on, let's get drunk off our asses!"

20minutes later

Problem Child- "Beyond Repair"

Wow, to think I would've stayed home and miss all this! *takes shot*

"WOOOOOOO!" yep. i..i gotta thank mah gurrliie for …bringing me up here! WOOO! MY JAM!...hell yeaaa…ooppss, heehee, how'd the floor get up her?...oh, my strong man. On the bar table? Ok, sure, heist me up there. Mm, I could give you a lap dance.

10 minutes later

Beyonce- "Freakum Dress"

Or I can take it off! WOOOOO! Shaking my junk like Beyoncé baby!

"hey buzzkill! Wadya want? Mr. too good too smoove! Mr I'm bright I'm right . I'm Mr. big shit…..*slurp*… I mean, shot… bahahahahaha! OWWWW! Let go my arm!"

"quiet, you're making a fool of yourself."

"pft like you care." Does he?

"I do"


"cus if you look bad, I look bad. We did a shoot together. If papz got a shot of this, they'll say I associate myself with people like you."


Hold up, he did not just say that!

"well excuuuuse meeee. Mr high and mighty. Too late, you're already assochiashh, heehee, ahem, with us! And people like, me, ish people lie yoouuuuu."

"I highly doubt that"

"oh yea? You know what I highly doubt?! That you got a big di….." BLEH!

Yep, I did it. I puked all over your jays.. watchya gonna say bia….oh look, I passed out to.


You've got to be fu… *inhale…exhale* I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. Hmmmm, nice ass though. Now where's her little friend.

"hey. I'm taking your friend home. She wasted."

"well I told her come out more. The liquor gets to her, she's too soft."

I walked away and to my car, I saw a flash go off. *motherfuc…FLASH*

I threw the bitch in the car, and hopped in, driving off as fast as I could. A few more flashes went off.

*great, just freaking great*

I was already into the main city when I realized, I have no idea where this chick lives.

"hey". No answer, maybe if I keep patting her cheek hard enough she'll wake up.. nah, her arms good…



"hm, umm, no mother, where'd you.. I'm… ugh"

Great just great… and I dint ask they friend. I can't turn back, those damn papz…. god help me in this decision. Thank god Franny is on tour.