"The horror...the horror..."

- Colonel Kurtz

One night, the Yankees were leading late in the game when the team manager, Joe Girardi saw that the starting pitcher was tiring out. Deciding to pull the pitcher out of the game, Girardi picks up his binder to help him decide who he should send out to get out of the seventh inning. What the stupid dumbass didn't know is that one of the pages in the binder was a copy of a page from the book, "How to blow games in a very infuriating manner (Edition V)!"

When looking to preserve a lead late in the game no matter the margin, always send in a mediocre left-handed relief pitcher. Do this in every game and something special will happen for everyone!

Girardi nodded and said, "Good enough for me as always."

The manager then made a call to the bullpen and said, "Send in Boone Logan, he'll get us out of this one and help us win!"

The assistant coach called back, "What the fuck are you talking about? Over half the time you send him out, he blows it, did you forget what happened last time? We had a four run lead and still ended up losing because of that decision of yours!"

"Shut up and send him out!"

"Are you sure about this, it could mean your job and we can't afford to lose this!"

Girardi sighed and said, "We pulled it off with Marte, Logan should do the same."

"The difference is that Marte could at least get someone out..." the coach said with a somber tone.

Minutes after Boone Logan, the lefty relief specialist was send out...the Yankees were already dead. Of all the unexpected things to occur aside from Logan actually getting an out, on the next three pitches, he manages to blow a five run lead despite coming into an inning with two men on. Once the inning have finally ended, the Yankees trailed by three runs and it was over...

...all because the team's manager had to insist on sending out a mediocre relief pitcher who should have been pitching in the minor league.