Its been years since I've written in this but I'm back and in college now.

Homeschooling Myths. Annoying little generalizations that people believe and I will cover a few of them:

Myth: Homeschoolers are all socially awkward.

This is offensive because it is a sweeping generalization that is not true. Some homeschoolers are wonderful at socializing, some are 50-50 (myself included), and some are terrible at it. Oddly enough, the same is true for public schooled people.

Myth: All/Most homeschoolers are shy.

Nope. Actually most of my home-schooled friends are so friendly that people are surprised to learn that they are homeschooled.

Myth: All homeschoolers are all right wing, religious, nutcases.

Actually, the number of homeschooling families who are not religious or that belong to religions other then Christianity is growing in the US because our school system is shite. Also I know a home-school family that is fairly liberal and most people who homeschools do not belong to the lunatic fringe. Just because 'The Duggars' are a thing or you met a homeschooler like that, does not mean that everyone else is the same way

Myth: All homeschoolers are prodigies and do well in every subject.

NO WE ARE NOT. This is an unrealistic expectation for anyone, not all homeschoolers are geniuses and we have strengths and weaknesses like every other child. For example, my younger brother is dyslexic and has a hard time reading but he is great at science and subjects related to math. Meanwhile, I suck at math but I'm great at history, anthropology, English, and any subject related to reading.

Myth: Homeschooler's are all horrible at school.

This is another extreme that led to my not telling anyone I was homeschooled. If I did poorly they could sit in smug satisfaction and say, "See homeschooling doesn't work."

In the words of Genie Bueller: "Screw 'em."

Myth: Homeschooling parents need degrees.

Depends on which state you live in/ which country you come from. In some states it is required/ encouraged and in others nobody cares so long as your kid can read, do math, knows the average amount about science, and is a good citizen. Besides I have public schooled friends that have horrible teachers and they have degrees, so I think it may not even matter.

Myth: Homeschoolers aren't socialized

Because sitting in a classroom all day teaches children how to talk to each other and the other people that exist outside their age group. The only time this is ever true is when parents decide to isolate their children from outsiders in order to protect them from 'evil' influences.

Myth: Homeschoolers are overly sheltered.

Not always true. I did have limits put on what I could read and watch as a child but that was the extent of it. Granted, it was a lot of things but it was really mom's deal. Dad would step in if he thought she was being too strict and he's still that way.

On the other side, my friend Sandra's parents wouldn't let her watch anything without watching it first (even G rated Disney movies), they picked all her friends for her, she hardly left the house, Sandra hardly read anything that wasn't preread by her mom, and she wasn't allowed to have crushes.

She was thirteen at the time.

Summery: It depends on how bats the family is.

And the Final Myth:

Homeschoolers can't have prom.

Actually we can and we do. Some homeschool groups get together and arrange their own prom. It can be held at their homes or sometimes they rent a place and viola! Prom.

I never went to Homeschool Prom, because it sounds boring and the only plus is a pretty dress. My friend Hope did though and she even made her own dress. She looked awesome.