I gripped the collar of what was supposed to be a terrific time
And slammed it against the glass
Then back against the wall
Shoved an ice pick in its throat
Fighting what was supposed to be
The remainder of my trip
To memory lane

Ghastly and fevering
That future is dampening my spirit
And listing all that was festering
On the last of my brittle nerves
I was angry with the moment
And grabbing onto nothing less

Rage was seething and I held the top closed
But then it burst, falling short of a wonder
The view of your anxious eyes looking at mine
Trying to decipher what went wrong
When it was something that had gone wrong inside myself

List the wrongs and change the rights
Nothing will make sense anymore
In this plight of blatant misprintings
Of the world that I had once set in stone
And my faith was at the bottom of the barrel