Mile High Club


He was jolted out from his reverie when Ranjana drifted to the passenger two seats in front of him. Scared that he would get caught, he tucked his ever-increasing bulge into his pants. It was difficult but he managed to do it. Watching her in action didn't help his cause. He tried closing his eyes and breathing deep. All he achieved from those actions was the further tightening of his jeans since he caught a whiff of her delightful fragrance. Also, when he closed her eyes, he saw an image of her in a white corset on a bed. The corset she had worn was extremely tight and her breasts we practically spilling out of it. She looked absolutely steaming. Feeling as if his balls were going to turn blue, Lloyd quickly got out of his seat and hobbled over to the restroom. Getting behind the curtain that divided the seats from the restroom area, Lloyd spotted a male flight attendant. He had a woman pressed against the wall tightly. Despite seeing only that and not anything more, Lloyd's dick swelled further. This time he cursed out loud. The head of the male flight attendant whipped around to look at Lloyd. Colour drained from his face but when Lloyd smiled at him reassuringly, relief overcame his features. Lloyd motioned for him to carry on and thrust his hips outwards, signalling to go harder. The attendant grinned at him and got back to work.

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Author's Note: The rest of this story is under another story name – Titillating One-shots. You can find it on my profile in case the following link does not work: s/3171809/2/Titillating-One-shots

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