This is a list of my top ten Pet Peeves as a Homeschooler. If you have any questions please PM me or Post in a review.

1. "You need to go to school so you can learn to interact with people!"

Thank you Friend -who-uttered-this (It hurt more because it was a friend). I'm glad to know I'm socially inept because I never sat in a room with others for hours on end.

2. "Your stupid because you don't go to school!"

Notice that Homeschooling has the word 'Schooling' at the end. Notice that I do not question your intelligence because you are public schooled. In other words if you have nothing nice to say SHUT THE HECK UP.

3. "How do you MEET anybody?"

I go out and I talk to people. Ironically that is what you do. (I can forgive this question unless somebody is obviously trying to be a jerk.)

4. My mom to other Parent: "We Homeschool!"

Other Parent: *Gasps in horror and turns to me*: "What's 109+300?"

Thank you for assuming my mother is stupid. Notice she is not quizzing your Public Schooled Child.

5. "Do you have any friends?"

NO! I am locked in the house and not allowed to EVER leave! (This is sarcasm).

6. "Are you allowed to have a BF?"

Yes and no. And that is none of your beeswax.

7. "You are a freak!"

And proud of it. Notice I AM NOT BOTHERED.

8. Being told my parents position is wrong over the internet by complete strangers.

If you are going to do that be prepared for defense. You do not know my parents so Shaddup.

9. "Bullying doesn't happen in homeschooling."

Yes. Yes it does and it can be SOOO much worse.

10. "Just wait until you get into the real world!"

Right back at you and The real world is a harsh place. I know this I have experienced it to some degree.