Hello my name is hope and i have brown hair brown eyes i am 11 years old but i guess that is not important right now. Now this is my story

I thought my life was going well so far but i guess i was wrong about that i had just moved from my crappy home in the mountains into town with my mom, brother, sister, and step dad. I had just started a new school i was doing alright but. I didn't have many friends and people didn't like me that much but i was doing alright. That was until my mom and step dad started fighting and my step dad Brandon was changing.

I started trusting Brandon more and more than that was until that night i will never forget the night everything changed. My mom and Brandon started fighting a lot more that night Brandon and I were playing cards and we were having fun and all...

That was until it was bed time my brother asked Brandon to come and lay down with us at so he did and my brother fell a sleep. I couldn't something just kept me awake I felt like something bad was gonna happen. That night was the worst night of my life and it changed everything...

Brandon sexually abused me and i thought he was just sleep walking that was until it happened again and again. i thought it would stop but it didn't... i just wish it did but it didn't. it never changed. it went on for a while and then my mom kicked Brandon out of the house and whenever I went to see him it would happen every freaking time.

Then there was that one night that I went over to Brandon's house with my brother that he got me and by brother high and drunk off of vodka and marijuana. that changed everything. i held it in for a year and then i finally told my mother what happened after my grandmother died.

We had to go through the court systems and it was hard for me. I felt like i had taken my brothers dad from him. i went suicidal and cut and tried suicide then my mom found out and i went to a mental hospital and i got a little better but i will probably never be 100% better again i wish i could but i wont ever be.

Life has been hard since. We moved again to a bigger city and far away from Brandon but life will go on and i will get better.