Author's note: while most terms contained within this glossary will be explained throughout the course of the story, I made this for easy reference, and it will be updated as new words accumulate. Expect to see a plethora of Latin terms, as well as Old Western, Australian, and Spanish slang, and a couple original words thrown in.

Aedilis – An elected official responsible for maintenance of public buildings, and the regulation of public festivals

Auxiliaries – Non-citizens granted service in the Imperial military, not as well-equipped or well-trained as the Authority Legion soldiers, but far more numerous (layman's terms: mercenaries); service grants citizenship for the individual and their family.

Arvum – Province in modern Southern United States, capital is Solace (modern Atlanta, Georgia).

Augurs – Priests of the Novus Primicerius whose main task is to study and interpret the will of the gods by studying various signs and omens. They are held in very high regard and their word is taken very seriously by Primicerian citizens. The wisest augurs are always consulted prior to any major Authority undertakings, usually in matters of war, commerce, and religion.

Aztlan – Southernmost province located in modern Mexico and Southwest United States, capital is Perlunes (modern Phoenix, Arizona).

Bearsign – Slang for donuts. Any cook who could and would prepare them is highly regarded.

Behemoths –A race of giant, quadrupedal, herbivorous beasts that roam parts of Chaldea; usually travel in herds; are highly prized for their tough skin and long ivory tusks.

Bender – Mutants with the gift of controlling (also called bending or crafting) the natural elements (fire, wind, water, etc.) around them; most benders can only control one element, although there have been cases of mutants crafting two different elements at once

Bionic – Humans with biomechanical surgical implants (limbs, organs, etc.); over excessive implants cause the user to be known as a Borg. Bionics are notorious for becoming less humane than they were previously, as the psychological impact of becoming a cyborg is traumatic for some.

Blowie – A large mutated species of blowfly known for terrorizing the crops and livestock of western Arvum.

Bunger – Also known as lugheads, chrome-domes, and psychonauts; humans with neurological performance-enhancing brain implants; the implants increase the user's strength, speed, and dexterity to superhuman levels, however, in time they can cause mental instabilities like phobias, schizophrenia, neurosis, and psychosis.

Caelum Navis – Translated to "Grand Sky Fleet", the predominant air force of the Authority. Is responsible for governing traffic of civilian aircraft, as well as providing air superiority and close air support in times of conflict.

Cascadia – Province in modern Northwest United States, and the seat of power of the Authority, capital is Trinity (modern Seattle, Washington).

CAS (Cascadian Archeological Survey) - A group that hires and rewards people who discover artifacts and objects from the Old Times.

Censor – An elected official responsible for collecting a census (registering citizens and their property), supervising public morality, and overseeing aspects of the local finances.

Cernute – A mutated species of deer native to western Arvum, southern Deseret, and parts of Syncrest. Known for their immense, razor-sharp antlers and tough skin.

Chaldea – Main country/continent; previously known as North and Central America; also called The Known World.

Coffin Varnish – Whiskey

Creeper – Also known as Rotters, Shamblers, Stiffs, and Lemures. Rotting, decrepit humans that have been affected by severe radiation poisoning, causing decaying flesh, weak limbs, devolved human instincts, and an insatiable hunger for human flesh (in layman's terms: zombies).

The Dead Hand – A shadowy guild of assassins; little is known about them and their existence is denied by the Authority as mere superstition, yet they are feared widely by the populace.

Death Worms – A race of giant worms that dwell underground in the deserts of the mid- southwest; they live in hibernation most of the year except for when they are active during the summer. They are reported to be able to spew bodily acids that can kill on contact.

Deseret – Province located in modern Mid-West United States, capital is Villisca (modern Salt Lake City, Utah)

Dromon – Translated to "Swift Runner", a light class of Authority airship; forms the bulk of the Imperial Sky Fleet.

Ejército del Pueblo – Translated to "The Army of the Masses", they are a resistance group in north-eastern Aztlan.

Erudium – A dense, radioactive metallic alloy with no stable isotopes; very hard to make, even if the required materials are collected, which are themselves in very short supply. The end result, however, is stronger and more dense than titanium.

Finis – Borders between provinces; guarded by the Finis Centurios, Border Sentries.

Frumentarii – The Authority's secret service and department of gathering military intelligence. Is responsible for rooting out illegal mutants and keeping surveillance on the populace (think Adolf Hitler's Gestapo and SS combined).

