Universe in my Eyes

I see a mass of energy: Raw, formless, vast. As I stare into this massive, sizeless star, I start to question it's purpose. Is it made of the purity and disipline of light, shining through my eyes? Or is it made of a chaotic, destructive darkness, consuming all that is me? Or is it perhaps more mysterious and unknown than anything I witnessed?

Before I could peer closer into this allseeing energy, it explodes with a force that I can only describe as a massive bang, one that makes reality itself acknowledge it's presence. As sudden as it exploded, my eyes turn to a planet that is entirely alien to me, and yet, somehow familiar, in design. As I search though it's mountainous jungle, I see a valuable resource to us, forming in crystalized trees as savage dragon like creatures rest around them.

As they wake roaringly to an unknown disturbance, my vision is transported to a destructive battleground orbiting an unknown world, filled with ships and species I've yet to know. One species bear looks and technology whose light reminds of monks, or angels. On the other, a race whose montrous look and nature could only be described as demonic or personified nightmares.

As light and dark fight a seemingly endless battle, I gaze through space to see my homeworld, specifically the massive capitol city surrounding the earth lookalike. I look closer to see myself and my crew given a mission by my superior employer. I know the words well: To colonize an uncharted planet that is presumed to be filled with Sol crystals.

As the gruff, middle aged man proposed the importance of the mission while lighting a cigarette, I search through the cosmos to discover a tribal settlement of the hated reptilian people, with their most powerful shamans peforming a ritual around a mass of Sol crystals.

As they were opening to what looked like a portal to an unknown destination, I witness a planet sized ship full of the advanced robotic, psionic humanoids. As the civilians went about their business, a telepathic message is sent by their ruling class to prepare for war against humanity.

Before I could do anything, everything I have seen swirls and spirals into what appears to a massive tear in space, and a mysterious yet powerful voice speaks to me in words I cannot understand as the tear is about to form into something. I wake up momentarily in my statis chamber, and in my tired eyes, float in wonder of this dream. Perhaps it isn't a dream? My focus turned to the mission ahead spoken of by the employer, which result in my preparation to sleep again.