Why do we need a silver griffin poem? To match the golden griffin one of course! This is the only poem that does not rhyme in the collection. It is very short compared to the others

The Silver Griffin

His eyes

Green and round and harsh

Cutting through the mists of this land

His head

Regal and high like a kings

Whipping to survey his surroundings

His feathers

Silver and pale

Slicing through the air like daggers of the metal

His talons

Curved and dark

Falling upon his prey with no mercy

He stands

His head and tail high and proud

His wings held above his back

His claws digging into the fertile earth

He leaps

His wings spread wide

His hind paws kick at the air

His tail, raised and proud, guides him

He flies

His body hurtling 'cross the sky

His feathers ruffled by winds

His head tilted to feel the breath of the sky

He waits

His perfect figure circling in the mists




As he waits for his story to finally be written