The four men backed away from the child, fear and surprise swimming within the depths of their eyes. The child, no more than ten, held the butcher knife in a firm grip. The small body was covered in nothing but blood; the scarlet drops dripping from his bangs onto his pale face and slowly trailing down to his blood soaked clothes. Lying before him was the remains of what was a man, a great fighter, from the one and only yakuza in the whole region at the time... and he looked as if he had been turned inside out.

When his fellow members had arrived on the scene, they were bewildered to see the child sitting in a pool of blood, pulling the intestines slowly out of the body and hacking away at the other organs... the surrounding area was splattered and dripping with blood... but to make it even worse, the child's eyes seemed lifeless and unresponsive... he was well aware of his surroundings, but he seemed to extract any emotion that would have caused him to refrain from doing what he did and locked it away... he made himself emotionless in order to achieve his goal of revenge...

When Chi Clan's leader heard of what happened to one of his best fighter, he requested the boy to be brought to him. With some minor resistance, Kegareta Chi was finally able to meet the boy...

"... I know you... You're that older boy from the Dorobou family... you're supposed to be dead..."

"My name is Kyouakuna Dorobou... asshole..." the boy snarled, obviously his conscious wasn't detached from his body anymore.

Chi recoiled in surprise by the tone the child was using on him, "Watch your tongue boy! Do you know who you are talking to?"

Kyouakuna raised his head and smirked, "The only yakuza leader in the region... Kegareta Chi, the bastard who ordered the destruction of my family!"

Chi stood up and took a menacing step towards Kyouakuna, "I said to watch your tongue! You'll regret the things you say."

"What is the worst you can do? Kill me? That seems like a pretty far-fetched idea seeing how your last guy ended up." The younger sneered.

Pulling his hand back, Chi slapped Kyouakuna harshly across the face, "Who said anything about killing? You'll be staying with me from now on..."

Kyouakuna glared at Chi and rubbed his cheek, "What makes you think I am going to stay?" he hissed.

It was Chi's turn to smirk, "Whether you like it or not, you are now mine to control... and no matter how long it takes, I'm going to break you..." he reached out with blinding speed and grabbed both of Kyouakuna's arms, trapping them behind his back with one hand while the other yanked at his black hair, pulling his head back harshly, "I'm going to train you and use you as much as I want..."

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Seventeen Years Later~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

"No, please, I'll pay you what you want! Please just let me go!" a young man cried out in fright.

It was dark out, a late hour for anyone to be walking... so no one would notice the five people who chased the young man into an ally way and were now beating the living daylights out of him. He cowered on the ground as a man continually kicked his stomach.

"There is no backing out now! The boss is sick of you missing your payments! He was gracious enough to let it pass those few times, but now he wants what you owe him in full!" The man speaking had bright red hair styled into a Mohawk with the sides shaved. His arms were completely tatted up and his nose, eyebrow, and lip were pierced. His body was well built and his skin was tan. His light brown eyes held a look of discontentment as he continued to beat the man on the ground, "So where is it Mr. Smith? Where is the money you owe the Chi Clan?"

The man on the floor, now known as Mr. Smith, cried out with each kick, "I don't have it! I just lost my job! I need more time to collect it! I can get it to you though!"

The red head stopped kicking to step back and let out a heavy sigh, a sigh that was echoed by three other men as well, "Well now... that isn't good at all... You know, the boss told us that if you didn't have the payment, he wasn't going to stand for it... That's why he sent us after you... You know who we are right?" Mr. Smith nodded and the red head continued, "We were to bring his favorite pet with us if you failed to pay..." he whistled to the man standing in the shadows, isolated from the fight, "Ahh, I was hoping you'd be able to pay your debt... It's going to be a long night for you Mr. Smith... I hope in your next life you have a more prosperous existence..."

The man standing in the shadows moved sluggishly over to where the red head and Mr. Smith stood. The three others who had accompanied the red head moved back slightly to allow the man room to move. When the man finally stopped in front of Mr. Smith, he did nothing but stare. Although it was dark, Mr. Smith could make out his pale skin and the blood red eyes that could only mean one thing, "... The ruthless thief... of all life who befalls his list... You... you can't do this to me... I-I have a family! P-please just let me go!"

