"My name is Celina Burton and I live in Birmingham, England. My father, Jones Burton is a very famous and successful lawyer. My mother, Tiana Carson, is a very famous American actress. But she withdrew from the media soon after marriage. I have three siblings, Pete, Tanya and Davis. I live in a manor, the Burton Manor. The manor is divided into two, the East Wing and the West Wing. We live in the East Wing. There are two floors in each wing. On the ground floor of the east wing live my grandparents, on the first floor my parents and on the second floor me and my siblings. The west wing is of different built. On the ground floor lives my father's brother, Uncle Bill and Aunt Marge with their triplets, Vicki, Amy and Samantha. On the first floor lives my father's widowed sister, Aunt Clara with her son Mark. On the second floor lives my father's brother, Uncle Tim and Aunt Poppy with their five children, Rose, Lily, Petunia, Peach and Leo. Behind my house, there is a big backyard which is divided into the kitchen garden and the tool shed. At the front there is a big lawn with trees. I guess that's all, Monsieur Dupont." The French gentleman sighed with relief and she could see that he regretted asking, "Tell me about you and your family."

The big family, he knew, was here on a holiday and was staying at the Ritz hotel of which he was the manager, "You have a big family, Mademoiselle. We here in François also have very big families." He smiled.

"Monsieur Dupont! C'est moi!" Heads turned to see a portly young man with a smile plastered on his face. "Ah! How good it is to see you Monsieur Bonacieux." Turning back to Celina he said, "Please excuse me Mademoiselle." She smiled back at him cheerfully.

It was common knowledge that the Burtons were extremely rich and went for expensive holidays. But what set the Burtons apart was that they were not snobbish or in the least conceited. Indeed, they talked a lot about their family and big house, but it was for the love of it all.

One bright morning, the family was having breakfast together in the big dining hall that connected the two wings. "Mama, I heard some very eerie sounds the previous night." I said buttering my toast. "Well really. I think you ought to go to the doctor, Celina." "Was it scary Celina?" Leo asked his eyes widening. I grinned before replying, "Yes, very scary- " I was interrupted by Uncle Tim who said sternly, "That really is enough Celina." I put my head down meekly and set to finish my breakfast.

Everyone dispersed to their own rooms soon after breakfast. I had a little assignment so I sat in my room doing a bit of puzzling calculations. After a while I got bored so I grabbed a book to read.

"Want iced lemonade? Aunt Clara is giving out some." Peach said coming inside. I nodded, my head buried in my book. "Good. We'll take the lemonade out to the lawn." "I think under the old birch tree is fine." I replied back. I ended up taking a soda and Peach just took orange juice. We sat under the tree and chatted, "I am looking forward to going back to school. I miss everyone." Peach said. Peach was the most beautiful girl in our sophomore grade. With her blonde hair and big blue eyes and easy-going nature, she was easily loved and had friends who actually loved her.

On the other hand, I am a plump brunette. I have very expressive jade colored eyes –or so I have been told- and my skin is covered in acne. I am not at all attractive but I didn't care much. I had good friends and people's opinions never mattered to me. "Yeah me too. I can't wait to see Tracey again!" Tracey Carter was my best friend since third grade. The conversation turned on to the Homecoming Dance and a full-fledged gossiping took place.

"Celina! Get up! Your late." Pete, my older brother bellowed outside my door. I groaned loudly. My bedside alarm read seven thirty. I jumped up from my bed and was in the process of running to the bathroom when I tripped over my books. "Shit!" I jumped in the shower and pulled on a jeans and a shirt, grabbed my books and ran downstairs. I ran out to the drive-way and my chauffeur tipped his hat –or whatever you call that- and drove me to school. I had seven minutes to get to my locker and run to class. I approached the class just as two things happened: the bell rang and Carson Farthing crashed into me. "S..sorry!" I managed to stutter and I ducked down to pick up my books. This is not one of those moments where the guy apologizes and picks up your books for you. No, this is the complete opposite. Carson stared coldly at me before shoving me into the wall. Yup, this is what happens if you cross paths with Carson. I expected him to scream at me but he said not another word. He just smirked and went into class. This was the most unusual thing that has happened. I knew he would do something to get back at me. So for the whole day I put up my guard.