..and I awoke. The sunlight, pressing through the blinds, glowed with intelligence. The air permeated a radiance i had never known. One deep breath enriched my bloodstream. Thoughts ceased, but my world expanded..


down in my veins,

i feel a surge

rushed to my brain,

power unearthed


we'll change the world,

in just one breath

our brains unfurled,

lay doubt to rest


ideas first,

born pure and still

turn thoughts to words,

new fate fulfilled


fulfill your fate,

express your self

born to create,

it can't be helped


..a galaxy awoke. Brilliant elements swirling within, producing forces, releasing energies, coalescing into ideas. Higher thoughts. Words shared. Actions made..


how many suns,

light outer space?

our minds are one,

our thoughts enlaced


change who you are,

through every deed

from every star,

build galaxies


.. like a soul on fire, being ignited through expression. Metamorphosing, transforming, not just itself but everything it touches. Passion, heightened to creation, changes everything. Let's be the Gods we were born to be. Create ourselves and recreate our world..


these words alone are not enough,

although they carry power

the long road to change may prove tough,

let's make this world ours..


look deep inside see what you find,

what drives us is our passion

break the binds that restrain mankind,

this is a call to action..


release all doubt

excite our minds,

within, without

ignite our lives



call forth,


give rise,



the yearning,

in your eyes