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I opened my eyes and stared at the expanse of blue sky. Birds were singing and the leaves fluttered softly in the breeze. Drops of sunlight peaked from the eaves and the sweet scent of peace and fruits tickled my nose. Everything was just so. . . Serene.

Where the Hell Am I?!

I gasped and sat up. What the heck am I wearing?! Where in the effin' world am I?! I patted myself. I was wearing a brown tunic and. . . I lifted my feet up.

"Are these deerskin?" I shuddered. I hated animal skins.

"Deer? Oh my. Nonsense Link! Those are Erbeehd skins. Your grandfather got them and put them on you while you were sleeping." I blinked at the kindly old woman who hovered above me. She had skin the color of the peaches; wrinkled peaches. But her eyes were twinkling blue. Just like the sky above. Why is she so familiar?

"Um, Grandma?" The old lady smiled and shook her head before kneeling beside me and feeling my head. I remained still. She smelled of apricots and chocolate. . . And she smelled so warm. Funny.

"My, my, Link. Did you fall down the tree again?" She mumbled before helping me up. Boy is she strong. When I got to my feet, she started dusting my tunic, mumbling to herself. I blinked. Did she just call me Link? My name is Link?

"Link?" Grandma stopped, stared at me and shook her head.

"Oh dear. You must've fallen terribly." She mumbled, dragging me towards a little cottage I just noticed. "Come, come. Let Gram'ma make you some nice, warm, Chocolate Koo's milk." She said with a warm smile.

Where the heck am I?! The clouds rolled in the azure sky above and a gentle breeze picked up, making my blond hair flutter. The intoxicating scent of wild flowers caught my nose before it was gone all too soon. I narrowed my eyes. I am not from here.

And where the heck is here? I shifted on my feet while Grandma chucked me along with her. I studied the place. Green fields stretched far and a few piles of hay were scattered here and there. Tons of trees dotted the place and underneath the blue sky, well, I could see a castle somewhere far off. Cattle, I suppose the brown Cow is what grandma meant by 'Koo', milled about, nibbling on some grass.

"Grandma, where am I?" I asked. Her blue eyes twinkled as she stared at me. Then, I guess, she didn't have pure blue eyes, because her eyes melded into silver as they reached her pupils. And it was beautiful. Grandma smiled at me and ruffled my hair.

"Oh, c'mon now boy. We're in Azimah of course." She gave out a chuckle. "You did fall down pretty hard, didn't you?" I gave her a smile.

But somehow, I still felt like something was wrong. There was something pretty much out of place. I could tell, something terrible was gonna happen. Even though the wind smelled of farm life and peace, and the sweet scent of woods, something was really off. And worse, I could absolutely tell;

I am definitely not from around here.

"Oi Link! Get back here and put Mary-bells back in the barn! The sun's setting, boy!" Grandpa Willows yelled from the top of the hill, grinning at me with a piece of hay in his mouth.

I chuckled and shook my head, steering the Koo towards the direction of his voice. Mary-bells moved at an antagonizing slow pace, giving me lots of time to gaze at the beautiful view Dalatto Farm had to offer. I've been here for a few months now after my fall from the tree. Gramps said that I probably lost my memory to a concussion, but I felt a little too fine. I let out a small smile. The sky was a brilliant shade of red, arcing from the sun before it blended into a luscious purple which faded into dark blue on the other side. Even though it was only six, the bright stars and the moon shone beautifully, though it was a bit overpowered by the red streaks. I sighed as another breeze caressed my face. I closed my eyes and let the scent of wild flowers curl around me. I sighed again.

Even though, my thoughts about the place haven't changed much, and I know that I still don't belong here, obviously, I felt calm. But something was still nagging at the back of my mind.

My eyes opened and greeted the stars above. The glowing stuff seemed to wink at me from their heavenly places. The evening breeze, which was a lot colder than the usual breeze, harshly blew past me, and a soft whisper echoed in my mind.

