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Chapter One: Prologue

Hi. I'm Xander Reeds. I've got sandy blond hair and emerald eyes. I've got a pet dog name Steel, who's mutated so much to the sense that it's a lot smarter than me and the only thing missing is that he stands on his hind legs and talks to me like a normal human. I've got a female protoplasm stalker who's a terrifying yaoi fangirl and is basically the one who guides me at the moment. I'm eighteen and currently on the run. From whom? The entire world.

So? Where to begin?

Like the previous things I've informed you earlier with, I'm on the hunt for someone. See, two months ago, a virus spread all over the world. It's a virus that turned people into zombies.

Okay. Go ahead and snicker. But I'm telling the truth here.

Like I said, it's a virus. It takes over the brain and reverses the thought of humans so they become cannibals. Worse? Even though the body's dead, the virus relives the body functions, well if you don't mind the rotting stench and your flesh filled with maggots, I think it'd be fine. Except, there's one problem.

The virus got out, and yes, it infected the entire world.

My dad was working on finding a cure for the virus, he's a scientist by the way, and he succeeded hours too late. My dad was infected by the virus by the time he finished the mixture. And basically, I was the only one in the entire world who was vaccinated. Lucky me, right? Nope, definitely not. I got to see my dad gobble up my mom, then my best friend. Still think I'm lucky?

Yeah. Now you know I'm not. Well, it's not the end. There's great news, and I guess, this where the story really kicks off.

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