This is a reference guide for my story Fallen for people that are interested in that sort of thing. It contains a brief summary of all characters, pronounciation, notes on languages, weather, scale, history and other background information.



10,000 years before the founding of Farad

1 Palace of Aeshemlar

Outside the rain fell in sheets of freezing water, like a river flowing straight from the heavens to the ground. Icy winds howled and screamed through the air like a bloodthirsty god. Lightning cracked, illuminating the sky for a brief moment before returning to utter darkness. Yet inside the palace of Aeshemlar it was warm and toasty. The foul weather could not pass through the enchanted doors the elves had built. Tonight was not just any night; it was a feast, a celebration of the middle of winter and a luxurious and decadent banquet was laid out upon silky gold table cloths, covering many hundreds of tables. Sweet harp music could be heard over the laughter and singing of all the elves which were present and that was a significant proportion of them. It had been many long years since such a gathering had occurred and during this time they had begun to split into six distinguishable groups. The elves of the jungles, elves of the sea, elves of the forests, elves of the plains, elves of the mountains and the elves of the wild lands. However they all considered themselves to be part of the one elven empire which spread, uncontested across the entire land which they called Aemenea.

There was a mighty boom of thunder and the massive oaken doors burst open. Rain began to pour into the hall. Gusts of wind blew out many of the candles and the rest flickered fitfully. In the doorway stood an old woman. She was not an elf but a human; at this time of history humans were a rare sight but they were known to the elves. There were few of them and they were uncivilised and tended to keep to themselves. She was small and hunched and her skin was wrinkled and saggy. Her eyes were pure white, making her blind but she still stared intently in front of her, as if she could see things no one else could.

"Who are you?" Aesmir, the high king of the elves and ruler of the city of Aeshemlar demanded. As he watched her approach though his anger turned to curiosity and then dread.

The old woman stumbled forward and then began to speak. Her voice was loud and strong and everyone within the hall could hear it clearly .

The next battle looms,

A time of burning ice and freezing fire,

When dragons rise once more from fiery lairs,

Seven to stand wielders of the stones,

A prince defeated by love's longing kiss,

Twin sisters bathed in blood,

Mind of stone and heart of gold,

Hand of ice and friend of beasts,

Shattered mind and angel's bane.

Seven lives hang on the thread of fate,

When darkness reigns the choice is made,

Of which to cut and which to save,

An empress and a peasant girl,

The forests' daughter and the rivers' son,

A master archer and a lousy thief,

And last of all, the elven heir must fall,

Or chaos will consume all.

When she finished she gasped, her hands reaching out before her as if she was trying to ward off an invisible attacker and then she fell to the ground.

There was a stunned silence within the hall.

Sylvar, leader of the woodland elves, approached the old woman's body and knelt down next to it. She placed her fingers upon her throat.

"She is dead," she announced. Her voice was kind but not heavy with emotion. Elves cared little for inferior races such as humans. It was unlikely that any within the hall really cared about who she might have been or why she had come here. Her words though held them captive.

"What was that?" Osmelil, leader of the coastal elves, asked. His hair was the colour of sand and his eyes were as deep and blue as the ocean.

"It was a foretelling," Tahlin, the leader of the elves from the jungles, spoke, "she saw the future."

"What does it mean?" an elf shouted from his place at the table.

"I do not know," Tahlin admitted, "but it is clear, it says the stones should each be wielded by one elf. They must be split between us."

"What?" Aesmir replied also standing. The leaders of the elves were not the same as the other elves. They had been archangels before they fell from grace and had each been blessed with a pair of majestic wings. As Aesmir rose from his chair his white, feathery wings unfurled to their full span behind him. "The dragons gave them to me to protect."

"The dragons gave them to us all to protect," Tahlin corrected him, walking up to the high table where Aesmir stood. The seven jewels of which they spoke sat upon a raised dais, their combined light glowing like a shimmering rainbow. The effect was powerful and hypnotic.

"No!" Aesmir shouted angrily, his eyes wild. "They must stay here. I must protect them."

"We agreed to leave them here while we established our people and built our cities but now we have done so. You have done an excellent job of safeguarding them, Aesmir, but it is time to let them go," Tahlin replied, standing now within arms reach of both Aesmir and the jewels.

