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Chapter 2: Prosperity POV

The next weeks at school were the worst. It was now mid-October and I could already feel the winter's chill. If it wasn't Aaron and Accalia snickering in the hallway my own teacher, Mr. Darius picked on me constantly. The rest of the day after class I hid out in my dorm room, 4a. Lena had room 6b, which was somewhere close to the end of the opposed hallway. No one cared where I went just as long as they didn't get acquainted with me. Lena, I have to say was a bold person, I would never be as strong as her.

To be truthful, Lena and I don't know each other very well and the fact that we met each other along the way was a lifesaver. After running away from home I lived in a small shelter in an alley. It wasn't too bad, but I was free at last from the clutches of my father.

Lena happened to be passing by me one day and handed me a Styrofoam cup of hot tomato soup. After a while, she kept coming back and feeding me snacks, telling me of her home life. She told me of how her parents had gotten a divorce and since no one wanted her, she was going to strike out on her own. I knew her pain of being alone, and so we made a pact. As long as we had each other, we would survive. After reading an article about Mount Elmont in the newspaper, we decided to seek our haven there.

Besides, what better place is one that offers food and I warm bed? We then set on foot, catching taxi's and buses with what little money we had and eventually trekked our way through the woods.

In all those days of knowing her, I never told her my last name. She defended me on our first day but I could tell she was livid. After about a week of school she told me she needed space and wasn't sure if she could trust me again. I lay down on my bed and went to sleep when there was a sudden knock at my door.

Knock knock.

"Prosperity?" a muffled voice called at the other end.

I sat at the edge of the bed, rubbed my sleepy eyes, and walked up to the door. I fixed my hair a bit and then I opened the door slightly to expect to see Lena, since it was the only person I knew here, but it wasn't. It was Darius.

"What?" I say puzzled. Why was he at my door? I checked my watch. It was only 7:15 pm. I hope it's not about homework; I didn't even get started yet. "Uh, hi. Can I help you with something?" I asked less confused.

"The Dean wants to see you for one of the training sessions today." He told me. I wondered if he was always stuck in teacher mode. He stood like he was like some type of broad solider. That's those aninites for you…

"Um, W-Well, So where is this…"

"I'll take you there." He cut in. Then he walked off down the hallway and stopped. "Are you coming or what kid?"

"Oh, Okay I'm coming." I stepped out and followed him down the hallway. We then went down stairs, took a left, and we took an elevator down to the bottom. The doors opened to what looked like a cool place with plenty of computers and so much other technology to where I think my mind was going to overload. I only had one expression for this "Whoa."

"Yea tell me about it." He opened a door to what looked like an empty cell.

"Um, why is she here?" asked Accalia. I tell you one thing. That girl really hates my guts but it was only because-

"The Dean asked her to come here." Darius answered her immediately. Man, he was such a grouch.

"So what exactly am I doing?" I questioned Darius. He seemed like the only person who knew what was going on. He instantly looked down at me with disgust. Ugh, he made my skin crawl.

"Fighting, what else did you think we were doing, baking cookies?" Aaron came from out of the corner. From what his voice tone sounded like, he didn't like me any more than Accalia. Oh God, I'm going to die in here…

"Listen, I'm not much of a fighting person, so I'd best be on my way." I turned to walk out when Darius got a grip on my arm and spun me around.

"You're staying, understand?" he said sternly. I tell you one thing, one, Darius doesn't like me either. Two, he had that look in his eye. If I'm not correct, it looked like he wanted to kill me.

I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die…

"Besides, I hear you can use a katana, it could save your life." Aaron sneered. That's when we started on our warm-ups.

We started with the basic stuff; we went through a blocking phase, attacking phase, and a couple of stretches. For each phase they changed the scenery of the room. The Dean sat in a booth behind a polarized screen. I've only met her once, but she was very kind and straightforward.

Then the action started. The only way to solve this problem was to show them what I was made of. But it didn't work out that way.

Darius challenged me to a duel. The rules are there, there are no rules. Only survive to the next round. And I survived Accalia and Aaron, now the only person left was Darius.

They changed the theme to what looked like some sort of Japanese temple. On the inside there were wooden floors, and the ceiling was at least a hundred feet above my head. Darius stepped out onto the wooden platform. I took a step back. Darius was wearing pale colored pants. If your waiting for me to tell you what shirt he was wearing, he wasn't wearing one. I looked at his chiseled features in awe but quickly got back to what I was supposed to be doing. I blindfolded myself so I wouldn't change his mood on accident.

This was the first moment where I decided to use my weapon. Darius scared me shitless, but I refused to run away from him anymore. I needed to prove that I was not weak.

I took my sword out of the case and put it close to my ear. Quick fact. Noises echoes off the sword's blade. He made the first move and I blocked it. The next couple of moves were like this. I could hear the anger in his breathing and his swings were forced and heavy. Afterwards he and I dropped our swords and began to fist fight. He got the first couple of blows, which I knew I would automatically get bruises from. But he didn't stop. I fought back but it was somewhat defenseless against him. He had me on the ground. The blind unraveled and fell of my eyes.

Then the funniest thing happened. I reached inside of his memory and saw a picture of his parents. Good, I thought to myself if I get him off subject maybe I can win. It was bloody and gory…

"You think this is going to solve anything. Think about what your mom and dad would think of this," I stood up. I touched a raw nerve and he punched me but missed. He ran over to get his sword. "Go ahead Darius this is the opportunity you wanted, so take it." I teased him. The whole point was to get him to unfocused on fighting and focus on the conversation. He yelled and cut off a piece of my shirt. Great, looked like my plan was working so far.

I should run now…

And that's when I made the wrong move. As I picked up my own sword and when I was supposed to block, I didn't. That's when the sword jabbed at me and was stuck in my chest. My eyes widen, unable to except the truth. His anger slowly faded in his eyes and saw a flicker of pure terror. I started to cough up blood.

"Oh my God!" he gasped and he let go. I collapsed on the floor coughing up blood. For what seemed like a lifetime, I made the first attempt to pull the blade out, which hurt and didn't work out to good. The Dean then hit a series of control buttons and switches, turning of the simulation.

He ran over to help me but I raised my hand to stop him. I made another attempt and to my relief it came out. I rolled over to my back and took several gulps of air. I then stood up and took off my shirt to wipe the blood off the floor. I stood up and did a quick check for any markings. Nothing was there.

"I'm okay…" I told him. He was still in shock as I stood up off the floor and handed him back his sword. Accalia and Aaron were in shock too, unmoving and starting in disbelief.

"Ow..." I murmured and clutched my chest. Seeing that no one was saying anything, walked out the doorway. By the time I got down the hall and into the elevator, Darius was flying down behind me. He hopped in as the doors were about to close and the elevator began to stroll upwards.

He turned around to look at me, panting from running. "How did you do that?"

Wow, really? How about a damn apology you jerk! I groaned and just replied, giving him a basic answer.

"You looked into my eyes, which changed your actions and your opinions."

"No, I mean the healing thing."

"Why do you care? It's not like you taking any interest in me before." The elevator dinged and the elevator opened. We both walked out and turned down the hallway towards my room. Just leave me alone…

"Because, that was really freaky! Well, not freaky...shit, this is not coming out the right." He called, trying to match my steps.

"Oh well thanks a lot, it makes me feel much better!" I said to him as opened the door to my room and slammed it into his face.

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