She'd never meant for this to happen but now it was her against the world. She'd walked along the corridors like she had so many times before that but as she walked the once warm and kind people were now changed. Some glared at her not wanting anything to do with her anymore, others tilted their heads up and looked away, the rest avoided looking at her full stop.

Eventually one person looked at her differently, they saw the hurt and remorse in her eyes, the longing to be part of a group again.

She noticed that, out of everyone in the student body, it was the one who had suffered too, under the cruel eyes of their peers.

But as that one person made their way towards her, her former group pulled them aside with hushed whispering thinking that she wouldn't hear, but she did, and every word burned itself in her deep in both her mind and heart, wounding her and making her think that all she was and everything she would ever be, was worthless.


The same words were plaguing her still many minutes and hours after that. Her day was filled with hurtful comments and being shunned but they were never taken to heart because they didn't know anything about what happened and they never would.


The days soon rolled into weeks and the torment would not cease but rather than the disgraced looks or glares people just ignored her only some still decided to give comments. But nevertheless she felt like running and giving up on trying bur she knew better than that, she knew that she wasn't truly alone and she knew that good and justice would come though eventually. But for now she'd wait no matter how long, no matter how much hurt and pain, she'd wait for the storm to clear and she'd make things right for something she never even did.

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