There was the sharp ring of metal as Aesmir drew his glittering sword from its sheath. There was a horrified gasp from everyone in the room. No elf had ever drawn a weapon against another elf before.

"Aesmir, what are you doing?" Tahlin asked concerned but not believing that his friend would go so far as to attack him.

"You want them all for yourself don't you Tahlin? I know where this is going," he said and his voice normally composed and calm was straying into madness. "I can see it in your eyes. You will betray me. You will betray us all, but I see the truth. The stones have shown me the future, you know. There will be blood, so much blood."

He shuddered, closing his eyes as if he was trying to block it all out. "You must trust me Tahlin, you must let me keep the stones, please, please, my brother. You don't know what you are asking."

Tahlin placed his hand gently on Aesmir's shoulder intending to comfort him but Aesmir, trapped in his own nightmare saw only an attack and lunged at Tahlin with his shining blade, his eyes insane with fury.

Tahlin was quicker though, instinctively he grabbed his dagger from his belt and parried Aesmir's wild strike and then without thinking drove his blade deep into Aesmir's chest. Blood spurted everywhere, drenching Tahlin's naked torso and his face. Aesmir screamed and its piercing ring could be heard even over the booming thunder for miles and miles. He fell to the ground, his once majestic wings crumpling beneath him, his eyes once the colour of the rainbow fading to nothing. For a moment Tahlin merely stood there, unable to take his eyes off Aesmir's body. His face wracked with grief. There was total silence throughout the hall, no one knew what to do. Such a thing had never happened before.

"By all the Gods, what have I done?" Tahlin whispered, "I am so sorry, my friend."

Then he turned to the glowing dragonjewels. Each a priceless gem, they had been given to the elves by the dragons. They were deeply magical and mysterious. Tahlin felt eerily drawn to them, like a sailor to a siren. The ruby in particular seemed to be calling to him, he reached out and grabbed it. It was warm to the touch and its warmth spread into him, filling him up until he thought he might burst with power. His own black wings unfurled behind him, extending out to their largest span. Barely, he managed to contain the jewel's power. It felt like an hour but only an instant had passed.

"Murderer!" Aesrandir, Aesmir's son cried out in fury. He drew forth his blades and sprinted towards Tahlin, his eyes burning with fierce hatred and tears.

Tahlin turned and strode towards the open door, his faithful kinsmen stepped forward to defend him. Many of them were unarmed and Aesrandir cut them down where they stood. However he could not reach Tahlin, who along with many of his people, escaped outside into the freezing darkness. Aesrandir stood upon the threshold of the hall, uncaring of the rain pouring down upon him.

"You are no longer part of our people," he shrieked, "my father's blood is on your hands and it shall never be removed. I curse you and your people and name you Blood Elves."

In the chaos Elvere, leader of the savage elves of the wild lands, picked up the Topaz while all eyes were on Tahlin and Aesrandir. She and her people disappeared into the East, never to be seen again. Aesrandir returned to the head of the hall to find the other three elven leaders standing by the remaining jewels. Ferindis of the mountains, Osmelil of the sea and Sylvar of the forest.

"Tahlin killed my father. It is my right to seek his death in recompense. Will you aid me, my friends?" Aesrandir said, carefully.

"Tahlin's actions were evil, my people will stand alongside yours, I fear there is now no other option than civil war," Osmelil said with his head bowed, his face lined with grief.

"Tahlin was right though, one person should not hold all the jewels. We should each take one to guard and protect," Ferindis spoke and the other two nodded in agreement.

Aesrandir was aghast at such an idea but could not speak out against it, he desperately needed their support if he was to have any chance of defeating Tahlin and his people.

"So be it," Aesrandir spoke.

Ferindis picked up the Amethyst.

"By the power of the earth, my people shall be called the Iron Elves and as long as the mountains stand then we shall fight against Tahlin the betrayer."

Osmelil picked up the Sapphire.

"By the power of the ocean, my people shall be called the Sea Elves and like the relentless tides we shall never stop chasing Tahlin the kinslayer."

Sylvar picked up the Emerald.

"By the power of the forest, my people shall be called the Wood Elves and like the ancient oak we shall endure anything Tahlin throws against us."