Fustuarium – Death penalty by stoning or cudgeling (getting beaten with a stick). Not as common as other forms of capital punishment like crucifixions, decapitations, decimations, or hangings.

Gift – Any inhuman ability owned by a mutant; also called curses.

Hertasi – A semi-intelligent race of mutated lizard/weasel creatures. Most people take them in as pets and housekeepers, due to their inborn ability to clean and organize.

Hyaenidae – Carriers of the hyena strain of lycanthropy; among the less common types of skin-walkers.

Imperator Titus Marcius Philippus – Current Imperator (president, emperor, etc.) of the Novus Primicerius.

The Inuit – Province in modern Alaska and Western Canada, capital is High Reach (modern Whitehorse, Yukon)

Latifundi – A term for 'farmer' or 'artisan' in the Outlands; anyone involved in the agribusiness.

Legate – Any general of an Imperial Legion; legates are chosen by the Imperator or Procurator, and stationed in a specific province where they oversee the actions of their legion(s), and would be assisted by six lower-grade officers called tribunes in their duties.

Legions – The core of the Imperial military; a professional army well-trained and better equipped than most other branches to perform various duties both on and off the battlefield. Each legion is made of 5000-6000 men recruited among the citizen body, or from other units detached from existing formations. Every legion carried its own name and number (example: legio X Syncrest Luporum = the tenth wolf legion of Syncrest), as well as an honorary title (officium et honorus = duty and honor). There are between 15-20 legions in the principate, which were then divided into ten cohorts, made of 100-200 soldiers each.

Leviathan – A race of giant, water-dwelling creatures; highly prized for their blubber and fats to be converted to oils; dangerous to hunt because of their unpredictability and territorial tendencies; usually travel in herds

Lukoi – Carriers of the wolf strain of lycanthropy; among the more common types of skin-walkers

Magnesius – An element used mainly by the Authority as a form of nuclear power for most of their heavier machines

Magnus Exercitus – Translated to "Grand Army", the predominant ground force of the Authority. Responsible for upholding the peace and combating civil disobedience, as well as any other threat to national security

Naginata – A bladed sword-spear weapon, typically with a 30-inch shaft with a 20-inch curved blade; ideal for slashing and stabbing

Novus Primicerius – Main ruling government of Chaldea, translated literally as "New Authority", or simply the Authority. Was founded in P.D.E. 147 when it forcibly replaced the previous ruling dictatorial government, the New American Directorate, which was made up from the remains of the corrupt American government.

Nyah Gwaheh – A large, aggressive species of mutated bear native to the mountainous regions of Syncrest, the Somber, and parts of Arvum

Opiates – General term for drugs, of which there are several in the wastelands, including: dust, a type of painkiller; warp, a very strong methamphetamine; kamikazeand crank, blends of speed and heroin; forget-me-now, a depressant; RUM and mutatonics, which are types of steroids

Pard – Carriers of the leopard strain of lycanthropy; among the more common types of skin-walkers

Populum Esurienes – Translated to "The Hungry People", they are main anti-Authority resistance movement of the story; are stationed in western Syncrest.

Praetorian – The personal bodyguard assigned to any Procurator or other political officer; usually hand-picked by the person of interest (think housecarls of Skyrim). Is given command of a small force dedicated to the protection of said officer, called the Praetorian Guard.

Principate – The Imperial military as a whole; the Authority's main power rests on its massive military made up of conscripts and volunteers, citizens and non-citizens from all across Chaldea, who all serve a minimum term of 16-25 years before retirement. The army is made up of a variety of different units, all of which serve different purposes, including the legions, the auxiliaries, the sky fleets, the frumentarii,and the imperial guard.

Procurator – Any governor of one of the provinces.

Purifiers – A martial order of the Sol Invictus who act as bodyguards, soldiers, and mutant-hunters (similar to the Templars of Dragon Age)

Reven – Chaldean vampyres, also known as Nosferatu, Bruja, and Asema; mutants born or infected with a complex, symbiotic virus known as the Human Vampiric Virus (HVV), that rewrites the genetic code of every nucleus in the body, resulting in countless alterations to the biological makeup. Changes in their brain chemistry and digestive system cause them to hunger for the blood of uninfected humans and animals, and if they are deprived of this for too long, they will commit unspeakably violent acts to get it. They are also known for their enhanced physical capabilities, longevity and averse reaction to bright light and UV rays. The virus is hereditary and zoonotic: it can be transmitted from one person to another, usually through bite or scratch. Revens are identifiable with their pale, membranous skin, black and red/yellow eyes, pointed nails and fangs, putrid odor, and occasionally, a lack of hair. (Sorry Twilight fans, these are not the vampires you're looking for).

