Sometimes I dream about you.

You dream about me?

Yes I dream about you. I dream about you with me. I dream about us together.

What do you dream?

I dream that we're naked.

Naked? Where?

Nowhere in particular. The kind of place where everything is white and clean and there's nobody else.

What happens in the dreams?

We start off slow. Kissing. Your hands in my hair and mine at the back of your head. You push your mouth against mine and I try to push back but you're much stronger than me. I like that. We kiss each other slowly but deeply. You bite my lip.

You like that?

Yes I like it. I bite you back.

And then?

Then you touch my breast. You take one of them in your hands and squeeze it, gently, and you touch my nipple. I can feel a tension growing in me, between my legs. I move my hips against you and you move yours to meet me and I breathe heavily and you kiss me harder and pinch my breast.

What do you do to me?

I reach down to grab you and stroke you slowly. I like the way you respond. I like controlling the pace and I like your facial expression. I like to imagine how it will feel inside of me. It makes me want you more.

And then?

You stop kissing my mouth and slide down me, and I open my eyes and look up to the sky and gasp when you take my other breast in your mouth. You lick it and I like how wet your mouth is. I stroke you harder and your breathing stops being breathing and starts being noises. I buck my hips higher up against you, I don't think about my movements, they just happen. You move a hand down my body, over my hips and then across.

What do I do then?

You touch me.


My clitoris. You rub it with the heel of your hand whilst you suck my breast. It feels so good and I have to try hard not to concentrate on what you're doing because if I concentrate on one thing I can't enjoy both. And then you slide one of your fingers inside me.

Does that feel good?

Sort of. It's not as good as the other thing. It just feels right.



What if I slide another finger in?


And another?


How is the pace? Fast? Slow?

Slow to start with. It gets faster. I circle my hips to meet your fingers and I clench my eyes shut and I can't stop myself asking you for more, saying your name. The tension inside of me is growing and I can feel myself on the edge and I open my eyes and you're staring right at me and you carry on moving your fingers in me and against me.

And then?

Then you stop.

I stop?

Yes. I'm glad because I know it takes me a while to work myself back up again. I sit up and pull you to your knees and take you in my mouth. I like the way you exhale when you first go in.

What do you do to me?

I start basic, just moving my head up and down. I use my hands as well, at first. I lick the tip. Then I try to take as much as I can, the whole thing. The first time it makes my eyes water and I gag and pull back. Then I try again and then again. Eventually I can manage it even when you thrust against me and pull my head towards you. I like the noises you make. They're guttural and they make me feel like an animal. I carry on until I feel you twitch in my mouth then I pull away.

You pull away?

Yes. Fair's fair.

Do I take you then?



You push me back, kissing me much faster and harder than you did before. It feels more urgent. It makes me desperate. I spread my legs and push against you because I want you inside of me as soon as possible.

Do you make a noise when I enter you?

I moan.

Do I start slow or fast?

The first few thrusts are slow. I like it at first but then I want more and I push against you so that you know. Then you go faster and faster and I'm not in control of the noises I make or what I do with my hips or anything and I can feel it building inside of me and I just want to go faster and harder and hold you closer.

Who comes first?

I do.

What is it like when you come?

It feels like it lasts forever. It's like a wave. My whole lower body tenses up as I feel it rising up on me then breaking over me. I slump back as you come inside of me. Then you lie down on top of me. We're hot and sweaty and panting and exhausted.

How do you feel when you've finished?