There was nothing really extraordinary about Will Taylor's life. He was an up and coming artist who occasionally dabbled in collecting antiques. He had a fine taste in all things but he wasn't an expert. He just knew what he liked.

His 6'1 stature, piercing green eyes and dark hair added to the mystery that surrounded him. He wrote pieces for the local paper under a penname, he liked to remain anonymous. He didn't want the public knowing that the man responsible for the beautiful painting hanging up in La Flor gallery was secretly writing articles on the many uses of W-D 40 and how to scrub dirty stubborn carpet stains with lime.

It seemed these last couple of months had been all a blur. With all the hours he's been putting in for the new painting he was trying to finish, he was a pretty busy man. He was always organized however and maintained strict boundaries between his career and personal life and by personal life, he meant Sofia.

Sofia, the brown haired beauty that captured his eye two years ago at the festival in Italy has been the constant supporter in his life since the day he met her. They were both there on vacation and after keeping in touch for five months; Will had fallen head over heels with the girl and flew out to Chicago to meet her.

As he drove to the studio, he remembered their first date and how he had gotten down on one knee and told her he would never be the same if she didn't except his hand and be his girlfriend.

It was a pretty bold move and a successful one at that. Now here they are, almost two years later and preparing for their wedding. Nothing was going to change how Will felt about her and there was nothing really that would make him want to. He had his career, his fiancé and even his dog. What more could a man ask for? It was a surprise however when Sofia moved to Los Angeles and had announced her sister lived there. It was even more of a surprise when it was Will's assistant that was Sofia's sister.

Katrina was fairly tall, older than her sister with lighter hair and plain brown eyes that squinted together when she laughed. She was waiting at the entrance when Will arrived at the studio.

"What the hell took you so long?" she asked.

"I stopped and got coffee. Here, here is yours." Will handed Katrina her coffee and even though she sipped it she eyed him suspiciously, knowing full well that the coffee was just an excuse for his tardiness.

"Have you talked to Sofia?" she asked as they walked through the hallway and into the recording studio.

"I called her the other day but damn New York, won't let me reach her," he said.

"Well you know that the dress rehearsal is in two weeks right and you have to go next week and approve the cake with me," she took another sip of her coffee.

"What do you mean? Sofia's not coming back?" he asked incredulously while Phil arranged the spread for Will.

"Not until another three weeks, she got detained. You know her job is always sending her places, it's been pretty unpredictable."

Will hmph'd and said, "Well it has been since she started working for that company. I'm starting to wonder if there's another reason for her traveling to New York."

"You think my sister is cheating on you?" Katrina asked angered by the fact that the thought would even come into his mind.

Phil still sat in his seat and looked on, embarrassed yet intrigued at the showdown between the two feuding buddies.

"Are you telling me she's not?" he asked.

"Of course I am. Sofia loves you and would never do anything to hurt you so get that thought out of your head. Now, Chuck is waiting, get your goddamn gear and start painting for him."

"Actually, my name is Phil, not Chuck," Phil cut in.

Katrina looked at him and said, "Whatever, just get the man to paint. I have to go; you know I'm leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow right. I have to check in on Rebel Zero and make sure that the orders for next month are taken care of."

"Yes I know," Will grunted, "oh by the way. Are you stopping by tonight to help me pick the painting for the exhibit for this Thursday at the venue?"

"Yeah sure, just make sure that you have something strong there for me tonight," she said taking a sip of her coffee and preparing to leave out the door, "I'll be there at seven. See you then Will, and see you later Chuck." Katrina walked out the door and Phil, who was amazed by this woman's blunt nature, looked at Will, pulled up his glasses and said in a quiet mousy tone, "My name is Phil."

Will stifled a laugh, picked up his guitar and sat opposite Phil. "Whatever you say Chuck, just help with this canvas."

Phil laughed and Will began painting the portrait that would hang at his wedding in a few short weeks.

Later that evening, Will had arranged his living room nicely so that Katrina would have nothing to complain about. He loved Katrina as much as he loved Sofia and having them both meant the world to him, but Katrina had the tendency to nitpick whenever she had the opportunity.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang and without even asking, she walked into the house, cigarette in hand.

"What's the point of ringing the doorbell if you're just going to walk in?" asked Will.

She blew out a long circular puff and said, "So that way you know I'm walking in. How was the session?" Katrina plopped herself down on the brown sofa and blew out another puff of smoke while she waited for Will to answer.

"It was good, Phil, uh, I mean Chuck played some cool tunes to help keep me inspired. I can't wait to get this painting done," he said. Will placed two bottles of Smirnoff on the coffee table and watched as Katrina opened one and took a swig. She then dropped the bottle back on the table and asked him, "Get in touch with Sofia yet?"

Will shook his head. He felt saddened that in three days he had not yet been able to talk to Sofia and with the wedding fast approaching, he did everything he could to not fly out there and just spend a day with her.

Katrina noted his long hesitation in talking about Sofia and took one last puff of her cigarette before putting it out in the ashtray.

It was surprising how different the two sisters were. Sofia was beautiful and girly, she loved to wear pink and loved smelling flowers, reading poetry and taking walks. Katrina was so completely different. She liked cigarettes and booze. She liked tattoos and rock music and piercings. In a way, he had the best of both worlds. He had his lovely petite fiancé and he had his best friend, in a girls' body.

Katrina took a swig of her Smirnoff and said, "So Fred called me today."

Will cringed at the mention of Katrina's one-time lowball boyfriend. "What did he want?" He opened his bottle of alcohol and took a sip and waited for Katrina to respond.

"He wants to get back together, but you know what I said? I said 'Fuck you Fred, you ditched me for that skank and now you want to come running back? Well forget you!' and he hung up."

