He saw it, every single thing that had happened to her, he wanted to help her. But only he knew that it was never her.

He saw how sorry she was, that she wanted to reconcile, that most of all, she wanted to move on.

He had felt the same pain she had but now he was left alone.

And the pain in her eyes could of broken anyone's heart but no one saw it, they didn't even look her in the eyes. He just wanted to help her but he knew he couldn't, not yet.

The hate filled eyes that were once on him were now passing by as she walked past, head up high and determined to stay strong. Their eyes met for the briefest of seconds before he was grabbed and turned around. Out of the corner of his eyes he could see her figure slump slightly as he was given meaningless words. He knew that she could hear and there was no doubt that those words would haunt her like the similar words that pained him to this day, spoken by who he thought were friend.


Soon the autumn shifted into winter and he still watched over her, he knew that she'd be strong, stronger than he ever was, of course he was right but as that happened she became isolated. After what happened she lost most of her friends and soon not even her closest friend's were there.

The insults faded into glares and soon they turned to nothing at all. He watched her pain silently with knowing eyes but he knew that he couldn't help her, not yet. The storm had hit and it was too dangerous to go outside but in any storm you wait. That's exactly what he did.

Authors note

Sorry about this being so short but it was what I came up with for The Golden Orchid. I'll try to write some more for this and I think this will end up a three-shot. So thanks to all who R&R!