A taxi, an old enemy, and Valentine's Day

Jo hailed a cab in the pouring rain, the yellow car pulled up beside her and she jumped in. Shaking off the dampness, she checked her reflection in her pocket mirror and sighed. She had spent nearly an hour getting ready and now her make-up was running and her hair were damp curls once again, starting to frizz. She ran her fingers through her hair and wiped away the excess make-up.

She watched the condensation form on the windows and the blurs of the New York architecture "Amelia?" she asked, recognising the face in the mirror.

"Jo Kilner?" the face replied, almost spitting the name.

"I didn't realise you were living here."

"Living? More like surviving," she snorted "Whereas look at you Jo Kilner. Dressed up to the nines in designer gear."

"What can I say Amelia? I'm sorry life didn't turn out the way it expected for you."
"Where are you heading to?"
"I said Times Square when I got in the cab."

"Nah, I mean its Valentine's Day, surely you're lucky enough to have someone tonight."
"I do actually."

"I bet he's just as rich as you are."
"It's not like that Amelia."
"What's the lucky guy's name?"
"Jay Schneider," the cab came to a screeching halt, causing horns to blare at them "Jesus Amelia," she hissed, rubbing the spot on her temple where she had hit the front seat.

"My Jay Schneider?"
"Well he's not yours anymore clearly."

"What would the jock want with the nerd?"
"We've grown out of those cliques and stereotypes, we're actually colleagues."

"He's not yours."
"What do you mean?

"He's still mine," her grip tightened on the steering wheel.

"You broke up in the last year of high school," Jo snorted.

They ended up in Times Square and Amelia took the opportunity to swerve into oncoming traffic. The Valentines decoration flooded red light into the taxi as horns blared at the taxi "Take that back bitch."
"Fucking hell I'm sorry!" she shrieked covering her eyes and shrinking into her seat before she felt the taxi veer back into the correct lane.

"Get out," she said, as she sped up.

"You get out of my taxi now."
Jo looked around for a red traffic light, but the florescent colours started to blend into one another. A traffic light would turn out to be a sign, a poster would turn out to be a doorway, a building would turn out to be a bus. Her grip tightened on the steering wheel further, shaking violently. Jo stumbled to find the door handle and opened it fully. She unclipped herself and rolled out of the car, landing heavily on her left arm.

Jo limped into the restaurant, she was nearly kicked out but she begged to be taken to her table "Joanna?" Jay said, leaping out of his chair to hold her.

"Amelia Smith," she whispered.

"I'm so sorry. This isn't the first time she's done this to someone. I'm sorry," he soothed.