Aesrandir now stepped up to the table and picked up the Jet in his left hand and the Sephara in his right hand. The Jet stone was as dark as the abyss, like a miniature black hole from which no light could escape, while the Sephara was as white as a cloud.

"By the sun and the moons, my people shall be called the Light Elves. No matter what darkness you hide in Tahlin, I will find you and I will kill you," he said in a chilling voice and thunder boomed from the stormy sky.


High Elves of Valandor

Moravel Aesrandir- (Moh-rah-vel)- King of Valandor

Berendan Aesrandir- (Bear-ren-dan) Prince of Valandor (Fire)

Maethan Aesrandir- (May-than) Prince of Valandor (Water)

Sylvandis Moonshadow- Captain of the royal guard

Damaril- Royal Guard Warrior

Fingolas Fairhair- Royal Guard Warrior

Cerevan Fairhair- Royal Guard Warrior

Aethis- Royal Guard Archer

Tarandil- Royal Guard Mage

Astarielle- Royal Guard Mage (Air)

Eltharie Lightweaver- Royal Guard Mage (Light)

Rasillar- Royal Guard Mage (Earth)

Verdomir the Silent- Royal Guard Warrior

Tiadarnis- Member of the Council of Elders

Lyali- Mage (Fire)

Temarille- Warrior

Light Elves of Aeshemlar

Aesmir- (Ays-meer) High King of the Elves

Illandis- High Queen of the Elves

Elanor- Light Elf

Humans of Darath and Blood Keep

Danielle- Blood Priestess (Life)

Alviarin- (Al-vi-ar-rin) Mayor's Daughter

Gwendolyn- (When-doe-lin) Ghost

Humans of Farad

Farad XV- Emperor of Farad

Felindel- (Fell-lin-dell) Princess of Farad

Melidere- (Mel-ee-deer) Baroness of Silver Stream

Elrando- Baron of Ferrand

Dewkyllen- Baron of Faev

Mythra- Baroness of Fellandir

Ezzelende- Lesser Noble

Cilly- (Silly) Baroness of Faonil

Katerine- Lesser Noble

Taras- Grandmaster of the Order of Stars

Farukh- Seeker of the Order of Stars

Captain of the Guard

Birgitte- Mayor of Fairfield

Gareth- Baron of Black Fox

Lucilla- Daughter of Baron Gareth

Erin- Prostitute

Seren- Bride

Daran- Groom

Dalzena- Townswoman

Gerand- Young Nobleman

Joesine- Young Noblewoman

Baerlin- Young Nobleman

Olvan- Young Nobleman

Miguel- Young Nobleman

Kaeran- Young Nobleman

Elandra- Young Noblewoman

Jerl- Thug

Zek- Thug

Jyundas- A poor man

Jel- Maid

Jeremy Kirk- Guard

Kappian- Rebel

Humans of Tiaz

Rufus Starwind- High Mage (Fire)

Declan Ravenwing – High Mage (Light)

Valenus Hermit Crab- Councilman

Jador Tallship- Councilman

Raelan Stormcloud- Councilwoman

Sherdan White Sands- Councilman

Meryl- Councilwoman

Morenn Seastar- Councilwoman

Ari Waverider- Councilman

Darvan Mudskipper- Shop keeper

Kyra Sea Spray- Village Girl

Desorai Sealwatcher- Captain of the Guards

Lionel Sharkfin- Guardian of the Shore


Bor- Clan Chief of the Silver Wolf Clan

Tog- Clan Chief of the Bad Shark Clan

Snaptoof- Orc Shaman

Rodran- Elder of the Centaurs

Firefly- Centaur Scout

Zeukon- Centaur Alpha

Fern- Centaur Alpha

Ak- Desert Warrior of Kresh

Gemini- Mermaid

Tali- Sacrifice of the Blood Elves

Zhar Shieldbreaker- Dwarf Warrior

Krzthyk Deep Walker- King of the Dwarves

Ruby Dragon

Emerald Dragon

Trakash- Shapeshifter

Mina- Shapeshifter

Camilla- Secret

Notes on Language

For the benefits of the reader everything is written in English. It should be noted that the elves would actually be speaking Elvish to each other. In this world humans in fact speak a dialect of elvish which is a lot shorter and more to the point but using similar words. Where an elf would say. "The dawn's bright rays makes the fields look alive and the contrast with the clouds overhead is quite artistic." A human would say. "The weather's nice."

