You torment me daily
You hurt me so
You don't give me answers
that I need to know

At night when I sleep,
you haunt my dreams
Claiming that nothing
is just how it seems

With scissors I cut,
and with needles I slash
But all I can find
is goo and trash

The answers are hidden,
the truths indistinct
I won't get the knowledge
of how tracts are linked

I don't want to give up
I don't want to quit
But what's left to do
when my answers are shit

The pain of not knowing
The pain when you tease
It hurts me so badly,
just help me, please

I guess I'm no surgeon
- all my bodies die
But why won't their brains
Absorb enough dye?

And when there's enough,
why does it all spread
When I am searching
For that thin, red thread?

Oh, silly brains
Why can't you reveal
All those deep meanings
You deeply conceal