U for the unknown we wish to define

N for the necessity of a curious mind

D for determination something not to undermine

E for enlightenment of human kind

R for repercussions we might one day suffer

S for the simplicities we often overlook

T for the tales we'll write up in a book

A for attention one is sure to gain

N for never letting the inquisitive spirit wane

D for dilemma's that may be faced

I for "intelligence" one's mind with is graced

N for neglect of what we once knew

G for the Glory humans try to subdue…..

U for unconditionally loving as we should

N for neglecting everything that's not Good

D for the direction given each day

E for everything for which we pray

R for righteousness to which we strive

S for a saviour who is alive

T for trials we are sure to face

A for the action we take in his name

N for New Life given to us by grace

D for death that will never our souls gain

I for insight into the "End Game"

N for His Never-ending reign

G for Glory, Grace, Goodness and always God.