However all proper nouns in elvish have been retained to give you a sense of the sort of people they are and because translating them is not really possible. Like trying to translate Fred into chinese. There are also differences in dialect between the people of Farad, Tiaz and Darath however these differences are not enough that they would be unable to understand each other but more like a meeting between Americans, English and Australians.

Finally most of the elder races also speak elvish. Including Mermaids, Fairies, Unicorns, Centaurs and Gryphons as it was the elves who taught them. Except for the Dwarves who hate the elves and like to do things differently and have their own completely different language. Virtually no non dwarves can speak dwarvish and it is virtually unpronounceable with extremely complicated grammar and rules.

Notes on planetary differences

This world, which is called Aemena by the elves has two moons. One which looks similar to ours and one which is bigger but much darker. The climate is fairly similar to ours in almost all respects though with the poles being cold and the equator being warmer. They also have the same four seasons and alternating light and tides. Although magical effects have caused some unusual climates which would not be found on Earth. The map as it is currently drawn shows only the Northern hemisphere and about half the degrees of longitude. If you sail to the west or east you will encounter several as yet undescribed land masses. Aemena is roughly the size of Europe.

The Emperors and Empresses of Farad

There have been 15 Emperors and 7 Empresses.

Note: Unlike in our world in Farad inheritance goes to the first born child regardless of sex. The only exception was Fara who was usurped by her Great Uncle. All Emperors have been called Farad while all Empresses have kept their own name. The reasoning behind this is lost in history.

Years given are those they reigned. It should be considered that a few Emperors had very long reigns while others were very short. The longest were Farad II, 50 years, Farad V, 49 years. Farad VIII, 73 years, Faonil II, 51 years and Farad XV, 61 years. These five emperors form 52% of Farad's history.

Feranelle 0-25

United the Feri clans around the western arm of the great river. Most of her life consisted of savage fights with nearby clans

Farad I 25-41

Murdered his mother to become Emperor. Moved the seat of power to the fork of the GreatRiver where he began construction of a great city. Followed a shooting star founding the religious movement. Brief war with Tiaz, since then the two cities have been officially at war, with many long periods of uncertain peace.

Farad II 41-91

An expert tactician and strategist. Less aggressive than his father but far more cunning.

Farad III 91-104

Self absorbed. Little interest in running an Empire only in his own indulgences.

Felina I 104-105

Had great visions of culture and education but was brutally murdered before she could achieve much.

Fiara 105-110

Murdered her sister to gain power. Very bloodthirsty. Began practice of slavery.

Farad IV 110-127

Fiara's son. Aggressive, conquered large areas of the MiddleMountains.

Farad V 127-176

Felina's son. A just and fair ruler. Conquered vast areas to the North of the GreatRiver up to the gates of Valandor.

Farad VI 176-200

Maintained his father's advances and placed further infrastructure, particularly laws.

Farad VII 200-217

Farad IV's great grandson. Usurped power from the rightful ruler Fara claiming women could not rule. Increasing divide between rich and poor. Noble classes established and given much power.

Fess 217-234

A broken figure head. Nobles practically do what they want.

Farad VIII 234-307

Most powerful, corrupt and perverted ruler in history. Raped and pillaged across the map in a bizarre way. Including an attempted invasion of Valandor leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of soldiers. The plague which finally killed him was called God's wrath. This also wiped out large proportions of the population.

Ashandar 307-312

A noble elected by the people. Anarchy and civil riots ensure across the Empire.

Farad IX 312-348

Restored peace to the realm. Expanded into the black mountains.

Fern 348-360

Expanded to the South. Focussed on education, health and trade.

Farad X 360-369

Child Emperor. Died in an accident while young.

Felina II 369-395

Also a child empress. Very selfish and arrogant. Little care for the realm. General decline across the Empire.

Farad XI 395-424

Very warlike and pig headed. Not very bright. Fought a lot of battles to the South. North continued to decline.

