So I made this teeeensy weensy little one-shot. It's basically a rewrite of one post I did for a Wolf Roleplay I used to do on BYC Forums. Won't make much sense unless you've done the roleplay or read it, but I loved this conclusion to a character's life story. Enjoy. I mean, in a sort of sad way.

Sorry, I was bolding like crazy because of the multiple POVs.

Quartz charged. The dust colored she-wolf's paws flew through the air. The disgusting scents of Darkpack and blood swirled around her as the battle between Stonepack and the enemy raged like a fire. The moment her eyes settled on their gray alpha female, Atra, all she could see was the deep, crimson red of spilt blood. You sick, evil wolf.

The dark gray wolf spun around with a snarl. Her ears were pinned and her hackles raised, a menacing sight that would make her subordinate wolves cringe. Quartz let out a growl and lunged for her neck.

Atra dodged easily, leaping past Quartz and nearly flipping the Stonepack wolf over with a short charge. Quartz sank her teeth into Atra's shoulder and dragged the alpha female down with her. Again and again she slashed at her neck, but the blood she drew seemed to only make Atra more fiery and furious. Her new grip on Quartz's side became tighter and tighter.

Cedar glanced at the two wolves and let out a small cry of alarm. She knew Atra was winning. Atra, her alpha, the one who sent her on her mission to join Stonepack's ranks and backstab every wolf in the pack. Then why...why did she feel such a sharp stab of pain within her chest when she saw her former friend falling under Atra's skill in battle?

She remembered all the times she'd spent hunting alongside this wolf, this good, friendly, loyal wolf. Cedar stiffened. She had to be loyal as well. Loyal to Darkpack, her back. It was not that Quartz's pack wasn't good, it was not that Cedar's pack was evil in Cedar's mind. I joined Darkpack because I wanted power. I wanted...a pack. But what's more powerful, loyalty or violence? Why did she feel like Stonepack was her pack now?

Atra slammed Quartz against one of the boulders that jutted out from the snow. She growled and stood over Quartz as she crumpled under another bite. Atra bared her teeth and loomed above, triumphant...

...What was I missing? Why did I join the wrong pack when what I was seeking was beside it all along...

Cedar rushed forward, muttering a low howl. For a second, Atra's expression was one of pure surprise, and she was thrown aside by her old packmate. Blood dripped from the newest wound in her side. Her face slowly twisted to show her fangs once again.


Atra lunged. Cedar scrambled backwards. One of her hind legs flew out behind her. Then Atra's teeth closed around her throat. For a moment there was only the pain of being bitten. Then Cedar felt something break within her. Atra's teeth sank deeper into her neck, squeezing harder and harder. Black spots danced in front of Cedar. The snow beneath her became redder and redder, and she watched with closing eyes as Atra released her and backed away.

The Darkpack wolf spun around and disappeared into the rest of the fighting canines, leaving a dying wolf who had once served her behind in the scarlet snow.

"Cedar?!" Quartz cried out. She stood above Cedar, confusion and shock in her yellow stare. "What? Why...? It can't be too late. Cedar!"

Cedar took in one of the last gulps of air she would taste. "Tell him...Aki...tell him...I...I loved him...his mate...okay?"

"Yes!" Quartz blurted out. She knew she probably would not fulfill the promise. Aki had a mate, Mari, if Cedar was in love with could Quartz say something like that.

It didn't matter. Cedar was dying. Quartz had known that since Atra's grip had formed on her silvery gray neck.


I shouldn't have done this. I shouldn't have helped her. I shouldn't have caused this. I shouldn't have ignored Starling. I shouldn't have betrayed you. I shouldn't have betrayed Aki. I'm sorry. Tell Aki I'm sorry. Stonepack, Starling, Aki...I'm sorry. Cedar couldn't say what she wanted to. She knew she was gone.

Cedar's eyes flared with sadness, but her tail thumped against the ground halfheartedly. Starling. Perhaps she would see him there.

The world faded to darkness, and Cedar was gone.

Cliché, yes. What can I say? I was a beginning roleplayer!

Whoops, Cedar, Starling ain't dead yet! Sort of sad that she thought that before she ACTUALLY DIED. My fault. All my fault. Why? Why did I kill her?

Was this any good? Should I do any more scenes from Run With the Pack?