The sun was bright.

She could feel it, slowly burning, even from miles and miles away. The magnitude of its light made it easy to picture; a vast change from the darkness her world was shrouded in.

With her eyes closed, the world was different, magical. She could almost see the salt white sand, dipping into crystal clear blue waters. In the air, seagulls drifting around in lazy circles. Scattered about the beach tall, looming palm trees, their fronds sticking out like stray strands of hair.

She could almost see it, and it was breathtaking.

Summer was always her favorite season, and no wonder, she had been named after it. But as she opened her eyes, the world of color and splendor vanished.

Summer could hear cries of the seagulls, and the soft beating of their wings. Almost drowned out by the crashing of waves against the sandy shores. The sound of wind rustling through the palms' leaves; nature's music. Further down the beach there was the sound of people laughing and playing. She heard the sound of a beach ball being smacked in a steady rhythm. A party, perhaps, or a group of friends celebrating another successful year with a game of volleyball.

Beneath her fingers she could feel the rough texture of her beach towel, and the shifting sand underneath. If she reached a little farther, the smooth shape of a lemonade glass; condensation trailing down the sides. Laying her hand on the sand, she delicately grabbed a handful. She held the grains of sand for a moment before releasing them, focusing on the sensation as they slipped through her fingers.

The air tasted dry, which was no surprise in the middle of summer. The distinct taste of salt also filled the air, something she had long since become accustomed to. The sour aftertaste of a stronger sort of lemonade was present as well, her grandmother's special recipe.

It was funny, how taste and smell seemed to walk hand in hand. The same salt she could taste, she could smell just as well. There was also the imperceptible smell of the palm trees strewn about the beach, even the wind blowing along the sand and water.

It was the epicenter of summer.

She loved everything about it; the sounds, the feeling, the smell, even the taste. She cherished it all. But what she wanted more than anything. Was to see it. Years had long since passed since she had been able to do so, and her memories of the time faded and blurred. But on days like this, it seemed so clear. She could close her eyes, and for a moment, she could see again.