The storm clouds up ahead made my body quiver in fear, the loud thunder making my ears feel as if they'd bleed. I was scared; I was so very, very scared.

I could still hear them; I could still see them, smell them…. I hated them, all of them. Every single one, hated hated hated hated hated HATED THEM!


Startled hazel eyes snapped open, heavy breathing echoing harshly around the small room.

It was that dream again! Gosh how I don't like those dreams, they frighten me.

Glancing to my window I could see the heavy downpour going on outside, gah!

I've always disliked the rain, making one all wet and stick, just ugh!

Sloppily stepping out of bed I instantly felt the chilly air penetrate my skin, shivering slightly I slipped on my fuzzy pink bunny slippers, slowly making my way to my closet and lazily stretched a hand out for my towel.

Well here I come you hot shower, you~

"Oh Sylvia darling, another bad dream again?"

Looking up I instantly smiled, I could always count on granny to figure me out. Those warm blue eyes of hers just makes one adore her right then and there.

"Yeah granny, same old."

"Well nothing these warm pancakes won't fix, don't you think?"

"Hahahaha, right."

As she served them up I heard a loud crash coming from the room across the hall.

Granny giggled and took out another plate, serving another set of pancakes with extra blueberry syrup, just like lil' Bryan liked them. I never could understand how he could eat something with so much sugar, just looking at it made me nauseous!

"I'm here I'm here! Are those pancakes granny?!"

A playful smile curved my lips, of course the pancakes were the first thing he would see, "Yeah, nice morning to you too twerp."

"Yemph yahm" he said through a mouthful, blue syrup creeping down the corner of his mouth. "Bryan Lorus, do not talk with food in your mouth! I raised you better than that!"

"Mhmph!" I agreed nodding, "You too, Sylvia Waterstone!"

Swallowing I smiled cheekily "Alright ma'am, sorry." Letting out a hard sigh she rubbed her temples "God, give me patience with these children."

"Well technically, we're not children anymore gram's, since you know I'm turning 17 soon and Sylvia's gonna be 18." With that said he let out a huge and might I add sweet burp.


"That's it!" Slamming down her hands on the table granny stood and pointed a crooked finger towards the door "Out with you, disgraceful children! Go to school already!"



"No buts! Out this instant!"

"Grannyyyy~ its rainiiing~!"

"That's your problem, now out I say!"

"Man! You knew better than to contradict her, Bryan!"

"Hey I was just telling the truth Syl, I'm not a little kid anymore~"

"Gosh, B! You know how granny is with temper; the littlest thing tips her off the scale!"

Sighing he hiked his book bag higher, his large dark blue eyes downcast.

Ruffling his shiny brown hair I smirked, "Well whatever, what's done is done."

I saw his lips quirk into that dorky smile of his and I almost laughed.

"B, you really are such a cute lil' bro, you know that?"

He huffed and crossed his scrawny arms, "I told you, I am not little!" Then stomped his tiny foot.

I laughed at his childish actions and rolled my eyes, "Yeah whatever you say B, now hurry it up will you? You know how my first period teacher gets whenever I'm tardy to class."

"Right." And with that we took off.

"Hey did you hear?! Two new transfer students are showing up today! Rumors say that they're snobby rich kids!"

"Wow B, you really like to gossip, don't you?" I told him taking a large bite from my ham sandwich.

"Well if I were you I'd watch out for them Syl." He retorted hotly, stabbing his chicken nuggets and taking a bite.

I raised a perfectly plucked blond brow, "Oh? And why's that?"

"Cuz' I heard they were both juniors, wild chance they might even end up in you class or something."

Snorting through my nose in a very unlady-like manner I waved him off "Oh puh-leease! B, there's a ton of junior classes here, and you know what? Even if they did wind up in my class who cares?"

"Uh, Syl they're millionaires!"

"Says who?"


"That's just a rumor and you know I've never been one for that sort of thing."

"(*sigh*) Well I'm just saying."

"Yeah yeah whatever." I saw him roll his eyes and I rolled mines in return, what are the chances that these mystery people would end up in any of my classes anyway? Well whatever even if they did I would treat them like anybody else, maybe if they're nice we could even become friends~!

Putting down my stuff I sighed into my hands, I'd forgotten to do my homework, again~ Man if granny found out she will kill me!

"Good Morning class! As you all know I am Mr. Willson and I serve as your honorable substitute for the time being, while Mrs. Turner is on vacation, the reason while I'm repeating all this is because we have two new students today!"

This caught my attention, glancing around I saw two boys make their way into class, they were good-looking I guess. One was tall with smooth seemingly flawless white skin, *longish straight black hair swaying a little to the side, black almond shaped eyes and small luscious pale pink lips, high cheek bones and he appeared to have a slender build or at least that's what I could tell from all the way back here, seeing as he wore a fancy looking tucked in black dress shirt, buttoned all the way to the top and dark ripped jeans, black sneakers and had a black book bag hanging off one shoulder.

Whelp, seems like a goth kid to me, a fancy one maybe.

"Now these two are new to this school and as the good supporting schoolmates I know you are, I expect you to treat them well, please step forward and introduce yourselves boys!"

The first one to come forward was the one on the right, he was shorter by maybe an inch and had soft looking short strawberry blond hair, sun kissed skin and round sky blue eyes, he also seemed more muscled, as he wore a fitting dark blue turtle neck, and loose white jeans, orange book bag hanging off the shoulder.

"Well nice to meet you everybody! My name's Richard Patterson! I'm 17 years old born and raised in Canada, my favorite colors blue and I love making friends!~"

He announced with a large grin, eyes twinkling. I along with the rest of the class laughed at his enthusiasm and clapped at his warm introduction, he sure was loud. Though now that I thought about it he looked kind of familiar.

I saw him nudge the tall dark haired guy next to him to step forward I suppose, after a minute of nudging and everybody laughing at his shyness (what we assumed was shyness anyway) he finally stepped a bit ( a tiny bit) forward.

"(*SIGH*) My name is Loki Rodenheart, I'm 17 also. Nice to meet you all." I heard large gasps of surprise all around me when it finally clicked.

A bunch of people were raising their hands, hoping that they'll get picked on to speak, Mr. Willson chose, "Yes Mary?"

"Does this mean that they're that Rodenheart and Patterson? The sons of the two most wealthy men in the city?!"

Mr. Willson chuckled nervously and turned to the boys for a response, Loki just stood there, finally Richard decided to speak, "Yeah, it's us."

Bam, that did it. A whole ruckus of noise broke out, everyone talking at the same time, trying to get they're questions answered, well to me it wasn't such a big deal. Since Bryan had already warned me about this, sides' so what? They were rich, but that didn't change the fact that Loki seems like the cold snobby type and that Richard guy looks like a cheeky blond party animal to me.

Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't judge them so fast though, you know what they say 'you can't judge a book by its cover' or something like that. Either way, they seem interesting, maybe B and me could become they're friends. Ah gosh wouldn't that be nice~

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