This story is my one and my only warning. But if you do not understand what I am about to say then listen, listen well.


I got home late from school one day because I had detention but when I got home I found a note. It said:

If you read this note and value your life you must do these things before the third sunrise after reading this:

1. Destroy all technological connections.

2. Pass this note to five people

3. Do not speak of this note to anyone, even the five that have been passed this note.

1 and 2 must be done on the first and second day respectively but if one isn't done on the correct day or at all, there will be consequences...

But if you fail to do this altogether, I will come for you

- Lost words

I was definitely unnerved by this but I foolishly decided that it was a fake so I threw it in the bin and pushes it to the back of my mind.

- Day one -

There were some rather strange coincidences today, when we had to go to computers for research as soon a mine turned on it blacked out and so did the all the others around the school.

When I got home I was about to use my laptop but then when I turned away some movement caught my eye, it was my laptop it turned itself on then opened onto a word document and typed 'DESTROY' on its own before laptop sent out sparks, and died completely.

But I still didn't listen.

- Day two -

I found myself writing the note down out of nowhere, in school, at home or in the bus it was as if I'd memorized it completely but I'd only read it once.

I decided to keep track of how many times I did or tried to write the note out. It was five times. And every five out of the five times, I still did not listen.

- Day three -

I woke up the same way I had for the past three years but something was off and I knew it.

Then I noticed it. All around my room it said "The Note". Was this some kind of sick joke? I then checked my bin and the note was there but instead of it being crumpled and slightly torn, it was like what it looked like when I first found it. Brand new.

I thought about some logical explanation but all I could think of was that it was someone's poor idea of a joke, it must have been how else could this of happened?

So I went to ask my brother but as I was about to open my mouth, no words would come out. I tried to gasp but there was no sound. In my head I heard a raspy male voice saying,

Lost words...Lost words...Lost words...

I ended up staying at home today but the paranoia of being home alone came to me, I could feel the fear creeping up on me and spreading like a climbing plant next to a brick wall.

Bored, I checked my electronics but they didn't work still, I then tried he TV. It worked but as I flicked between the channels one caught my attention. It was a news report on recent killings, the victims had no links except for two, they were killed with a penknife and the victims families had found a note in their rooms.

One family saw a total of six notes, all the same, saying the same thing.

Another saw all their son's electronics that were capable of communication were destroyed or broken.

I turned off the TV. Was it all a joke? What if I should do what the note says? Am I the next victim? The questions flew around my head and I was nothing but scared and confused.

I had less than twelve hours to save my life, it was more than enough but I still didn't listen. That was a big mistake.


That night I woke up. I saw that dawn was at least a good ten-fifteen minutes away and that I wasn't dead. Yet. I really hoped that I was just paranoid and my friends were filming this and were about to jump out and laugh. I really hoped so but h

I decided to get ready even though school was a good two hours away. But then I heard it. I froze, stuck to the creamy white carpet. But I shook it off. I didn't listen.

I didn't listen to the sound of a voice in my room, I didn't listen to the sound of slow typing on a keyboard, I didn't listen to the sound of a pencil scraping a desk whilst writing.

I didn't listen to the sound of a penknife sharpening a quill.

I just didn't listen. So when you get The Note, listen. This is my a story and my warning.

The next day there was a report on the same channel explaining that the serial killer must be stopped as another child was found dead in their home, covered in slashes that were made by a pen knife and holding a piece of paper and a pen. It only had a few words but those that read it had their blood turn cold and their faced twist into looks of shock and horror. The note said:


Authors note

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