Good morning ^_^ So, this isn't really much of anything, but I wrote it, I figure I might as well put it somewhere :)

The inspiration came from a friend's wedding this past weekend. I'll leave it at that, but basically, I was inspired ;)

Anyway, enjoy :)

The club was a busy place that night.

It was always a place for the kind of people who could only have been described as lost souls. They came into these walls with the intent of drinking away every last ounce of decency and humanity they might have had. Who knew what more it may have been for them. Release? Surrender? Whatever vague and elegant adjective you wished could describe the way they twisted and contorted their bodies. The truth was, it was nothing more than a primitive mating ceremony. The women writhed about, sure to let the willing males -all of whom were too cool to actually interact with any of them- apparently aware of their impending flexibility in the bedroom. Or bathroom as was sometimes the case.

The music pounded hard as can be. The bass an airborne fist buried in the chest of those who ventured too close to the front-of-house. Same shit every night. Same five lyrics on repeat for six hours while a blender spits out mechanical and electrical interference and noise. The patrons called this "drum and bass." The employees and even the proprietors themselves called it noise. But, such was life. The club had taken on a life and mind of its own as its popularity grew. A monster that had outgrown its restraints.

It was a living, breathing, pulsating hell.

That night was proving somewhat special though. Innumerable elegant women, from innumerable walks of life dug their high heels into the monster's belly. They failed to fall victim to the seductive charms of these walls, delicately stomping the life out under their feet. They wouldn't be like the others, and not just because of their skin. Their flawless, silken, olive skin that seemed so completely muted to the lasers and lights that drenched the walls, and even the other women around them.

Though they were seemingly impervious to the awfulness of this place, they never quite seemed pretentious, but focused rather. As though they were about to reinvent the traditions of this shithole, all by themselves. Yeah right. Like ten of them…or, is it twenty? There were more and more of them, and as they spread throughout the monster's veins, approaching the beating heart of a dance floor, it became more and more apparent that they were a party group. Wonderful. Any minute now, all this illusionary fluff would disappear, and they'd be just like the others.

That's when something different happened.

Noise this place had never heard filled the walls. Instruments from another world, blended with the heavy bass the monster was more familiar with. It was hypnotic, and in more ways than one. The darker women filtered and funneled onto the dance floor, as the melody grew louder, moving more air. The crowd seemed to part for them, and they encircled a particularly fine specimen. She couldn't have been the better part of one hundred pounds if that short white dress of hers were soaking wet. Here it comes; the inevitable surrender of their bodies, minds, and souls to this fucking devil of a place. Though, this truly was a unique evening.

There was no writhing or twisting to be seen, save for the motion of their right arms. Their arms snapped straight and high into the air, their wrists turning just a quarter turn, almost as though they were attempting to screw in an overhead bulb. But, this was it. As the bass dropped, their heads all bobbed in sync, save for the lady in the middle. That delectable mocha morsel was the only exception. She sang along with the lyrics, which were surprisingly for this place, not in English. Maybe they had caught the eye of the DJ earlier on and he was simply appeasing their party.


They didn't move much. Their feet didn't move at all. They all just stood their, their right arms high, creating a dome around the girl in the middle. Protecting her. Shielding her from the monster around her. But, the way they moved; it was nothing the monster had seen before. It was almost as if they were in a different time, place, and space. Deeply, and completely hypnotized by the power of this bizarre, ethnic blend. No, "hypnotized" would be something else. This was a trance-like state. No voluntary actions about it. It became even more apparent that this was not a product of the monster, but of the sound itself.

The lyrics grew more aggressive; the subtle twang of a sitar punctuating the bass, creating audible motion that no body could have resisted. The other patrons in the room all grew closer, and slowly, but surely, all raised their right hands in mimicry of the group. Another ring formed around them, then another, and then another. The DJ was good that night, turning up and changing the equalization on the fly to better channel the spellbinding powers of the music. It was a spectacular thing to watch. To see these faces you've served countless drinks to, embrace this new sound and prove that maybe, this fucking place wasn't some monster, but a path to run from monsters. And as those twenty women safeguarded their friend, the others gave passage as well.

And that's it :) Again, not much, but just a cool little scene :) Seeing those girls dance this past weekend, I was the one who was hypnotized ^_^

Anyway, thanks for reading :)