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Darius POV:

As if being a mutant freak wasn't enough, I had to teach them to. Sighing for probably the millionth time since I had reached the door, I opened it and stepped inside the classroom. A sea of anxious faces greeted me, staring at me in mingled fright and excitement.

Why in the hell did I pick the profession of teaching?

"Ok, um, class, I guess we will…" I was interrupted by the door opening again. Two girls stumbled in, their eyes reflecting each other's nervousness. The girl with curly brown hair took a nervous step towards me. She was small little thing with bags under her eyes.

"Er…" She looked down at the schedule that was clutched tightly in her hand. "Are you Mr. Darius?" She glanced up at me with her wide brown eyes. I felt like I've met this girl somewhere before…

"Yes, I am. And you two are late." I said, with too much bravado. It was my first day of teaching and I already sounded like a dick.


I glanced at the girl that lingered by the door. She tucked her blonde hair behind her ear nervously, her blue eyes frightened. She was a bit more athletic looking than the brunette and the plaid blue uniform skirt hugged her hips while the other girl look like she rolled hers up twice.

"W-we didn't mean to be late Mr. Darius! We got lost. We only got here this morning!" The girls brown eyes stretched wide. My black hair fell into my eyes again. When I ran my fingers through it to flip it back, half of the girls in the rows of students sighed, like they had just seen the hottest guy in the world naked. I hated it when they did that.

What? I know I look good, I'm just saying it's creepy as shit and I'm gonna cut this shit off very soon, I can never see anyway. Picking up the roll call on my clipboard, I searched through the list of names.

"What is your name?" I stared down at the girl.

"I'm Prosperity Johnson. And the girl that came in after me is Lena Daniels." Shocked gasps greeted her words. Everyone knew that last name. Johnson. The man from hell that did this to us all. I could feel the tension in the air almost immediately.

Who did this chick think she is just waltzing in her? Doesn't she know what her father has done? Not just to the students here, but to the damn world?!

"Did you say Johnson?" The question came from a slim young girl in the back. Her amber eyes blazed with surprise and anger. Her golden-brown hair cascaded to the middle of her back.

"Be quiet Accalia." I groaned.

"No! Not when the daughter of the idiot that did this to us is standing right in front of us." Accalia stood up, her hands clenched into fists.

She did have a good ass point…and having her in front of me was making my blood boil as well.

"I'm the teacher here. So shut up." Accalia had been here for a year, so we were pretty close. Though, Accalia and I were close friends, she just couldn't seem to get a handle on her monitoring her anger.

"Aaron! Help me talk some sense into this idiot of a teacher." Accalia whipped around to face a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Aaron was my assistant…and happened to have a crush on Accalia. Poor Aaron. When is he going to notice that she doesn't like him back?

"I-if I'm causing a problem Mr. Darius, I-I'll leave." Prosperity glanced at the other students, who returned her gaze with hostility burning in the depths of their eyes. She shifted from foot to foot as if she was going to make a break for it.

"We aren't going anywhere." The girl by the door narrowed her eyes. "If they have a problem with us, then they can suck it up. I didn't run away from home, drag my butt through the forest, and travel all the way to this school just to be driven out!" Lena's eyes were burning with more hostility than any other persons in the room.

"Well you are anyways!" The boy that had spoken smirked, taunting her. Before I knew what was going on, Lena dashed across the room and stood in front of the boy. In one swift moment, she slammed her fist into the boy's face, sending him flying across the room. The boy hit the back wall with a sickening crunch and slid down to the floor, unconscious. Lena whirled around the glare at the rest of the class. The students cowered in fear.

"Anyone else got a problem with us?" Lena asked, her voice thick with hatred. The class shook their heads simultaneously. "Good. Now, let's all sit back down and listen to Mr. What's-His-Face's lesson."

"Thank you Lena." I watched as she and Prosperity took a seat. "Ok, today we are just going to get to know each other's powers. Lena, do you want to start?"

"Strength, invisibility, and speed." Lena didn't look up at anyone. The guy in the back who was leaning against the wall let out a strangled groan. Half the class snickered.

"You should put whoppin' ass on the list too…" called out Brody Tammerwick for the other side of the room. The class let out a nervous laugh to agree with that notion.

"Prosperity?" I asked, looking up from the roll after adding her and her friend to the list. She peeked out from cowering behind Lena at her desk

"Mood swing effect, levitation, and teleporting." Prosperity looked up as she spoke.

"Mood swing effect?"

"I can control person's emotions if they look into my eyes." She shrugged and went back to playing with her nails as if something interesting had appeared.

"Interesting. Ok, Accalia?"

"Fire," Accalia smiled. She lifted up her hands, whispered a few words, and made sparks dance on her fingertips. Aaron watched her in admiration. That poor guy was a love sick puppy…

"Maybe you can use that to keep Aaron from holding your hand!" The class burst out in laughter at the unknown student's comment. Accalia blushed and Aaron looked mad.

"Settle down, settle down. Aaron, what is your power?"

"Ice." He replied, leaning over to blast the kid who made the raunchy comment earlier with a blast of artic chill.

After I had heard all their powers, time was almost up for the day. Most of them were lame anyway and powers were non-exsistant. How in the hell did I ever get a job at a Mount Elmont School of Gifted Individuals is completely unbeknownst to me. I mean I'm twenty-one and most of these squirts are my peers, making it somewhat hard to not have a student teacher relationship. Lucky enough for me I don't give a shit about the rules…

Okay, maybe I did. The point is I just don't give a fuck.

"Ok the bell-." As soon as I said this, the bell rang. My students ran out the door. The only one who stayed was Prosperity. Her friend Lena was already up and moving trying to find the next class with Prosperity. Prosperity had her face buried in her hands, her shoulders shaking with silent sobs.

"Prosperity?" She looked up, her face streaked with tears. "It's going to be okay. We're gonna start a new life….It doesn't matter who you are, you'll never be like him."

"But they'll treat me like I am…" she whimpered. She sniffled with snot in tears.

This chick needs to grow the fuck up…

"Listen to me, you got to be strong! Never let em see you sweat." Lena awkwardly patted her shoulder. I cleared my throat to let them know they were taking up empty space in my abandon classroom.

"I-I'm, sorry. G-goodbye Mr. Darius!" Prosperity gathered up her books and raced out the door at a frantic speed with Lena trotting in step behind her.

A fucking Johnson at Mount Elmont…she's not going to last a damn day here.

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