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Jack's POV

The world seems pretty on the outside, but it's ugly as hell on the inside.

Well, at least it's like that to me. If you think differently, I don't care. I have no reason to try to change your mind or anything.

It's just that, every time James visits the bar, I am reminded of the same truth again and again.

The truth that we live in a pitiful world covered by fake beauty.

When you walk on the street, you can hear laughter and cheerful chatter, peaceful and joy sparkling with the people. Yet, the moment you fail to catch up with the same happy step, you will see the darkness lurking behind their shadows. Take a look at the corner of the street, and you will see starving families. Walk into a dark alley, and you will hear the sounds of rape, of death, and of pleas.

I've decided to forgive James because of his prettiness, that I will admit. I am no different from other people. Humans simply get attracted, because looks. Just like the way I used to love the beauty of this country before knowing the secrets behind the charms.

The country and James, they are actually pretty similar.

James became an usual late customer at my bar, he'll always come after the bar is closed. We either chat or exchange information. Sometimes Lisa will get into the middle of our conversation and turn it into a war. Eventually we got used to that as well.

He has a bright personality, or so it appears. He jokes, and he teases. One time before he left, he even kissed me on my cheek.

But there are times when he left unhappily. Those times, I questioned too deeply about his job. "I've told you that it's none of your business, old man." He would say coldly before standing up to walk out of the bar.

Truthfully, I did feel a bit guilty every time he left that way. However, Lisa always washed that guilt away by pouring coffee onto my head. Surprisingly that worked, because I kicked Lisa out of the bar and the guilt turned into anger.


"I'm back~"

I hear the door closing as Lisa walks elegantly towards the counter, her high heels tapping against the wooden floor. She looks more serious than usual as she places a photo onto the flat surface.

"I got some information today," Lisa sits into a seat at the counter.

It takes 3 seconds before the chair breaks and she falls to the floor landing butt first. Looking down at her, I let out a laugh.

"Falling for your own trap, huh?" I say as I pick up the photo up from the counter.

"Shut up," she mumbles. "If James was here, then he would fall into this trap too."

"As expected, you made the trap for James…" I raise one of my eyebrows, and she groans before crawling onto another seat.

"Talking about James, I saw him entering the bar near the river today," she points at the photo in my hand. "Right after I got the photo, he stepped into the bar. And we exchanged one of those, you know, fabulously awkward 'hi' and shit."

I pause from what I'm doing. "But that bar belongs to the opposing mafia."

Now it's her turn to raise an eyebrow, "Here goes a romantic story between rivals…The forbidden love…They will decide to elope, yet they will die dramatically like Romeo and Juliet…"

"Who's the Juliet?"



I picture him wearing one of those fancy ancient dresses and nearly drop the glass in my hand. "You think we're ever gonna get into a relationship?"

"Where you end up killing each other, yes."


"Or where you end up killing yourself because you thought the other was dead when he was actually just pretending to be dead…"

I sigh, "So who's this man in the photo?"

It takes a while for us to be serious again, because sarcasm and distractions got into the way of our conversation way too much for us to speak normally. That's how it works between Lisa and I, you'll speak of yourself eating an apple and the conversation will end up with an apple eating a worm.

"ANYWAY," Lisa shushes both of us down after we have a discussion about how bananas like to be naked, "This man is a gay rapist, or so I heard. A rapist from, ya know, the nose."


"Meaning the opposing mafia."

"…Is that another new name…"

"ANYWAY, again," she coughs. "I did some research of Dorian and ended up having a picture of this man. He is the son of the old fart who just died in the nose. I believe the dude is…uh…one of the hairs inside the nose?"

It takes a while for me to understand that the dude is just another member of the opposing mafia, known as the "hair" or so Lisa calls.

"You know how the nose has two nostrils? So basically one is filled with working hairs that do all the mafia shit, and the other is the dead hairs who deal with all the people they've captured. This man is the son of a dead hair," Lisa explains seriously, and I keep my mind running fast to understand what she's talking about.

