The woman is lying down on her bed, staring at the high, ornamental patterned ceiling, well lost in the territory of deep thoughts. The tears have come, and are long gone. The only proof that they once existed being the dried paths they left behind along the sides of her face. Life has lost all meaning, and all that is left is hate as pure as the holy amrita water itself. Why is fate so cruel to most? She didn't understand this concept of suffering, this pain like no other. It is as if the life has been snatched away from her grasp, and yet, she is alive. She feels that she is living someone else's life, for whatever that made her is stolen, and now, she's nothing more than a living corpse.

She did everything as told, and has not broken one custom nor tradition. She prayed so sincerely every day that she breathed, yet it is as if none of it counts at the end. Nothing is enough, and will it ever be? That is when the realization struck her. . . She has no cause, no one to love and nothing to thrive for. In a way, this would be for the best, as dying young would be a way of preserving immortality. But which is the best way to go? The least painful one? The swift one? . . .

Hisssssssssssssssssss Hisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

The sound has brought her back to reality, and she sits up slowly. Tilting her head sideways, her eyes focus upon the open door, and the widely parted curtains. Right in the middle of the doorway lay the snake, waiting patiently, as if it knows. Her sad eyes, once coated with kajal, now stared at it as if entranced. She sits still for some time, and so does the snake. Neither dares to break the trance. The woman now knows why it is here, and languidly climbs out of the bed. She walks to the doorway, and kneels in front of it. She bends down, her eyelids shut tightly, and offers her arm out to it.


It struck with a sudden might, it's teeth digging deep into her delicate wrist. With a slight tinkle of her payal, the woman fell to the floor, waiting for the pain to envelope her. The last thing she remembers is the light. Within seconds, she is gone . . .

The man is free at last, for the curse is finally broken. He looks at himself in amazement, noticing his long arms, his own feet, and soft skin. It is as if he hasn't aged a bit since that ill fated day. He won't miss that life at all, those vicious serpent scales, the fear that it induced to those around, the panic that it set about, all the slithering, and hiding to save his own life. . .

That is when he noticed the woman. She lay so still on the floor, looking so fragile. He bends down trying to find any slivers of life, but finds none. Why is it the law of nature that if one must live, another must die? One sole tear drop escapes his left eye, and falls to the floor desperately. He checks again to make sure, but still, all that is in vain. Here lies the beauteous soul that finally saved him, and he couldn't bear to look at her once more, as he slowly places a gentle kiss on her lips to bid her goodbye. As he pulls away, and starts to get up, he notices a tiny flicker in her eyelids. He stays still for a handful of seconds, waiting for a miracle, but nothing happens. He sighs deeply, as he walks away. . .

The woman opens her eyes, and coughs as the sudden gush of air hits her lungs. He turns around warily, and runs right back beside her. They are lost in each other's eyes, yet again. They smile at each other, as both know that it's meant to be, even though no words are spoken. Now she understands that there is something to live for, as she just found the meaning she yearned for. He is the end of her suffering, and she is his saviour. . .

Destiny's bites are cured by her sweet kisses. Thus, they lived happily ever after. . .

The End!

Hey guys!

I've had this folktale that I read about 6 years ago stuck to my mind recently.
I was watching The Notebook last night, and that kinda inspired to will myself
post this. Hmm . . . anyway, if you guys liked The Notebook, try Barfi (pronounced Bur-fee NOT barf-e) with English subs as it's an inspirational love story. Yep, it's in Hindi! :)

❦ Amrita water is pure, holy water for Hindus.

❦ Kajal is basically eyeliner.

❦ Payal means anklet.

With all that said, this is my first shot at a one-shot. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

~ Verona (: