You promised me, that you would be there, that you would stand with me, but no, you couldn't do any of those things you promised me could you?

You left me cold and alone, hopelessly lost with no way back. Then you lied to me after promising me that you would never, ever lie to me.

But you still did, and you lied to me every single day of my life hoping that I would never find out that this wasn't who you ever were.

You thought that I would never know, that you could get it past me, but something didn't feel right now and then, but I feels just like yesterday we were inseparable but have always been separate.

But what you never knew was that there was others that came before you, that broke down my walls and eventually broke me too, but I've learnt since then, I've learnt to be cautious, to watch my steps.

What you don't know is that that was never me I was never that happy and carefree girl that you befriended, I was never the one who was almost always calm and collected.

But I was the teary and cautious girl that nobody particularly liked, I was the one that was fighting the inner war she would never win, but still trying to get up and continue, keeping to herself whatever turmoil within. I am the one nobody cared about, messed up and badly misunderstood, the one person that was alone in her world and always was, even from life to death and back again.

But, I am still the one who tried to fight on the right side of things, many of them the losing side but I never cared for those I only cared for me because there was only me. I thought I was right with that judgement at the time but I was always far from ever being right.

Still you found a way to get to me but that wasn't you, you broke me, lied to me but all that time you still trusted me with no reason why.