Today was the day.

I packed the last thing that needed to be packed in my floral duffel bag. You don't realize how much stuff that you have until you have to pack them all up to move. For me, it took four suitcases and a big oversized duffel bag. It took a long time to clean out my room of all the things I wanted to bring to the new apartment.

The room looked empty, which sent chills down my arms. It was really happening, I couldn't back out now. All that was left to do was to get the keys from my housemate, who had already moved into the apartment. This was my first step into the real world.

"My baby girl, all grown up..." A sigh was heard from behind me. I gave a small smile, turning around to see my mom standing in the middle of the doorway, smiling at me weakly. Sadie barked from behind her, wagging her tail.

"Mo-om..." I groaned in mock response, grinning as I leaned down to pet Sadie. "The last thing I need is Sadie's bed. I'm glad I get to take her with me, I was kind of worried about that," I admitted, still petting her. Sadie barked, wagging her tail excitedly as her eyes sparkled up at me. She licked my face, making me laugh in response as I stroked down her back. I stood up straight, facing my mom with a grin.

She was about to say something when my little brother squeezed through. "Awesome! Mom, can we turn El's room into a game room?!" He asked, his eyes shining with glee.

Mom just laughed, bringing him into a hug. "That's up to your father, bub," She told him in a tight hug. "What if your sister wants to come back for a visit? Than she can't, because you've turned her room into a game room."

"But you said it was up to daddy," Donald shot back, making me laugh in the process. Pinning the blame on dad was something Don always did to not get into trouble.

The protest made mom chuckle also and she shook her head. "Like father like son," She rolled her eyes. I just nodded my head, having a grin on my face.

I leaned down to him. "It's like you don't want me to stay or come back," I whined, a frown was on my face as I started to fake cry. This always got him.

Donny made a face, wriggling out of moms grasp and flying towards me, wrapping his arms around my neck. "I'll miss you Ellie," he said into my neck, squeezing me tighter.

I sighed, huggin him back. I told myself I wasn't going to cry today. I shook my head. "I'll miss you too, buddy. Be good for mom and dad, alright?" I told him, giving him another squeeze.

Don nodded his head against my neck. "Everything is packed and ready," another voice started, making me look up. Dad was walking over to us, a grim expression was on his face.

I shook my head again, trying hard to fight the tears that were about to come. I smiled, moving over to dad and gave him a big hug. "Thanks dad," I murmured, my head laying in the crook of his neck. I always anticipated this day when I was younger, but now that it was actually happening, I wish I was back to being a small teen with no worries in the world.

Dad hugged me back tightly. "You're welcome, Eleonora. Anything for my little princess," he told me, letting go so he could give me a smile. "Be careful, sweetpea. You can come home whenever you want, and call us when you need anything. Anything at all, give us a call," he told me with a smile.

I just laughed at that, wrinkling my nose. "I'll call you for every problem that I have," I emphasized on the word every, making my dad laugh.

"Oh honey," My mom cooed, coming over to give me a big hug, "Be careful. The world is a dangerous place to be alone in."

"I have Penny," I giggled, hugging mom back. "I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself," I replied with a grin, letting her go.

She placed a hand on my cheek, her finger stroking down. I could see tears forming in her eyes, and I had to shake my head to make my tears stop. She just chuckled, letting her hand down and stepping away from me. "I know you can, hon, I know you can," she gave me a long, bedraggled sigh. "Your father is right, though. Give us a call whenever you need anything, alright?" She asked me, giving me another hug and a kiss on the cheek.

I sniffled, holding the tears inside. I kissed my mom and dad goodbye, giving Donny another hug before walking out of my room, Sadie right behind me. I got her bed before walking out of the house, placing my duffel bag and the bed in the back of the seats. I let Sadie have shotgun. When I got to the drivers side door, I opened it up, glancing at my house one last time before getting inside. I saw my family waving at me at the front door, and I had to blink my tears away.

This wasn't the end, nor was it goodbye. I waved goodbye to them, starting up my car. I took a deep breath. I was ready for anything that came out at me. I was ready for my new life.

I was ready for the world.

Hello all my faithful readers! So, I finally got this done. This is just a rough draft. Some parts rush, and for that I apologize and will get it fixed when I finish the book or whenever I get the chance too. Once again, this is a rough draft. It's not something I am seriously looking to publish, but I am serious about getting it finished. I will try to post weekly, but I can't promise anything. Whenever I set deadlines for myself I always get done late.

Anyways, drop a review, vote. I hope you enjoy this story! It's just an all around love-story. Maybe love triangle. Haven't really thought hard on it yet. I know there's gonna be a bunch of romance in this.