"I never did like him Kat and he was such a dick to you. You deserve better than that."

"I suppose I do but man, was Fred a lover. That man drove me crazy but he sure knew how to love a woman," she reminisced.

"Please Kat, keep it to yourself, I don t talk about my sex life with your sister!"

Katrina grunted and her face took on a shape as if she was looking at a picture of someone's feces. She was so disgusted that she said, "I swear if you ever did William I would knock you flat on your back and hogtie to the nearest thing."

Will laughed took another swig of his vodka. "I swear Kat, you act more like a guy than anything. Didn't your mother ever teach you how to act like a lady?"

Katrina nodded and said, "Yes she sure did. 'Course I raised more by my father than anything. Once Sofia was born, mom treated her like the princess and I hung out with my dad and Chad most of the time. It wasn't until I was an adult that she regretted the neglect."

"Aw Kat I'm sorry. That wasn't right, but in a way I am glad she neglected you. Your one of my best friends and I wouldn't have you any other way."

Katrina smiled and waved her hand as if brushing away the previous conversation. "Forget about it. I like you too Willy boy. Now, let's figure out what painting to take to the art show."

They decided on the perfect painting which Will and Katrina both thought would suit the event. Katrina had gone into the kitchen and opened another bottle of Smirnoff when Will was contemplating calling Sofia. When Kat returned to the couch with a new bottle of Smirnoff in hand, he dialed the phone and it went straight to voicemail. He put down the phone and did everything he could not to cry.

Katrina sat on the couch alongside him and rubbed his back. "I'm sorry, she must be really busy. If you want, I'll call her tomorrow on the way to Vegas and see if she answers."

Will shook his head and said, "No don't bother. If she wants to talk to me, she can call me."

"Don't be angry at her, she loves you a lot. And she is busy. She is trying to make extra money for the wedding, you know that."

Will nodded and calmed down. He took a swig of Kat's vodka since he had drank all of his. "You've always been a good friend Kat you know that? I'm glad I have you."

Katrina laughed and leaned her head on Will's shoulder. "Sure am Willy boy, otherwise you'd be sitting here disappointed and lonely with the Smirnoff's to yourself."

WIll laughed and said, "You know Katrina, you're really simple. There is so much difference between you and Sofia, I can imagine. But I wouldn't change you at all."

Katrina laughed and stood up. "Will, I think you've had too much to drink."

"I've only had two," he said.

"One too many," she jested then said, "seriously, you got an interview tomorrow and I have Vegas."

Will knew that she had a point and would not want to anything that would jeopardize his career, which he knew would happen if he walked into the interview room hung over.

Katrina walked with Will upstairs and said, "I'm taking Sofia's book bag if you don't mind, it'll make me look professional."

She walked into the broad and spacious walk in closet and pulled out Sofia's black bag and swung it over her shoulder.

"Are you okay to drive or do you want me to call you a cab?" he asked as she walked out the closet.

"I came by cab you fool so I think I'll be fine."

Will was tipsy; he ended up slipping on the rug in the living room and Katrina quickly grabbed him before he could fall on the floor.

He looked up at her face and peered into her brown eyes. He must have been so desperate for attention that he pressed his cold thin lips against her full warm ones. Katrina tried to pull away but it felt so nice to be kissed.

It had been long, too long, since a man had kissed her. It felt so good, so right although it was completely wrong. This was her sister's fiancée. What was she doing? But as Will wrapped his arms around her and his tongue explored her mouth there was nothing that could make her stop. Nothing...

Will, drunkenly, picked Katrina off the floor and carried her to the couch. His hands began tugging at her shirt and caressed the lumps of flesh underneath the fabric. She moaned at his touch and wanted nothing more but him. Lord help her, she actually wanted him.

Katrina had been working for Will for seven months until she found out that he was interested in her sister. It broke her heart, especially since she had a thing for him. But over many bottles of wine, she got over it and was now planning to be Sophia's maid of honor at her wedding. But this… this feeling felt so right and good, this was her long-lived fantasy.

"Will…. this…is…wrong," she muttered through kisses.

"I know," he panted, "but I want you. I always thought you were cute and more my type than your sister."

"No, don't say that."

But his mouth covered hers once again. She closed her eyes and lost herself in the passionate sensation of Will's mouth. She flipped Will over and sat on top of him, slowly removing his shirt and tugging at his jeans.

Will closed his eyes as Katrina began undressing him. The cold night air hit his skin and he shuddered but Katrina warmed him up again by undressing herself. He watched as she removed her bra and stared at her breasts, plump and full breasts. He put his mouth on her nipple and suckled her. Katrina gasped in pleasure and they were soon entangled in each other's arms.


Katrina began playing with a strand of her hair and sighed. She looked at the sleeping form next to her. They had started on the couch and had somehow moved to the floor and then finally, made their way into his bedroom where they finished the deed and cleaned off in the shower.

Will had to be just about the best sex she ever had, not to mention his impressionable package. She stood up and began putting her clothes on. Will had brought them in from the living room after the shower.

The entire house smelled like sex and sweat and Katrina tried to suppress the memories of their lovemaking. She liked, in fact, enjoyed what they had done but she had just betrayed her sister. She swore herself she would never betray Sophia. Throughout their life, there had been many guys Katrina was interested in but they always ended up liking Sophia for her beauty, Will was proof of that. But to sleep with her sister's fiancée weeks before their wedding, how low could she get?

She looked at the clock and knew her flight for Vegas was only four hours away. She picked up all her articles and took one last look at Will. She kissed his lips, knowing it would be the last time she would ever be able to have him all to herself.