"Baby, your eyes, aren't like mine or your father's. Nor are they like your gram's and gramp's. Your eyes have always been special. You're meant for something."

I winced as my head began to pound. It was like a mild migraine, one where your brain is trying to remember what it worked so hard to forget. I winced some more, a silent scream coming from my mouth. It was white silence. I covered my ears, hoping to get the pain out. It hurts! So much. I forced my eyes shut and felt the world spin around before a dull thud registered in my system. I curled to my side. What the heck is this?! I started whimpering. Then it all faded to black.


"No. I'm pretty sure he's alive. Don't say that Mary!"

I winced as something really cold touched my forehead. I heard a snort. The smell of wild flowers was strong, almost overpowering. I heard another low 'Moo' and a chuckle. I winced again. I've never heard a sound that. . . free before. I opened my eyes. And gulped.

A pair of beautiful sapphires eyes stared back at me. Then again, they're not sapphire. As it got closer to the iris, both eyes shared a touch of flaming red, making it seem as if there's some sort of fire stuck inside; like a flame trapped in ice. Just beautiful, and here I was, on my back and staring up, probably with a blush on my face too. The boy in front of me chuckled, and another burst of wind picked up. I vaguely realized, this guy, who didn't look much older than me with his chocolate colored hair fluttering in the breeze, was the source of the sweet scent that I've come to love about the place. My heart stopped. He moved his hand and I winced. Another thing I noticed? He was so friggin' cold. Colder than ice.

"Well, well, Mary. You were right about his eyes. They are beautiful, like flames encased in emeralds." He said, letting out a low chuckle. I blinked and slapped his hand away from my forehead. He moved back in surprise, eyes widening at my sudden move. I grit my teeth as the world seemed to wobble a bit before it settled.

"Who- who are you?!" He looked at me with surprise, his eyes grew wider. I winced. Maybe that came out a lot harsher. He looked at me sadly and his hands dropped to his side. I realized that it was a look of embarrassment, and probably rejection.

"Link! Where are you lad?!"

"Link! Link!"

The boy stood up and dusted himself. He gave me a grim smile and reached out for Mary-bells. Under the moonlight, his cream skin looked almost see-through, but it was beautiful. He rubbed the Koo's nose and planted a small kiss on her forehead. The Koo lowed in response. His eyes flitted back to me and I froze. He smiled, like it was painful for him to even lift his lips like that, and his eyes lost the vibrant beauty. They were just glazed.

"You'll need this, for the, um, battles. I-it'll help a lot." He mumbled, setting a mummified something beside me. I just stared at him while he smiled at me. "Um, your grandparents are looking for you so, I-I'll be leaving n-now." He stuttered, turning around and disappearing into the night.

And all I did was stare.

Gramps and Grams found me like that; staring at the empty, and cold fields of Dalatto, gripping a piece of something covered in linen with the Koo walking around me and the cold evening wind swirling around me, playing with the grass and mixing the scent of the farm, even though the scent of wild flowers seemed to have totally disappeared. I blinked when gramps put a hand on my shoulder, snapping out of my daze. As the three of us, four with Mary-bells, walked home, I realized a few more things about the kid.

I could still feel his hand lingering on my forehead. And it's cold.

But his eyes were too warm for my liking.

I hissed as I stepped in the house. My heart, which seemed void of movement a few minutes ago, was racing even faster than Gramp's fastest horse. My face heated up and I sat down, cussing myself for being an idiot. I glared at the floorboards, wishing that my heart would just stop running like it was trying to go after that cold kid. There's also the fact that I heard my mother's voice, but I can't remember her name, or how she looks like for that matter. My head pounded, making me feel like a tomato with a bomb inside it. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. At least I've got some things straightened out.

I'm Link Dalatto and I've gotta find out where I'm from, what I'm supposed to do and how I ought to recover my memories. Fast.

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