Tony Darkgrave never believed in a grey morality. To him, life is all about absolute right and wrong, good and evil, and that everything done by the authority figures are justified for the sake of good. Ironically, he's also an overly patriotic twit obsessed with rights to bear arms and thinks the government wanted to take his guns away, but that's another story for another day.

One day, Tony's position would be put into a test when a NSA agent was standing by the alleyway and said, "Hey, come over here, I have a question for you to ask!"

Tony did as told without question.

As they came into the alley, the NSA suddenly stopped him and said, "Okay, can you drop your pants and bend down?"

Tony frozed for a bit but then he figured that whatever it is, the NSA agent must have a good reason for making such order. Without a word, Tony did as told and not long after, he could hear the NSA agent unzipping his own pants. After few hours have passed, Tony limped out of the alley like something is stuck inside of his pants while the NSA agent laughed.

When Tony recounted the event to his friends the next morning, some of them laughed believing it to be some weird dream he had while others asked him why he didn't report the incident.

The naive fool of a redneck said, "Everything that law enforcement does is done for our freedom and safety and as I am a freedom loving patriotic American, I endorse undercover operations if they assist the police force."

"You stupid dumbass, that one particular member of the law enforcement just...that's not for freedom and safety, that's a abuse of rights and it shouldn't happen!" his friend yelled.

Tony got up and said, "You're just jellyous because I did what I can to help the police, you anarchists can go to hell!"

Then he left the room.

Few days later, his body was found hung with a small pack of cocaine right below with a supposed suicide note that was written with a hand writing other than his. Despite the suspicion, suicide was ruled.

Meanwhile in Britain, David Kelly turned over in his grave and muttered, "Bullshit!"