Anita's POV

Through the screen I can see that they're nearly at the door but when Melodi attempts to open the door we both realise that the doors locked and I quickly search for the right switch and I eventually find it...on the opposite side of the room.

I unlock it but when I check on the screen again they're still there. I sit there stuck for ideas to help them until I see the microphone used for announcements and a message about more security guards on the way resonates through the building but with a simple ouch of a button, it's cancelled. I hope mother can forgive me for this.

Kyle's POV

I had an internal panic attack when I heard more guards were coming but strangely enough, they never came. That was half an hour ago now and Melodi and I are fixed up and Carla's awake.


"Melodi?" I ask, "what do we do now? We've unlocked our powers and gotten kidnapped."

"We got kidnapped?! Oh my gosh I didn't realize" came her sarcastic reply. I roll my eyes but laugh a bit internally.

"What will/you guys do now?" Carla pipes up. "I have no idea, Melodi? Any ideas?"

"Maybe we should lay low for a while but plan at the same time" Melodi ponders about it for a while and I join in too.

Should we? I ask her

It'll be good so we can learn to control our powers. Was the reply

That's a good idea but what if something happens?

Then lets start training now!

I groan despising the thought of training

"Kyle! It won't be that hard I swear."

Melodi promises hope evident in her voice.

"How are you so sure?"

"Uhhhh…" Melodi trailed off clearly unsure

"Actually it's easy, all you need to do is focus your energy. At this point anyway." Carla says

"At this point? You mean to say that there's more?" I exclaim. "How do you even 'focus your energy' anyway?"

"You focus duh."





"Yeah sure because you can't be any clearer"


"That was sarcasm"

"Oh really"

"Yes really"

"You two! Stop it with this five year old like bickering!" Melodi shouted annoyance evident on her face and in her voice.

"Fine" was our response before the complete silence.

"Now then, the book says…" began Carla after a few minutes


Melodi's POV

We finally began our training with a simple exercise of freezing a glass of water and then melting it.

Too bad it wasn't actually that simple so Kyle and I ended up wasting a week trying to do it separately and then together and the three of us discovered more about why there are fill limits on drink bottles and other items AND that glass is really bad to use in this exercise. (I put the ice filled glass upside down then it melted then something messed up and the glass exploded)

At least now we actually can control some of our power. But honestly, if Kyle really wants to control light I'd just give him a flashlight

Hey! I heard that!

Good on you

How is that good?

Just get out of my head!

I'm leaving, I'm leaving! But first we need to train.

Yeah yeah

Kyle and I meet up after class and we go to the front gate to see Carla but I can't help but notice bunches of girls whispering to each other as Kyle and I pass walking together.

"HEY! HEY KYLE!" a male voice shouts "THERE YOU ARE!" Kyle turns to see the owner of the voice.

"Oh hey" Kyle greets

"Oh hey? Is that seriously what yous say after avoiding me for a week?"

"I wasn't on purpose, I'm sorry!"

Chris sighs, "it's fine, don't freak out. I should be the one freaking out since you disappear for the week."

I laugh nervously, "that might be my fault since we've been training the whole week since the incident."

"I won't forgive you," Chris begins "unless you show me all the awesome stuff you can do!"

I sigh and resist facepalming myself due to Chris' childishness.

"Later, ok? Not now." I interject

"I know that but I really want to see! I busted you guys out of that place remember?"

"Yes we know Chris." Kyle deadpans.

"Look! There they are!" A group of girls not to discreetly point in the direction of Kyle and Chris, giggling like a bunch of school girls. Well they were a bunch of schoolgirls but the really annoying ones. I let out a small sigh as the girls approach.

"Hi Chris!" A girl greets him and the rest chorus similar greetings to him and Kyle.

"Who's your friend?" A brunette asks while giving me the good ol' evil eye.

"That's Melodi, you know, the new girl"

"Oh, well hi, welcome to our school!" she says all too happily.

"You two aren't...y' are you?" a girl asks rather bluntly.

Pleeeeeaaaaaseeee go along with this

I mentally sigh

Fine then. If your rabid fangirls go after me I'm chucking you over to them

Deal! Just get me away from them.

I act surprised.

"You can tell?"

There were murmurs among the girls and disappointed looks.

"Oh well congratulations!"


The bell rings.

Thank god for that

Yeah. I thought we'd never get out of a situation like that!

"Sorry girls, we need to get to class, can't be late after all." Chris says with a wink and the three of us leave.


"Just so you know, if we need someone undercover as the pretty girl, I'm nominating you Melodi!"

"Are you hitting on me Christopher?"


"You're kidding right Christopher?"

"Please don't call me that Melodi."

"Were you kidding?"


Then, a facepalm resounded through the emptying halls.

Author's note

Hey everyone, I'm so, so sorry about this massive break between these chapters but I've managed to upload two chapters of two stories in one night and I swear, it's been so long I've almost forgot how to put in more than one chapter of a story...

The thing that I really can't believe is that I began writing this story almost two whole years ago (minus two months, give or take) and I really want to thank everyone that has read, followed or favourited this ever.