Rodere – Carriers of the rat strain of lycanthropy; among the more common types of skin-walkers.

The Scar – Northernmost province, located in modern Northern Canada, capital is Cygnet (modern Cambridge Bay, Nunavut Islands).

Seeker – Mutants with the ability to locate people, objects, animals, etc. anywhere in the continent by following scent traces left behind in the atmosphere.

Silverite – A rare, specially-crafted hyperalloy metal made from unique steel-bending techniques; the end result is a nigh-indestructible metal (think Wolverine's adamantium). Known for its dense properties and the dim, silvery glow it produces under moonlight.

Skin-walker – Chaldean werebeasts; mutants born or infected with the Lupine Paravirus (LPV). The LPV virus is hereditary, and can also be passed from one host to another, usually through bite or scratch. The virus itself is known among many other names, as lycanthropy and Mowgli Syndrome. Those infected with lycanthropy possess enhanced strength, speed, dexterity and heightened sensory perception, as well as a higher metabolism, which allows one to consume more calories, heal much more rapidly, and have a higher body temperature than humans. Skin-walkers are also able to take on the physical form of a specific type of animal (wolf, rat, owl, and leopard are among the most common), as well as a bipedal beast-man hybrid - however, many years of training are required before this form is available. Once infected with lycanthropy, one is immune to vampirism and all other strains of lycanthropy.

Sky serpents – Giant snakes (anywhere between 25 to 48 feet in length) with wings that travel through the air; often dwell within mountains; very solitary creatures, but pairs and even trios have been seen by witnesses; may breathe fire, depending on age; are highly prized for their tough skin and scales, body oils, teeth, and the chemical glands in their mouths used when breathing fire.

Sol Invictus – Translated to "The Unconquerable Sun." It is the primary, religion of the Authority and is followed devoutly by its citizens. The church focuses mainly on restoring mankind to its former glory by spreading its philosophies of peace, enlightenment, and moderation to the people of the Wasteland. Their main subject of worship is their deity, the Great Lord Abbas, God of the Sun and the Creator of Life. The priests view themselves as the "Purifiers of Mankind," and because of this, they view mutations as heresy, and bio-mechanical augmentations are frowned upon.

The Somber – Province located in modern New England, capital is Gomorrah (modern Concord, New Hampshire).

Strigidae – Carriers of the owl strain of lycanthropy; among the more common types of skin-walkers.

Surrogate – Mechanical humanoids covered with synthetic tissue, giving them the appearance of being human, and are fitted with a virtual intelligence, allowing them to mock self-awareness, but are not truly sentient (in layman's terms: androids); are very handy with computers, and can "jack" themselves into virtually any computer network, allowing them to "talk" to the system (think Data from Star Trek and Cortana from Halo merged into one).

Syncrest – Province located in modern Mid- Southeast Canada, capital is North Valley (modern Quebec, Canada).

Tweaker – Also called burnouts; humans addicted to self-enhancing chemical injections called RUM; the chemicals increase the user's strength, speed, and dexterity to superhuman levels, however they also cause the body to burn itself out much faster, thus limiting the user's life span to only a few years.

Ursidae – Carriers of the bear strain of lycanthropy; among the less common types of skin-walkers.

Venatorés – Translated to "Hunters", an elite group of warriors and ex-soldiers dedicated to the extermination of revens.

Verba Patris – The holy book of the Sol Invictus (translated literally to the Words of the Father) that contains as an instruction manual for teaching and gaining enlightenment, guidelines and laws to be followed and punishments to be issued to lawbreakers, a list of prophecies, ritual and baptismal rites, stories of great heroes, and details of an afterlife. The text was written hundreds of years ago after the Fall by a series of authors, many of whom claimed to be "inspired" by Abbas and weer paraphrasing his Word as spoken. The authors are spoken highly of and are regarded as chroniclers of divine and sacred events, teachers of perfect wisdom, and holy men and women chosen by the Light.

Vicar – Advisor/steward of Procurators; two are always present in any Imperial court.

Unum Gentam, Unus Populus – Imperial slogan, translated literally as "One Nation, One people"