The stall started to open and a women about the same age as me walked out. I can't just walked out of the restroom into the diner. I was screwed. She stopped cold in her tracks and stared at me. What should I do? I can't just walk away and hope like hell she forgets what she seen.

''This isn't what it looks like'' I say.

''Are you ok? What happened to you?'' she responds.

What could I say? That I was fighting vampires and in the process I was hurt? Get real, she could kill me or rat me out the minute she knew. I had to think of a lie and quick. But nothing escaped my lips; my top lip glued to the bottom. Pain hit my side, I recoiled gripping my side for dear life. It hit again, I moaned in pain falling to the ground. ''Dammit!'' I said.

''What happened to you?!'' she repeats. I can't tell her, I have to come up with a lie; a good one. But again, I can't say anything. I was in pain; pain that would kill a human but I stuck through it. I tried to get up but I could'nt. The blood bags didn't work.. I was really screwed. I had to get away from that human before I lose control of myself. ''Go away.'' I tell her.

She wasn't listening. I repeated ''Go away''. But she just stared at me. This is the worst possible situation. I never want to hurt humans.. my throat started tingling.. Now wasn't the time for this. ''Why weren't two enough?'' I mumble under my breathe.

She goes through her purse and dails her phone. It's probably 911 so I knock it away. ''Why would you..'' ''I said, go away. Can't you take the hint?'' She goes and wets some paper towels and lifts up my shirt. I would've stopped her.. If I had the strength. She started to clean up the blood from my skin.

''Don't you listen?'' I tell her. ''Why can't you accept that someone's trying to help you?'' she responds. What's up with her, helping a random stranger. ''You need to get away. Now.'' I tried to get up and I fell down again. ''Dammit!'' I screamed. ''You're in no condition to move''.

She stares at the phone and I feel my heart.. It's racing. That's not a good sign, exspecailly when she's the only human in the room.. She had to leave. She got up to get more towels, I had to escape the place, for her sake and mine..

There was only one thing I can do..