I mean, like seriously, do you have to use a nose for an example?

Like, it is a good example but…

Wait, how is it a good example?...…

"You mean that the opposing mafia has divided into two. One deals with works, one deals with the punishments." I make everything simple, yet she shows me one of her most confused looks.

"You lack creativity," she frowns.

"That's enough. So you're saying that Dorian has been raped by him before?" I finish cleaning and lean against the counter to talk to her.

"You wanna sex?" She suddenly asks.

"That has got nothing to do with anything whatsoever," I reply.

Dorian is my past lover, my first true lover who, because of some incidents, had been taken away. Not only taken away, but…

"This man looks really sober huh." The sudden realization makes me frown. I study the man in the photo, whose looks make him look like an octopus.

Lisa nods, "He's known to be the sober man, I've heard. He loves raping pretty guys/boys, and I think he's in a quite good relationship with the bartender of the bar down the river."

"That's the bar James goes to."

"And the bar that we once saw Dorian go into."

I am always searching for Dorian, first out of love, but then…

Now it's out of guilt.

I walk over to put on my jacket quietly without a word. Lisa grabs me before I can walk out of the bar. "Dude, you plan to just go like that?"

"Having plans is not my style."

With that, I free my arm. And before she knows it, I'm already gone, stealing somebody's car as I drive away. To my enemy's place.


It doesn't take a long time for me to reach the bar.

It spreads the same disgusting aura, and it smells even though I'm not in the bar yet.

Opening the door, people look toward me, surprised, and shocked, because they know who I am.

"Whadda hell you doing here, you son of a bitch," I hear one call out, and I smile pleasantly back before walking toward the bartender, who has a nasty grin on his face.

I stop halfway though, when the door of a room opens, and a man walks out.

I know who he is within a second.

"Oi, that sober looking man," changing my direction, I walk toward him instead; He frowns when he sees me, furrowing his eyebrows.

"Ah, and who are you?" He asks, rubbing his nose.

I tilt my head to one side handsomely, "Enjoying the rape?"

I know I've got him when I see the side of his mouth twist into a perverted smirk, "Absolutely."

It only takes some seconds for me to realize that my talking skills have improved, for I manage to have him chat with me (even though it's all about rape.) The bartender scowls in irritation, for I have not offended the sober man yet.

Halfway through the chat, I slowly, carefully, take out a picture of Dorian. Handing it to him, I let my chatting tone continue, "Have you raped him before then?"

He examines the picture carefully, "Oh sure I did. He's a nice one but he cries too much. Seriously the one I'm raping now is—"

"Have any idea where he is now?"

The sober man frowns and shakes his head, "Nope."

I let out a sigh, this talk was all for nothing. "Who were you raping just now, then?"

Suddenly, all I hear is silence. It's as if, within a second, every noise is gone. I let my eyes skim the room and realize that I'm in the center of attention now.

The man's eyes harden, and I can see he is displeased. "You don't question who I rape, kiddo."

"First thing first, I'm quite old so I'm not a kiddo, and didn't you just answer a question about who you raped?" Pointing to the photo of Dorian in my hand, I raise an eyebrow, keeping my tone light.

"You don't question who I raped just now," he hit the counter with his huge fist, sausage-like lips in a tight line.

"What, is it a secret you can't tell?"

"Don't talk back, kiddo."

"I got wrinkles on my face, so I'm not a kiddo."

"Whatever, who I raped just now has nothing to do with you!" He yells as the bartender smirks.

But I smirk as well, "I'm curious about who you just raped now. He's in that room, isn't he?" I gesture toward the door the sober man walked out of a few minutes before. His immediate reaction makes me feel rather entertained as he grabs my front collar, his smelly mouth shaping the words out.

"Don't you dare."

But then I take out my gun and shoot him in the crotch.

Haha! I got you!

He bends down in pain, his face twists in agony.

(By the way, since describing how his wound is like is a bit too disgusting, Imma skip that.)