Faonil II 424-475

Somewhat insane. Many edicts made little sense.

Farad XII 475-477

Very insecure, low self esteem. Agreed to the independence of Darath, Tarath and Taran.

Farad XIII 477-482

A fair but uninteresting ruler.

Farad XIV 482-485

Fought many battles to the South succeeding in the surrender of Cay and Ballandar but died in battle.

Farad XV 486-547

His wife was accidentally killed at the start of his reign leading to war on Tiaz and a complete ban on magic under pain of death. Tight rulership. North continues to decay while South flourishes.

Felindel 547-

Currently first in line for the throne. No other candidates.

Note on Calender

It is standard practice in this world for there to be 30 days in a month. The remaining 5 days form a week long holiday not part of any month. This is done in midwinter when time is 'frozen'.

Note on currency

Elves and most other elder races do not use money of any sort. All materials are shared equally across the group for anyone to use. Humans use standardized Faradian currency even in cities like Tiaz and roughly the same system is used in the East. Finances and merchants are fairly primitive and people do not take these things as seriously as in our world.

Notes on Scale

It can be difficult in many stories to fully appreciate the numbers and size. To try and compare it is about the same distance from Cairns to Melbourne as from Ithildan to Aeshemlar. Ithildan to Farad is about Sydney to Melbourne. From Ithildan to the North Sea is similar to Melbourne to Bendigo. Farad to Tiaz is similar to Bairnsdale to Portland. Angel Mountain is over twice the size of Everest. The Great River is longer than the Murray- Darling. The Empire of Farad has over ten million people. Valandor has less than 5,000 elves. The forest of shadows has around 500 centaurs. There are more than two million Orcs who live in a land the size of Belgium. The white tower of Ithildan would rival a modern day skyscraper. The Palace of Farad is bigger than Versailles. The forest of Darath would stretch from Melbourne to Canberra. The city of Farad is comparable to the city of London in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Elven Genealogy

The dragons created seven arch angels who each came to lead their respective people.

Aenari- Light Elves

The light elves were ruled by Aesmir who was widely considered the most powerful elf ever to live. He founded the city of Aeshemlar and ruled as high king of the elves for many centuries. When the dragons gifted the elves with the dragonjewels he took them to guard and protect. When Tahlin requested that the jewels be split among the elves, he attacked him and Tahlin was forced to kill him and the elven empire was divided. His son Aesrandir took the Sephara and Jet stones and begun a brutal civil war and was eventually successful in defeating the blood elves. He then became paranoid and attacked the wood elves, wrongly believing they had betrayed him. His wife Illandis was shot by a vengeful wood elf and he raised her from the dead, leading to even more warfare as the dead began to walk and the dwarves, centaurs and mermaids became involved until eventually there was no one left. Aesrandir's only son Moravel took the few remnants of the light elves to the North, abandoning the city of Aeshemlar and formed the hidden sanctuary of Valandor and renamed themselves High Elves. He had two sons, Berendan and Maethan.

Zeldinari- Blood Elves

The blood elves were ruled by Tahlin who sacrificed himself to end the war with the Light elves. His daughter, Tali then sent the remnants of their people into hibernation in the jungles of Zoltzca.

Sylvari- Wood Elves

The wood elves are led by Sylvar their queen. They were utterly decimated during the civil war after the light elves turned on them. Only a few managed to hide within the silent forest.

Elthari- Wild Elves

The wild elves lost contact with the other elven nations before the civil war. Hiding in forests far away to the South East. They were led by Elvere though nothing is known about them for they were very secretive and wary, distrustful of strangers.

Osari- Sea Elves

Led by Osmelil the sea elves were staunch allies of the light elves throughout the civil war. They were destroyed after extended combat with the mermaids of the sea leaving behind the city of Tiaz.

Fenari- Iron Elves

Led by Ferindis the iron elves travelled into the East and unlike the other elves made their homes in the mountains and became friends with the dwarves. During the civil war the two nations crushed each other.


Unlike the other Arch angels Gabriel was not involved in the creation of the portal to the end of the universe and so did not fall. He led no people and became a lone wanderer dispensing justice where he saw fit and still does in the present day.

Hope you found that interesting and helpful