I wanted to start by apologizing to everyone that was hurt. I had no intention to harm anyone.

It just happened.

And for that, I am sorry.

************************************************** *****************8

I couldn't decide if it was the irony of the situation or the actual words that my mother was saying stung more. "You truly are your father's daughter." I would probably describe it as the verbal slap heard round the world, but the words just echoed against the walls of my head. The accusation about one of my favorite persons in the world being in the same situation as me was the shock I needed to understand the severity of my situation.

The morning had been so blissful. So wonderful. Waking up next to Deidric, watching the morning sun dance across his face. It was peaceful. I had watched him for a few minutes, taking in his nonchalance while sleeping, I reached out and touched his skin. It was only times like this I got him so unguarded. So completely mine. My fingers stalled in their dance across his skin when I felt his gaze on me. It made muscles inside of me clench, muscles I did not know I had before this summer. A lot has changed since the beginning of this summer, my sexual drive being just one of them.

He had this effect on me that I had never experienced before in my twenty-seven years. His fingers wrapped around my hand and brought my palm to his lips. "Morning Doll,"he whispered and then placed kisses on my palm. I felt his other hand smooth against the mattress, moving below my naked skin and resting on my hip. Next I was pulled over his chest like a blanket, my hair falling about us, and my hand slipped down to rest on his heart as our mouths met together.

"Good morning to you to." I whispered back when I pulled my head back a few inches. I felt the aching pressure between my legs and I pushed down connecting with him deliciously. Sitting up to get a deeper connection and a quicker pace. It was fast, it was deep and it was satisfying. Every time it felt like an explosion of energy.

I fell back to his chest, our breathing heavy, but sated. His lips are in my hair, mumbling silent words that touch me to the core, deeper then where he was resting at the very it happened. His phone bleeped to life and I knew our morning was over. I rolled off his chest giving him a brief smile to hide away my disappointment. I got up from the bed, stealing away from his side and into the bathroom. I heard his voice answer the call. I moved into the shower stall, and was lathering the shampoo in my hair when I felt his gaze on me again. I kept my back to him, and he entered behind wrapping his arms around my waist. His lips danced across the skin on my shoulder. Pressing his apologies into my skin.

"Thank you for last night." Deidric said folding about my body. I continued to wash my hair positioning my head under the stream of water. It always ended this way. Me in tears, or close to tears. The emotional whiplash. "I loved it, and this morning."

"I did too." I mumbled back. "Do you have time for breakfast?" I said pulling from his grasp while grabbing the body wash. I began to lather the foam across my body, washing our morning away, aware he was watching my movement. "Dei?" His eyes snapped to mine. "I could make some, I don't know, eggs?"

His smile began to spread. "Eggs? Would you scramble them?" He moved closer pinning me to the tile wall. "Poach them, maybe a little over easy?" His hand moved to the back of my head, fisting my hair and tilting my head to look into his eyes. "I would love breakfast, Roya."

************************************************** ************8

So we made eggs, toast and a fruit salad, teasing each other around the kitchen. I almost forgot he was going to leave. That he wasn't here permanently, but I was lost in the happiness. Then we said good afternoon, because Deidric didn't say good bye. It was always, I will see you later, or farewell, but never good bye. It was also a lingering kiss, his fingers on the side of my face and then he was gone. Out the back door, through the backyard and out the fence to the alleyway. I stood watching from the glass of the french doors, tears filling my eyes but not my face, and that is when I heard my mother's voice.

"You truly are your father's daughter." I turned to see her standing in the doorway from the hall. Her eyes dark, and darting at me with accusation. "Roya, what the hell are you doing?"

"You don't know what you saw." I said glaring at her naturally on the defense. I noticed her lack of bags. Just a coat and her purse. Burberry matching from head to toe. I hated that plaid. I tried to move back into the kitchen to busy myself, and to ignore her glare. But she was unrelenting.

"I saw you wrapped up in a heady embrace with, I am pretty sure, our married next door neighbor. Doesn't he has children as in plural?" Her voice breaking my resolve. "I am pretty sure when we left on vacation he was telling me his youngest was just about sleeping through the night. Yes, Klayton, that is the baby boy's name. I remember because we got him a monogrammed silver rattle. I thought it was a peculiar spelling but his wife explained that it was a tradition in her family."

"Please stop." I said holding on to the granite counter. Every word she was saying was like a dagger to the chest. I was facing the sink, but the only liquid in the kitchen basin were my salty tears. But she continued, because that is how she was with me, or has always been with me. My mother and I were never close. She used words to hurt.

"At first I thought it was Jonathan, he has the same hair, and I thought, oh praise the Lord, he has come to his sense and took you back. But of course that was stupid thinking of me. Why would Jonathan come back, to you. I wonder if this is why he called off the wedding in the first place. It would make sense. Did he stumble upon you and for god sake I don't even know his last name." She snapped taking a breath to move to the refrigerator for most likely a bottle of white wine. Always waiting, always chilling, like her soul.

"Deidric." I whispered to the window.

"What?" She snarled my way as she slammed the bottle on the counter. She stomped over to get a white wine glass. Crystal and clear.

"His name is Deidric." I said turning to watch her ignore my words and focus on filling her wine glass. Sipping it for the taste and then looking at the bottle. "I think I'm in love—" I interjected as she remained focused on the bottle of wine it was one that I had purchased. Something sweet and cheap, nothing of great vintage or to brag about, a wine I had discovered on a rainy night at a gas station. The sound of chinking glass against stone as she dumped the entire mess into the prep sink.

"I don't care what his name is, I don't give a shit about your feelings or anything about this situation Roya. Do you know how this will look for your father and I if this gets out?" She stomped over to the wine cooler, pulling out the top rack to glance at the labels. "Please tell me you were smart enough to not get pregnant."

"Of course I was." I yelled, the volume of my voice caught her attention. "No need to worry mother, I am not like your first born. I know better then to get knocked up."

"Don't speak so horribly of your sister. At least she had the excuse of nineteen and stupid. She also had the sense to get pregnant by her boyfriend, you know someone who isn't already married and had children." She went about her business. "Now, when did this begin, I need to know everything so I know what damage control needs to be done. Hopefully no one knows, and we can hush everything up."

"Hush everything up?" I asked.

"Yes, Roya, hush it up. Now from the beginning." She sat herself on a kitchen stool. Her dark brown beady eyes glaring me down.

"It began about two days after you and Daddy left." I started.

************************************************** *********************888

I know its rough, I am just getting back into writing. I have just needed to write this down, and idea poking about my mind and I needed to get it out. Hope this piqued your interest a bit.

Be back soon.