"Satan, have you seen my faithful servant, Lindy?" asked the Lord.

"She just serves you, since you've blessed her. Do you think she could afford

To be faithful as a Christian, if I chose to victimize

Her beyond her best endurance?" Satan said, to spoil the prize.

"You can do your worst for some time," answered God, "but never kill

Servant Lindy, in the patterned way you'll try to break her will."

In the days that followed, Lindy's last born child would disappear.

Surely that would bring rebellious words, which Satan longed to hear.

But it didn't, as she trusted God. So Satan raised the stakes,

Causing courts and cops alike to make the punitive mistakes,

Which incarcerated Lindy on an unproved murder charge,

While the demon-driven dingo Satan used was still at large.

She was slandered on the radio, as every talkback guest

(With an ignorant opinion) did their utter level best,

Saying Lindy was a "calculating murderess," in spite

Of the absence of the vaguest hint of motive in their sight.

Yet she still retained her faith in God, with help from Avondale

(Up at Cooranbong). But then her court appeal began to fail,

And the Devil used ungodly female prison staff to rub

Lindy's face in further suffering, while the country chose to snub.

Lindy's husband also trusted God, and waited through the whole

Lengthy process which restored to her the life that Satan stole:

Several years without surviving children there for her to see,

Up until a legal act of God would later set her free.

She lost years she can't recover, locked inside a prison vault,

And the whole exhaustive misery was fully Satan's fault.
Not content with his expulsion out of heaven, which he caused,

He brought suffering on humanity, and never even paused.

Think of all the peace of mind we might have had, without his oar

Stuck forever in our lives, because he lost a holy war;

Since he always seems to specialize in damned abusive crap,

As he dumps near endless bucket loads in every victim's lap.

Count the many times when happy plans have suddenly gone wrong.

But we'll have a new eternity to worship God in song,

When the loser Devil's taken out and well and truly snuffed.

In the meantime, when he comes to you, just ask him to get stuffed.

Tell him, "In the name of Jesus, you've got no rights on my life.

Can't you learn a single thing from what you heaped on one poor wife?"

Then be done with him, and spend the time with God right there instead

Of indulging one rogue angel who's foretold will lose his head.