The blinding rays of the sun were what woke me up the next day. Ugh! I buried my face deep in my pillow. Right now I seriously regretted my bawling session last night. I had over-reacted and my family must think I'm a really emotional psycho! What was with me nowadays? Thinking things over I grunted realizing 'the incident' was at the head of it all. Well today I was going to show the world that I was not on crack, and could handle the most difficult situations very admirably.

But first I had to look the part. Sighing, I got up and walked to the bathroom. I nice steamy shower was what I was looking forward to. After about fifteen minutes, I searched through my closet to find something to reflect my intentions. I grabbed a floral print dress that just covered my upper thighs. It had jade flowers so it brought out my eyes. I let my hair air dry and then styled it in a messy bun. As I studied my appearance, I remembered I was supposed to get on with my "plan". Satisfied with my look, I went downstairs.

I had excellent timing, because as I neared the table, everyone was already there. "Good morning." I said cheerily. I had on a bright smile, which was just a teeny bit fake. Eyebrows went up but nothing was said about it. Peach looked at me concernedly, after all she had seen how I was. I gave her a blinding smile, flashing my teeth as I was at it.

After breakfast, Mom cornered me alone in the kitchen. "So…?" She said. I decided to play dumb. Furrowing my brow I said, "So what?" "No need to act that way. I just wanted to remind you that Mrs. Taylor will be here at ten." A glance at the clock told me that it was just seven right now. "Okay." My mother sighed then said, "Are you alright? I feel as if I'm less of a mother now." She looked so woebegone and I felt an absolute beast so I went and hugged her mumbling, "You're the best mom. I love you." "I love you too." She whispered then kissed me on my cheek. "If there's anything that's bothering you, you know I'm always there, right?" I nodded.

Everyone had left as usual. I had told mom that I wanted a private trainer for shedding the pounds. She had agreed.

It was getting closer to ten so I thought I might as well get ready. I had been told that the living room was where my classes would be held. So, I took my books and dumped them on a table there. I was about to switch on the TV, when the bell rang. I left it to Pierre to get the door.

"Mrs. Taylor Farting, Miss Celina." He looked so funny, standing stiffly and acting gruffly that I couldn't help breaking into a grin. "Show her in." I was acting all high and mighty and boy didn't I know it.

When Mrs. Taylor entered the room I forget my manners. I'm pretty sure my mouth was hanging open quite unattractively. She was the opposite of everything I'd imagined her to be. She had warm brown eyes, beautiful hair that went past her butt, she was short and a little plump but she was gorgeous, and what's more she was the spitting image of Carson! I took a sharp intake and smiled.

She smiled back and remembering my manners I said, "I am Celina, Mrs. Farthing." "Oh forget the nonsense and do call me Taylor." I smiled instantly. She was just too nice. "So Celina, today I'm not going to teach, let's get to know each other."

Three hours later, I was clutching my sides and laughing full out loud. I wiped the tears and said, "I am so glad you are my tutor." "Right back at ya!" She winked at me. I giggled. She glanced at her watch, "I must really be getting back Celina. It was nice meeting you." She got up and I followed suit. She hugged me and said, "I'll be leaving now. See you tomorrow." "Sure, Pierre well show you the way out." With a final nod Taylor left.

I couldn't believe I had actually hated the woman, she was just too nice! Nothing like her son, I thought bitterly. I was lazily lounging on the couch when Pierre came and said, "You should get ready Celine." His eyes twinkled. "What for Pier?" He raised his eyebrow, "For your fitness class, why of course!"

Ohmigod! I had forgotten about that. I ran upstairs and put on something more suited for exercising. By the time I got downstairs, my trainer was already there. A tall heavily muscled man, he gave me quite the creeps. But when I saw his smile, I all but melted. "Hello there, Miss Celina Burton." "Please call me Celina." As I extended my hand. People tend to be very formal when they come to know of my -ahem- family.

An hour had passed and I as panting, my face glistening with sweat. After Tony (he was an American) left, I sat and wondered how my day couldn't get more eventful than this. Pierre came and said, "You might want to get ready, Celine." I looked up at him, surprise etching my face. "What now?" "Your mother scheduled an appointment with a renowned dermatologist. To get rid of your red spots I presume." I grinned. Mothers certainly could read the minds of their kids.

The office of this 'renowned dermatologist' was quite large. It looked like a typical hospital room but with a lot more class to it. "My name is Joanna Custollini." That sounded strangle Italian. "I am-' she cut me off saying, "I know who you are dearie." She smiled. "Okay let's get down to business. I'll be honest with you. You have terrible skin."

A good lecture and several ointments later, I was good to go. "A week later, and you'll be perfect." "Thank you." "Why, your welcome." She seemed surprised. My guess is that she thought I was snobbish, after all I did come from a rich family.

As I lay in bed that night, I realized how lucky I was. It had been an amazing day and I had met two, no three amazing people. I sighed happily before I drifted off.