I could be mean, I could be angry,

I don't want to miss this moment,

In a garage beside a house,

I met God's will on a Halloween night,

I heard a knock upon my door,

The stars collide, they fall to Earth alive,

Uncle Sam taught him to shoot maybe a little too well,

There's a new wind blowin' like I've never known

Well, I thought that we could sit around and talk for hours,

Mama take this badge from me.

So the concept of this was to put your iTunes on shuffle and to write down the first line of the first ten songs that come up. This was the result of my first one.

Just Like You – Three Days Grace. Falling – Secrets In Stereo. Burn The Evidence – Billy Talent. God's Will – Martina McBride. The Drug In Me Is You – Falling In Reverse. Beg For Mercy – Adam Lambert. Side Of A Bullet – Nickelback. Somebody Like You – Keith Urban. The Last Something That Meant Anything That Meant Anything – Mayday Parade.