A/N: I wrote this on October 11, 1999. Kinda blah.

All By MyselfHere in my corner, I watch those around me,They never seem to notice me, all by myself.They walk by, carrying on, filled with glee,And never even think of me, all by myself. I watch them, like images on the TV,They never know that I am watching, all by myself.They will never see me cry; my tears they will never see,Because I will cry here alone, all by myself. I still watch, now they are actors in a play,They act without notice of me watching, all by myself.They know nothing of the pain I feel, or my dismay,If they would ask, I could tell them how this feels, all by myself. The lone spectator, I watch them play their game,I long to play, but here I sit, all by myself.I will never be like them; I will never enjoy that fame,Who will invite me to play? Who will notice that I stand here all by myself?