The red head pat the man with the red eyes on the shoulder, "Boss said to make him suffer... you can take care of him here."

Silence befell all the men as they waited for a reaction. The man with the red eyes suddenly waved them away... he still said nothing, opting to remain silent...

The red head nodded and motioned for the other three men to follow him to the entrance of the ally way.

Mr. Smith watched in fear as the man slowly pulled out an elegant dagger and lunged at him.

The red head flinched as he listened to Mr. Smith's screams from the far end of the ally... he didn't even want to imagine what could be going on and shivered... the Boss's pet was merciless... almost inhuman when it came to finishing the job... He had seen his work only once and that was enough to give him nightmares for the rest of his life... Yet he was the closest thing the kid had as a friend in the whole gang... despite his cold demeanor and lack of sociality... in fact, their small group was the only human contact the kid had in the world since no one else had the gall to approach him...

"Akairo, you look like you are going to puke!" One of the three men joked, punching the red head in the shoulder. His bright brown eyes were full of laughter and he thread his hand through his slicked back brown hair before speaking again, "If you're gonna be sick then maybe you shouldn't have come!" he was one of the new members to Akairo's group after the last two members were shot down.

Akairo scowled, "Very funny, you ass... You know I always come if the Boss's Pet needs to be there... I mean, we are in the same group," he pulled out a cigarette, "and if you saw what I have, you wouldn't be laughing Shiro."

Shiro pat another guy on the shoulder, "He makes it sound so bad, doesn't he Kain?"

The other new addition to the team, Kain ran a hand though his wavy sandy locks and nodded as he glanced out of the corner of his eyes, a sliver of the blue irises could be seen from where Shiro was standing, "To be honest, that guy doesn't even seem that big... I mean, he's just a favorite of the boss right? And he looked so... small... he barely has any muscle and does he ever talk? How bad can he really be?"

Shiro huffed and acknowledged the last guy, "What about you Raiku?"

Raiku was an original member and a close friend to Akairo; therefore he was also a good friend of the man currently engaged in a torturous fight. He fingered the end of his long braided black hair, his dark brown eyes narrowing at the comment, "Do you hear all that screaming? You newbies are so unknowledgeable about that maniac... but give him some time and he'll warm up to you... and you'll see why people are too afraid to even make eye contact."

Akairo took a drag from his cigarette, "Wait till you newbies see the damage..."

When the screaming finally stopped, the four men went back to take a look at the damage. Shiro and Kain gawked at the sight while Raiku and Akairo held back laughter at the expressions of true disgust and horror plastered onto the other two's faces:

The face of the victim was almost undistinguishable since the eyes were gouged out and multiple slashes were distributed all along Mr. Smith's face and he had been sliced open as if he was being operated on... his lungs were punctured multiple times. His liver had been shredded, his stomach was lying next to the body and the intestines were sprawled all over the place. Blood was splattered everywhere and all four men shivered when Mr. Smith's heart was plopped onto the ground next to his body by none other than the man with red eyes. Shiro and Kain immediately exited the ally way and were followed by a smirking Raiku who took up the trouble to make sure the new members didn't chicken out of their new lives.

Akairo stayed back for a moment to address the man with red eyes in a quiet whisper, "Kyou..."

The man didn't respond.

Akairo tried again, "Kyou...?"

There was still no response.

Akairo let out a heavy sigh before patting the man's cheek and growling, "Kyouakuna!" red eyes flickered to meet a brown gaze, "Chi wants to see you tonight..."

Kyouakuna closed his eyes and sighed before walking past Akairo and following the others, appearing even more depressed than he usually does.

Akairo looked back to the mutilated body before following Kyouakuna, "... Who knows how the Gods could create such a person who could just kill like that... at such a young age... And then to be so submissive and obedient to the very person who broke him? Damn... Boss must have a lot of fun with him... the poor bastard..."

He watched as Kyouakuna walked along, seeming to be in some kind of a daze... the blood still dripping off of his body and the dagger he used glinting in the moonlight...

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