It is that same moment I shot sober dude's crotch, the bartender raises his own gun at me. I didn't realize the rising gun, for my attention is too focused on the sober man. Now, looking toward him, I notice more guns are being raised. That's when I realize that nearly everybody in this bar has a gun.

Oh fuck, weren't they all drunkards?

Taking out my other gun, one in each hand, I guard myself as all the guns point at me. The atmosphere tenses up, and I curse under my breath.

Did I make a wrong move just now?

"Having plans is not my style," I remember myself saying that to Lisa, and now I'm actually regretting it for a bit.

"Come on people, I'm just an innocent bartender," I manage a goofy grin, but of course that doesn't work. They look like a bunch of madmen who have lost their senses. I hear the clicking noises from the guns.

My mind is working on a plan, when my hand suddenly chooses to fire at the bartender on its own.

What the fuck is wrong with you stupid hand?!

That is the beginning of everything, I guess. For the second the bartender screams "FIRE!"(Right before he died) the gunshots become endless. I act fast though, shooting at them myself as I grab a table to use as a shield. It is like one of those very cliché gunfights you see on TV shows, except this one is not that cool. Because when I look down at the floor...

…what is a pair of underwear doing here...

"Get him!" A lady screams as she takes out a gun herself. I frown at her. What an energetic old lady.

Don't ask why I'm in such a good mood, maybe it's because I haven't had such fun fights for way too long. I skip away from the bullets as I quickly run toward the door.

"Don't let him open the door!"

I pause when I heard the new voice. Turning around, I see a man standing there, wearing a business suit. His hair is combed backward, his eyes sharp and sly. I furrow my eyebrow.

"Everybody cease, cease the fire."

I hear him say, his voice as strangled as tangled string.

The surprising thing is, everybody obeyed. They drop their guns and resumed whatever they were doing earlier, as if nothing has ever happened.

Slowly, I lower my arms myself.

The businessman looks toward me, his polite smile hides a hint of a mock as he places a hand over his chest and nods his head slightly, a sign of being respectful to me.

"Hi, I am nothing but a businessman who likes being here, as you can tell. It will be a great service if you leave this bar right now, since you are not welcomed here."

He said it with such gentleman tone, that I want to shoot him in the crotch like I did to the sober man. But it is not him that I am focused on the most,

it is the huge numbers of people who follow him into the bar, wearing suits as well, except they all have sunglasses on.

"I will leave as you wish, once I get to see who the sober man was raping just now," I reply politely as well, smiling charmingly. "And I am nothing but a mere bartender."

"Then, I have to sincerely apologize, for you are not allowed to see who it is inside."

"Aha, so it must be something to do with that mafia huh, might be some useful information for me to use." I smirk as I finally see one of his eyebrow twitching.

"Do you wish to be killed right now?" He askes, a strand of his hair falling to his forehead.

"Will I be that easily killed?" I chose that second to fire at the doorknob of the room.

"So you wish to be killed now, huh!"

"See if you can get me."

It's like accepting a challenge, a life or death one. As the many people in suits take out their specialized guns to fire at me, I dodge through the bullets and make a run for the door.

It's interesting to see them so desperately wanting to hide somebody. Not like that person is some super-important person in the mafia, for then it will be impossible for them to rape. Usually they rape and punish people of the lower levels, such as slaves, right?

"DON'T LET HIM SEE HIM!" I hear the businessman scream as the sound of gunshots echoes throughout the bar. But they don't get the chance to shoot me as I kick the door open.

I look toward the bed inside the room and see a black-haired lad there, unconscious.

"YOU ARE TO DIE!" I hear more yells as I speed toward that lad.

…Everything is a game.

It's either you win or you lose, the only difference right now is that you have time limits.

And you don't have a second chance.

Lifting the lad up by the neck, I quickly spin him under my left arm as I point my gun towards his head with my right.

"One move, and he will die." I say it in a light tone, but the meaning so threatening that they stop within a second, hesitating.

I take that chance to examine the lad's face carefully.

And that is when I frown.