A broken wristwatch, peppermints, and a hug that goes too far

Harry watched Paul tinker with his watch, nimble fingers fixing the tiny mechanics. He brushed back his fringe constantly, eyebrows furrowed in concentration, a smile playing gently on his lips. Harry could smell the distinctive scent of peppermint that floated gently around them. He took a peppermint from the bowl and chewed it quietly "Can you turn that lamp on for me?" Paul asked, pointing at the desk lamp behind him. Harry leapt to turn it on and settled back on the floor "Thanks."

"When did you learn to fix watches?" Harry asked, popping another peppermint in his mouth.

"My granddad taught me," he said after a long pause while he concentrated "I worked at his jewellery shop for a while too."

"I'm guessing your degree is just learning how to fix and build stuff on a bigger scale."
Paul chuckled "I guess it is. Small watches like this are harder because the components are so small. Pass me the screwdriver," Harry held out the screwdriver he had been fiddling with "How are things going with Andy?"
"We broke up."
"Oh dude, I'm sorry," Paul said, looking up from the watch for the first time since they had sat down. Harry could only shrug in response.

"It's done," Paul said, handing over the watch.

Harry clipped it back into place and admired the watch his father had given him for his birthday "Cheers," he said, pulling Paul into a man-hug. He finally could feel the warmth he admitted, his peppermint breath, the muscles that moved gently beneath his clothes "I think I love you."
"What?" he whispered.

"I think I love you."

Paul leant in to kiss him "Does that answer your concerns?"