Imprisoned love

I closed the doors reluctantly and turned away,

Putting a boulder on my heart.

I shook away the pain with a nonchalant shrug

And smiled mercilessly "I cannot be with you."

I said.

Liar, my heart beat its fist against the cage I locked it in.

Liar, it said, you cannot be without him.

Ignoring its protest cruelly I said,

"You hold me back from my dreams, you have me chained by your side.

Let me be free."

Traitor, it screamed,my heart, it protested, you chained yourself,

You have no dream but him.

Mind over matter I reminded myself and heedless to my heart

I sealed my fate, " I cannot love you. You are not for me."

He flinched at last.

Finally, I almost sighed with relief, he believed me.

He would be gone.

" I unlock your chain, unaware though I have been of it, now leave me be.

Let not your face be seen by me

From now till eternity,faithless one."

He was gone.

My knees gave way.

Gone, gone, gone my heart mourned.

Gone, gone, gone my brain chanted,

Gone like you wanted him to be.

Even now you lie to yourself, my heart taunted.

Admit it, at least admit it to yourself;

You held him back from his dream,

You chained him by your side.

He is the only one for you.

Willingly he let himself be chained to you,

Unwillingly you freed him.

Why? My very being cried out in agony.

Why? My heart softened,

Because you love him.

Accepting the truth I lay,

With my hands tied watching,

Watching him rise in the eyes of the world,

Achieve his dream, marry, have children, be happy .

I reluctantly closed the doors,

And barred my heart because for me,

His happiness began and ended the world.