Story #3: Land Of The Living Dead

Joe Smith groaned. He was on his way to a business meeting in an unfamiliar city and his GPS led him off the highway and onto a dirt road. "Stupid GPS." Joe grumbled. "Now I need to find somewhere to turn around, get back on the highway, and ask for directions. I really hope I'm not late for the meeting."

As he drove up the dirt road, he saw a small town up ahead. Maybe someone there has a map, he thought. If not, it's at least a place to turn around. When he pulled up and got out of the car, he noticed the town was in pretty bad shape. The paint was peeling of the buildings, which looked rickety and unstable. The town also seemed deserted, with no sight or sound of life.

"This town looks totally empty, but I guess it doesn't hurt to check to see if someone's here." Joe said to himself, curiosity overcoming common sense. He walked up to a building with a dusty sign above the door which read INN, and knocked on the door. No one answered. He was about to try opening the door when he heard a creaking noise behind him. Calling out "Hello?" he turned around.

To his horror, not one, not two, but an entire horde of zombies came out of one of the nearby buildings and headed straight towards him! Their skin was greenish and covered in festering sores, and some of it was torn into ragged strips, exposing bones, muscles, and organs. This terrified Joe so much that he did something you should never do when faced with a horde of hungry zombies; he froze in fear. The nearest zombie staggered up to him, grabbed his arm, and groaned, "Welcome. Welcome to the land of the living dead!"

Joe snapped out of his stupor and screamed, "AAAAHHHHH! GET AWAY!" as he yanked his arm free and ran to his car. Making a U-turn, stirring up a huge cloud of dust, and narrowly avoiding crashing into a post, he sped away, never to return.

The zombie just stood there and watched him go. Then it turned to one of the others. "What the heck was his problem?" it asked. The other zombie shrugged. "No clue, dude. Guess he just doesn't like zombies." It walked to the post Joe nearly barreled into and hung up a sign. It read:

Land Of The Living Dead Theme Park.