When they said "We're all mad here",
I assumed it was a joke
But very soon I learned
The truth in what they spoke
Insanity and craziness
has been my life long friends
But compared to this mind of mine
- Oh, how their minds transcend

The sounds and screams inside their heads
Their wicked grins and smiles
Their sorrowful and mournful looks
And foul and filthy lies
- Begin to scare me just a bit,
as they gaze into my eyes,
And while I try to pull away
My wild thoughts quickly flies

How did I find myself in here,
amongst this dreary crowd?
Who stare at me and glare at me,
both wicked and proud?
My mind laughs at my weird attempts
to hide away my fears -
And while I try to laugh out loud
I slowly shed a tear

And then I laugh so deep and shrill,
my bones, they start to shake
And while my laughter elevates,
My mind starts to break
Back and forth I start to rock
as the crowd keeps closing in,
And as they keep approaching me,
Suddenly I grin

Then they let me dance with them
and enter a wild trance with them
We fly away inside our minds
And search the paths the strange ones finds
And as I lift off from the ground
I know I'm lost inside my mind
And never will they let me down
No, never will I come back down

For in this party in our heads
We follow dreams and yellow threads
into the webs of nevermore
and evermore and more and more -
And deep below I see a face
In what once was a well known place
But It is all so far away
And insignificant today

Why should I walk the shadow path
without the laughter in my ears
What reason could I ever have
to exchange this shiny world for tears?
As someone try to drag me back,
I laugh and wave and then attack
There is no way I will ever be
giving up on my insanity

Once you cross that one thin line
The path back will be hard to climb
and there's no reason good enough
To climb that one tall mountain top
So I will throw my life away
And fly into the distant day
My mind now has a solid crack
And never will you bring me back

A normal life and sanity
Combines bad with my humanity
I'll rather fly alone tonight
And gaze into this gorgeous light
than come back down into my life
Filled with sorrow, grief and strife

No, I will rather be a fool
Than always follow every rule
So watch me smile and watch me shine
Then join me in this house of mine